Saturday, 21 March 2015

27 Placebo Poetry

2015, the beginning of another new year. With Kenken (my phone) and a limitation space in 'note apps', I desired to write a poem according to what I've feel, what I've seen, where was I and who did I met in my life. Writing a poem with a limitation is something not so 'wordy'. I can choose. And I can babble in a short sentence but feeling satisfied.

Isn't that good?

Anyway, writing 27 Placebo Poetry is somehow a restoration of feelings. Although, as you know 'placebo' itself is more in mental relief rather than its actual effect. But, to get an actual effect, mental must be strong at first. During restoration, of course I can't avoid weaknesses. But it doesn't mean that weaknesses is fragile. Basically, weaknesses can be 'delicate'. All you need to do is 'handle with care'. In certain times, you can't ignore the power of placebo. Especially in a very harsh moment in your life.

Just telling you, I am not a very skillful person in poetry. I just making words, into the way I loved it. It feels like words are my Lego. All I have to do is to build it up and create my growing 'island'. So, hopefully, my short poems can bring anyone to come and visit my 'island', and then kick all coconuts at the shore.

Oh, before that, I just want to say thanks to my faraway fellow, Rutake Hasto for being such an inspiration. I wish one day we'll meet at my growing island and kick coconuts together :)

Sunday, 15 March 2015

10 Favourite Kpop Song

Kpop song, always catch my interest. Especially in music arrangement and different beats. I don't really fond to a typical girl group (that doing the same type of dance routine), so to speak. But there are few groups that attracts me (and put me in spell). Coincidentally, those different groups represent the same kind of music. I don't know how to describe the sense of similarity. Let you decide that for me :)

Okay, proceed to my 10 favourite Kpop song:

1. Mad Clown ft. Jinsil- Fire
Image result for mad clown jinsil fire

Note: Jinsil's voice is very lovable and ease my brain. I don't know why, but Jinsil should received more attention.

2. LeeSsang- Clown
Image result for leessang clown mv

Note: I loved the way the song interprets the hidden feelings....

3. Primary- Primary and The Messenger

Image result for primary and the messenger simond
Note: The MV is weird. But of course I liked it (because Simon D is there)

4. Brown Eyed Girl- My Style

Image result for Brown eyed girl my styleImage result for Brown eyed girl my style

Note: I told you I don't really fond to a typical Kpop girl group. But this group is an exception. Because they're not a girl, but a woman. And their song is good too.

5.  Yong Junhyung- Flower
Image result for yong junhyung flower
Note: The first thing that came across my mind when I heard this song is, autumn season. I don't know why. And of course, the flower head. Also weird.

6.  Teen Top- Missing
Image result for Teen top missing mv
Note:  It begins with... "You gotta be stronger 'cause you're my star~" The song that motivates every girl out there, probably.

7.  Lee Hi- Rose
Image result for lee hi roses
Note: Again, the head full of flowers (to be specific, roses)

8. LeeSsang ft. ALI- Ballerino
Image result for leessang feat Ali ballerino
Note: The interpretation of obsession and bipolar sickness is well-presented in this MV.

9. Primary ft. Jinsil (Mad Soul Child) & Gary (LeeSsang)- Happy Ending
Image result for primary jinsil happy ending
I just discover this song today. Thank you Youtube, you suggest me a very good song! This song is so good, I just discard LEDApple song from my favvy chart. Immediate update, I suppose~

10. JYP- Your House
Image result for JYP your house
Note: I started to get enjoy with this song when it becomes the trademark of Ji Sukjin in Running Man...hahaha~

Additional update:

11. Jonghyun ft. Iron- Crazy (Guilty Pleasure)
Image result for jonghyun crazy
Note: I can taste the craziness and guilty pleasure at the same time. Kudos to him.

image credits: google, my reliable search engine

Friday, 13 March 2015

Pixel art for Skool Bumps

It's been so long (yes, long) for me to start another blog comic. Skool Bumps (the name of my comic) is actually my interpretation of my old-silly dream in high school. I'd published my first blog comic in previous entries. Yet, that comic project was not a success or a failure. It was just an idiot desire. The broken pixel can be seen and it was not very clean digital artwork *heavy sigh~

Image result for pixel art sushi
So, I don't have any plan to continue my comic until I saw a sushi pixel art in Facebook. Surprisingly, a lot of people loved Pixel art. All of a sudden, my old-silly dream tickles my mind. Inspired by that sushi pixel art, I began to start sketching Skool Bumps characters for once again, snap a picture, and traced by soft sketching with line art. Just wanna share a bit, I used Paint because the sensation of 'pixel art' is in there. Although, pixel art is a bit of tedious work and the image keeps losing its color, or not very smooth, that's the best option I can get (because I don't have Wacom and I don't enjoy using Adobe series).

And there's one thing that put me in good spirit. Akira Toriyama did reversed art style in Dragon Ball (the small-body frame is not the weakest, but the strongest) and character's physical is obviously different but recognizable. That differences put him as the best mangaka. So, it's okay if my artwork is walking to a different path, isn't it? ^^

I decided to publish my blog comic in May. I show you a bit of my tedious artwork. The surprise part...? Let's wait for awhile. May is not going anywhere.

The process of tracing and lining the soft sketch
Ready to light-up the background and clean
the unnecessary lines.
Colour process is complete. Since I'm not intended to make
a colour comic, I'll change it into black-and-white.
All I need is to colour a bit, here and there, put some words
and, let's hope May is full with sunshine :)


Wednesday, 11 March 2015

My Year-Book of Smiling Crisis!

Image result for smiling rabbit
I was been called as rabbit or 'arnab' in Malay. That's because I have a crooked teeth. And my childhood was pretty annoying. Well, what can I expected? Childhood crisis~

But to be truth, I liked my rabbit teeth.

However, as I grow up as a teenager, smiling is not my hobby. Selfie is also not my thing, I prefer Wefie. And it's a rare activity for me to upload my pics in FB, IG or in my blog. Sometimes, it's a bit of threatening when my family/friends hold up a camera, look at my face and said, "let's make a memory!"'s thrilling, you know.

But still, I won't say 'No' to them. You know, to lived in the society, not smiling is not so nice. And my teacher said that, 'smiling is sedekah'. So, even smiling is such a crisis for me, I'll try my best to smile. So, in order to overcome my internal crisis, I have a several different techniques to deliver a smile in years. Lemme show you some:

Innocent smile (2006): Get pitiful and smile.

 Cool smile (2007): Smile up and get cool.

Smiling-under-sunshine (2008): 
Smile bright when the sun is shining

 Camouflage-smile (2009): Showing a smile
and a punch at the same time.

 Playful smile (2010): 
Show a bit of smile with some action.

 Pretend-to-look-cute-smile (2011): 
Be positive and think cute~

 Get-weird-smile (2012): 
Get smile while doing weird things.

Upper-view smile (2013): 
Find a higher place, then, get smile :)

Fierce smile (2014): 
Just smile fiercely!

After so many years, I began to get 'friendly' with the thing called as 'pictures'. Because of this new feeling of friendliness, smiling bright or showing my teeth is not a problem anymore. Why is not a problem anymore? 
I guess, smiling is not a bothering thing nowadays *clap clap

So, my smiling crisis in my yearbook has ended its episode. 
Thanks to positivism, confidence and of course, my rabbit teeth!

p/s: I read about invisalign system, it sounds interesting :D
*smiling is not enough, I'm grinning~

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