Sunday, 8 January 2012

What do you know about Hollywood and Hallyu Stars?


The weirdest lady on earth-Lady Gaga
The unusual doctor-Dr. Dre
The precious coin -50 cent
The singing planet- Bruno Mars
The only place in America that becomes a rapper- Flo rida
The person who lived by chance- Greyson Chance
The holy-dancing mother - Madonna
The romantic chemical- My Chemical Romance
The united republic - OneRepublic
The anxiety disco- Panic! At the Disco
The sexy pussy- Pussy Cat Dolls
The talented canine- Pitbull and Snoop Dog
The simplest plan- Simple Plan
The one that can swift- Taylor Swift
The weapon- Britney Spears
The one that keeps fat- Fat Joe
The one that keeps slim- Slim Shady/Eminem