Sunday, 8 January 2012

What do you know about Hollywood and Hallyu Stars?


The weirdest lady on earth-Lady Gaga
The unusual doctor-Dr. Dre
The precious coin -50 cent
The singing planet- Bruno Mars
The only place in America that becomes a rapper- Flo rida
The person who lived by chance- Greyson Chance
The holy-dancing mother - Madonna
The romantic chemical- My Chemical Romance
The united republic - OneRepublic
The anxiety disco- Panic! At the Disco
The sexy pussy- Pussy Cat Dolls
The talented canine- Pitbull and Snoop Dog
The simplest plan- Simple Plan
The one that can swift- Taylor Swift
The weapon- Britney Spears
The one that keeps fat- Fat Joe
The one that keeps slim- Slim Shady/Eminem

The rockiest father- Papa Roach, Daddy Yankee or Tricky Daddy
The crazy amphibian- Crazy Frog
The boys over the street- Back Street Boys
The master key- Alicia Keys
The hottest degrees- 98 Degrees
The holy girls - All Saints
The wine place- Amy Winehouse
The hazardous people- The Chemical Brothers
The dirty place- Dirty Vegas
The rocking colour- Pink
The outlet’s leg- Switchfoot
The healthy one- Vitamin C
The singing vehicle- Train
The one that merciless- No Mercy
The one who stand in the middle of the road- Middle of the Road
The TV man- Christian TV
The final ketchup- Las Ketchup
The tiny person- Kevin Little
The entertaining chief- Kaiser Chiefs
The loggers over the lake- Justin Timberlake
The legendary man- John Legend
The ruling man- JA Rule
The softly lion- Lionel Ritchie
The wooden experts- The Carpenters
The shaking bones- Boney M
The dangerous sting- Bee Gees and Scorpion
The Buddha teaching is singing- Nirvana
The broken system- System of a Down
The aeronautic blacksmith- Aerosmith
The zone for males- Boyzone
The loud females- Girls Aloud
The blunt man- James Blunt
The French hotel- Paris Hilton
The flying McD- McFly
The sweet light- Sugar Ray
The cloths- The Cardigans
The western style- Westlife
The second use- Secondhand Serenade
The walking tire- Joey McIntyre
The twin packs- 2 Pac
The freezing play- Coldplay
The human gates- Gareth Gates
The deepest colour- Deep Purple
The lovely day- Doris Day
The nature’s day-GreenDay
The legendary hawk- The Eagles
The honest person- Frank Sinatra
The strong arms- Louis Armstrong
The modern speech- Modern Talking
The singing Santa- Santa Esmeralda
The wondering person- Stevie Wonder
The singing berries- The Cranberries
The wild fruit- The Wild Cherry
The man that always learn- Michael Learns to Rock
The elementals- Earth, Wind and Fire
The basic ace- Ace of Base
The one who supplying the air- Air Supply
The green peas with dark eyes- Black Eyed Peas
The odd number- Five
The direction- Kanye West
The red nose reindeer- Kevin Rudolf
The decorated walls- The Wallflowers
The numbered colour- Maroon 5
The nocturnal place- Owl City
The legendary leader- Franz Ferdinand
The cooling machine- Akon (Air-Cond)
The big baby- Baby Bash
The sexy child- Destiny’s Child
The eastern movement- Far East Movement
The minor defense- Fort Minor
The gym class for superman- Gym Class Heroes
The female cash- Kesha (Cash-sha)
The main ingredient for cereal- Korn (Corn)
The shortest moment for astronaut- 30 Second to Mars
The female field- Natasha Beddingfield
The son or daughter- The Offspring
The one who concern about green house- Ozone
The masculine cruise- Taio Cruz
The printed-girls on skin- T.A.T.U (Tattoo)
The dangerous one- The Killers
The timber place- Timbaland
The flash drive brand- Sean Kingston
The round town- O-Town
The spicy things- Spice Girl

Hallyu ?

The one who gets early- 2AM
The one who appears in afternoon- 2PM
The handsome creature- Beast
The universe phenomenon- Big Bang
The blue ocean- CN Blue
The 101’s canine- Dalmation
The bouncing doctor- DJ Doc
The treasure island- FT Island
The shining man- Shinee
The most respected- G.O.D
The good looking mythical creature- G Dragon
The one that never end- Infinite
The darkest alphabet-MBLAQ
The young-great child- Super Junior
The kissing- U Kiss
The new century- 2NE1
The short time- 4 Minute
The female snake- Boa
The chocolate eyes- Brown Eyed Girls
The formula- F (x)
The female's era- Girl’s Generation
The precious item- Jewelry
The insect that fly in the fifth month- MayBee
The singing seven colours- Rainbow
The one that never been told- Secret
The crown for lady- T-Ara
The ice-cream flavor for a girl- Vanilla Lucy
The strong female- Wonder Girls
The summer place-Sunny Hills
The missing alphabet- Miss A
The classics- Clazziquai
The highest place- TOP
The willing man- K. Will
The first one- Primary
The greatest duo- Supreme Team
The growing baby- Baby V.O.X
The word to indicate two person- IU (I and You)
The citrus-sweet flavor- Orange Caramel
The graduation- After School
The first word for Japanese martial art- Kara (Karate)
The odd male number- Seven
The alphanumeric- SS501

And do you know any other of it? Please tell me if you know =D
©2011 MG

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