Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Feminism: No man, no true love kiss

A lot of movies at the cinema. Last week, on Monday, I went with my siblings, watching Maleficent. I loved how gothic Angelina Jolie as Maleficent. And Elle Fanning, little sister of Dakota is looking so darling as well. And the twisted end seems awesome. People relate the end with Frozen, the true love of Elsa with Anna. Well, I can see that. Disney loves the new principal of feminism. New heroin doesn't need a hero, a man or the typical true love kiss.

It doesn't relevant for audience in this era.

Woman in this century has changed so much. The most toughest survivor out there, a woman; rape victim, abuse victim, single mother, war refugees, unwilling prostitute, unpaid servant and so on. Men become the opposite interest, woman applying celibacy and stepped out of from usual expectation  in relationship. I don't say that marriage is bad or falling in love is a fraud thing to do. Although some people said that feminists are involved in 'daddy issues', between marriage and celibacy, women are actually free to choose. And happiness is not rely entirely in marriage. There are so different ways to gain love and happiness.

Okay, time for feminism movies. Disney, you rocks!


Well, for those who already watch it, Maleficent's motherly kiss saved Aurora, although she hated Aurora's dad for his betrayal and false love. How could Stefan cut Maleficent's wings and proudly married with King's daughter after giving Maleficent so much innocent hope and false reality about love? I can understand why Maleficent get angry, at first, before she saw Aurora and suddenly love that beasty. Screw you, Stefan! Using woman to get rich, horrendous man. 


I watch Frozen again and again. I don't liked the decision of King of Arendelle to keep Elsa away from people, put her in her room. Alone and afraid, stressed out and struggling. If only that King supported Elsa with motivation, make her out, exposed her with public and encouraged her to accept the ability (or send her to Xavier X-men Academy for mutant...just kidding), everything would be different, Elsa might be able to control her fear with love earlier than it should. But hey, I liked the end. The love of siblings and the capability of woman to handle the worse situation. Elsa and Anna, no one should dare Arendelle or The Queen will destroy them.


Merida, the first Disney princess that catch my heart. The one who able to choose what she wants in her life. The Queen believed a girl must be agile and soft and feminine. A girl must get married quickly. A girl must settle down, having children and lived in an absolute conservative. To be honest, being a total feminine ready for romance and unready for what happened next without romance is a coward. It's good for Merida to pursue her dream as the best archery, although she did a mistake, turning her mom into a big bear. But at least she's brave to bear the responsibility and able to convince her mom that being a little out from conservative is not bad either. Woman should learn more and achieve more.


One of the earliest feminist in Disney movie, Mulan plays the opposite gender as a young man in order to saved her old father to join a war. I liked the idea of gender-bender issue when Mulan joined the army, and did whatever men did, keeping her female attitude deep inside and train herself to become the best army ever. The best thing was the incident of sudden attack at the pole, she used the strength of sliding ice to fight back. And the greatest part about Mulan is, she's a girl. She can do whatever men can do. And she found love as well. Wrap in a good package, yup.

The other feminist in Disney Movies

  1. Pocahontas: Proud and strong-willed lady, she defend her beloved tribe from John Smith, although she loved him. She fought back, refused to accept his insults about her heritage and culture. Well, she have to teach the man she loved or else, who wants to get married with the one who doesn't respect her?
  2. Beauty and the Beast:  Belle, a young adventurer girl who spend her life in learning and exploring the new things. Her town was lack of excitement and dull. She choose to step out and open up to imagination. And she pushed the idea of early arrange-marriage (because that man is a douchebag). She prefer to be smart, settle down is a later decision.
  3. Aladdin: I loved Princess Jasmine, the only feminine Disney princess I ever liked. I loved her by the idea she refused the arrange-marriage, her determination to live her life the way she wants to, and make her own decision. The other thing is, the idea she loved a poor man and help him to be a better person is a great effort. She doesn't discriminate, and she doesn't look down to poor people although she had money and rich. A rich girl should act like Jasmine. She's a humble princess.

Love is beautiful. But being feminist is not bad either. I believed in women's rights.



  1. my pov on feminism is quite bias~ i'm not agreeing with it. as well as male chauvinism... we support equality in gender yet brought up coined the label 'feminism' into this world...any gender related word is not very kind thing to describe a human. --but I like the movie though ;)

    1. Somehow, I agree with your point that it's not very kind to label human with gender. Yet, I was quite sad for what happened to my two friends. They got cheated pretty badly. I used the word 'feminism' to encourage them that they can stand back, fight back for their rights and being 'feminine' is the strength. Anyway, I'm so glad they're able to fall in love again ^^

    2. gender is ok. we all have woman/man attached to us. but that - label, it has the perception/discriminate feel to it. its like double standard treatment by using those label

    3. yes, I understand that. Everybody has its own opinion and perception and mostly based on how they grew up and how society treated them. Between normal and obsess, there's thin line. Everybody can cross it.

  2. -i sincerely think this movie is about true love do exist even in the heart of most hideous kind we all perceive as evil

    1. yeah, true love do exist. maybe some people don't see it clearly, just assuming. People can be pretty judgmental..haha