Thursday, 27 December 2012

The Tales of New Year

Before, the beginning of the year was celebrated in March. The beginning of the spring, the end of winter and the new day for resolution. It is the oldest tradition, it was happened in ancient Babylon as far as 4000 years ago, celebrated in some manner and now falls on 1st January. According to Roman calendar, 1st January designed by Julius Caesar to make sure the days were back in touch with the changes that the sun went through. However, even the days were out of sync with the sun, the date remained as the day of New Year in Roman calendar, until now.

Alarm chrono: "That's me, yea"
New Year is associated with happiness, the beginning, new wishes and readiness to get through the whole year. Some cultures believed that the old year symbolized the 'Father' and the new year is the  'Baby'. The ancient Roman is used to personify the 'Father' as Cronos, father of Zeus--the origin of alarm chrono,  if you know what I mean >>>

In every New Year, the new resolution of the undone matters is become of the tradition all over the world, which can be traced back to the ancient Babylonians. Now, instead of making resolution, new year parties become more important across America and believed that kissing in the midnight gives them more love, warmth and affection for a whole year. It is said that if they failed to do it, the relationship will be cold and dark for 365 or 366 days. Actually, there's more...

Before begin the new year, the lore said that:
  1. You must paid the bills and unsettled debts. It is time to bury the forgone and begin fresh. How about house or car payment? I guess a lot of people withered for many years.
  2. Begin afresh with brand new clothes- to give a positive mind and charms to begin the first day of New Year. Well, everyone like the smell of new clothes.
  3. Make loud noises, to chase the evil spirit so they won't harm you. So that's why Americans loved new year parties.
  4. Don't break anything, including your bones. That's the omen, a bad sign for you to get through the year. 
  5. The first visitor must be a great person. It is said that the influence, luck and chances of the person indicates what kind of year will you have. So, say 'no' to beggars?
  6. Have babies in 1st January. It is said that new babies in New Year gives luck and prosperity on their side. I guess new parents should work hard 9 months earlier before the 1st January.
  7. Don't pay debts on 1st January. It is believed that once you let your money out on 1st January, your money will flow non-stop for a full year. So my advice, pay debts on second day ~
  8. Return everything that you had borrowed from anyone. Or else, trouble will follow you--which means, 'they' will follow you.
  9. In various South American, wearing a yellow underwear means good luck while Mexican girls have to wear red underwear in order to seek true love. Oh my, colours are really important there.
  10. The Spanish rituals said that eating twelve grapes brought them twelve months of happiness. No grapes in the fridge, how about durian?
And, the other facts of New Year said that:
  1. January name came from Janus, the two-face god of Roman. Janus means door.
  2. January is the coldest month and day of the year.
  3. Christianity said that New Year is the incarnation of Jesus (in March 25).
  4. Pope Gregory XIII (1582) made plans to converted Jews to Christian and forced them to believed 1st January is the New Year's day. It becomes the day of torture and death for Jews.
  5. Some culture believed that the New Year should begin in April.
  6. 1st January took a very long time to accept by many countries as the universal day of New Year. Thailand was the last one in the list--adopting the date in 1941.
  7. April Fool (1st April) was used to be the date of New Year. This prank day was born when some people refused to accept 1st January as the new date.
  8. Spring fever was the main cause why new Year was being celebrated in April.
  9. 1st January was revived as New Year in 1582 by the Gregorian calendar and celebrated by the most of the countries.
  10. Aud Lang Syne which means 'the old days' composed by Robert Burns is the midnight toast of New Year.
  11. The old Saxon believed that those who born on 2nd January is unfortunate, they could expect to die in unpleasant death. Scary?

So, New Year is getting near. What's your resolution?


Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Off To Serian: Terap is Here~

Terap or in scientific name; artocarpus odoratissimus is a kind of tree fruit from the tree family of jack fruit. Terap is smaller than jack fruit, it has a strong fragrance, sweet-mildly taste and the skin feels like a bristle carpet (that's my opinion). 

Terap is also known as 'tarap' at Indonesia, 'marang' at Philippines, 'teureup' at West Java, 'lumok' in Ibanese or 'johey oak' in English. Terap is a very well-known local fruit among Sarawakian, Sabahan and Brunei people, but it is being classified as 'exotic-and-unique' at Peninsular Malaysia. Seriously, I've never bought this fruit when I lived at Shah Alam (but I knew that terap was a display-fruit in MAHA 2008).

This fruit is actually seasonal, you can't find terap every day you want. Mostly, terap season will appear at the end of the year and very rare at Peninsular Malaysia, but now the seed is growing well as a 25 meter tree somewhere at Perak. I guess Peninsular Malaysia now can enjoy this lovely fruit. The taste is quite hard to describe but for me, I loved the sweetness.

And, do you know you can fry the seed (without using oil) and mixed it with a pinch of salt? It tasted like a peanut and you should try it =D

This is how terap looks like. Bought it at Serian, Sarawak

This is the seed I collect before clean it

Inside the kuali

The fried-terap seed is ready to served~

Peel the fried skin first. The black peanut (as you can see
it in the picture) tasted better without the skin.



Sunday, 23 December 2012

Off to Serikin

Far to a small village, located about 15 km from Bau town and 80 km from Kuching City, Serikin is the week-end heaven market for local and foreign tourists. Every weekend, it attracts thousand of people with numerous selection of unique stuff from Sarawak and Indonesia. All stuffs such as batik, handicrafts, herbal products (jamu), electrical items, external medicine, electronic items, jungle produce, exotic meats, antique items, clothes, perfume, male and female accessories, toys and home decoration can be bought in cheap price, if you know how to bargain well. From Serikin, tourists can peep into Indonesia by a bike-ride or motorcycle-ride called as 'ojek' of 15 minutes via 'jalan gajah'. 

Serikin is located near to Kalimantan's barrier, the sellers are from Indonesia and local people itself. The weather is hot so my advice: wear a light shirt, bring your umbrella or buy a cowboy or picnic hat. It's good to remember that you should browse first before buying and use all tricks, your bargain strategies or persuasion skills in order to get a very cheap price. If the seller still refusing your price, step back. Later on, they will agree with you, and that's the last trick. Besides, beware with some rare-item sellers. You might get cheated by them. 

So, when you off to Serikin, be wise and economical buyers. And, don't forget your umbrella. :-)

Off to Serikin- Saturday, 22 December 2012

8 in the morning, the car engine is running. Ready for a small journey to Serikin, Sarawak. It took 2 hours and half to get there. The road was still under construction, waiting for the next phase of upgrading. So, the road is half smoothy, half bumpy, dusty and of course, pebbles are everywhere- don't cry for your car. 

From Kuching, a little bit of road jam's pinch and sour driver-attitude is annoying. But don't get cranky. Please look out from your car window, you will and surely love the natural view or stone hills and humpy mountain around Bau, the beautiful natural site of Wind Cave, Blue Lake, Fairy Cave, and few rivers with peculiar names such as River Jonjang, River Noren, River Progang, River Podam, River Duyoh, River Pedid, River Tubah and River Spora. There's a lot of fruit trees along the road, you can buy local fruits in good price.

Then, finally, around 10 and half, Serikin welcomed us with the smell of satay...oh~ what a life. And it begins with...

Crowd can never avoid sweats,
skin irritation and of course, being shopaholic.

being a photographer...well, you can never say 'no' to
yourself when you arrived at somewhere like this. 

The shopping tour...of course, you should look first before buying.
There's a lot of stuff to look for so prepare your pocket~

Watching 'tukang ojek' on the street while buying things (bought
kerepek and keropok only...hahaha)

In the end, we off back to Bau Town and having lunch at Siti Cafe.
Oh dear, 'sayur paku' tasted so delicious~


Thursday, 20 December 2012

Food For Thought: The End Of The World

Nostradamus had predicted that the world will meet the end, soon enough for the mankind to collapse and lose the civilization. The Mayan said that this year will be the tick-tock for the apocalypse. 20 or 21-12-2012 will be the deadliest date. As the Hollywood is busy making movies of their own imagination of destruction, History and Discovery Channel is arguing about how it will be? When it happens? What the effects? Where it begins? And for sure, where is Jesus, the Devil, the archangel and God? 

For now, the clever men said that the causes of the doomsday are by war, natural disaster, diseases, economy failure or extraterrestrial forces. But first, let us think the definition of the  doomsday according to two holy-books:

According to Bible- Matthew 24:4-14, 
  • Jesus said watch out for doomsday deceivers [4], 
  • many leaders are going to show up with forged identities, claiming 'I am Christ, the Messiah' [5], 
  • when reports come in of wars and rumored wars, keep your head and don't panic. This is routine history; this is no sign of the end [6], 
  • nation will fight nation and ruler fight ruler, over and over. Famines and earthquakes will occur in end [7], 
  • this is nothing compared to what is coming [8], 
  • they are going to throw you to the wolves and kill you, everyone hating you because you carry my name [9], 
  • and then, going from bad to worse, it will be dog-eat-dog, everyone at each other's throat, everyone hating each other [10],
  • in the confusion, lying preachers will come forward and deceive a lot of people [11], 
  • for many others, the overwhelming spread of evil will do them in- nothing left of their love but a mound of ashes [12], 
  • staying with it-that's what God requires. Stay with it to the end. You won't be sorry, and you'll saved [13], 
  • all during this time, the good news- the message of the kingdom- will be preached all over the world, a witness staked out in every country. And then the end will come [14]
According to Al Quran- Surah Al Qiyamah,
  • He questions: "when is the day of resurrection?" At length, when the sight is dazed and the moon is buried in darkness, and the sun and moon are joined together that day will man say; "where is the refuge?" [75.6-10]
  • In that is a sign for those who fear the penalty of the hereafter; that is a day for which mankind will be gathered together: that will be a day of testimony. Nor shall we delay it but a term appointed [11.102-7]
  • we will show them our signs in all the regions of the earth and in their own souls until they clearly see that this is the truth [41.53]
  • And Isa (Jesus) shall be a sign (for the coming of) the hour (of judgement: therefore have no doubt about the hour), but follow ye me: this is a straight way [43.61]
  • Verify in this is a message for any that has a heart and understanding or who gives ear and earnestly witnesses (the truth)...and listen for the day when the caller will call out from a place quite near. The day when they will hear a (mighty) blast in truth: that will be the day of Resurrection [50.37-42]
  • And on the day when the Hour riseth the guilty will vow that they did tarry, but an hour- thus were they ever deceived. But those to whom knowledge and faith are given will say: "the truth is, ye have tarried, by Allah's decree, until the day of resurrection. This is the day of Resurrection, but ye used not to know" [30.55-57]
The end of the world is obviously will be happened, both religions had confirmed that the final day will be come in a matter of time. However, this final day is not a day for us to easily predict and expecting that we can survive by preparing foods, underground bunkers, weapons and hiding golds. It is all about your faith to God. And God has given the sign to warn us, to remind us that the promise of the last day is real. This whole universe and our world will be off in service when the exact time is come. The end of the day is far more frightening.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Traditional Art: Sketching to editing

I made few sketching this month, born with the pencil then grow up in editing. Sketching is somehow a good therapy to ease the mind. I believe it is not the best picture you ever saw but it please me. And being a traditional artist is one of my kind ^^

Name: Lisa
Based on my childhood image
Edited pencil sketch [Photoscape and Adobe Photoshop 7]

Name: Dian
Based on my sister's childhood image
Edited pencil sketch [Photoscape]

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Cerpen: Hantu-hantu Penglipur Lara

              Munggu Tengah, kawasan kediaman yang luas dan tenang. Dihuni oleh ramai penduduk. Malah, ia dikelilingi oleh pohon-pohon segar dan juga bunga-bungaan yang indah aneka warna. Terdapat beberapa lot tanah yang sedia untuk dimiliki, tempat letak kereta yang selesa dan juga masjid yang berdekatan. Semua penghuni di Munggu Tengah berasa amat bersyukur dengan kemudahan yang mereka nikmati. Tukang potong rumput juga selalu datang untuk membantu membersihkan kawasan mereka. Bukan itu saja, anak-anak muda juga menghormati mereka serta kejiranan mereka. Oleh itu, tiga orang penduduk lama Munggu Tengah iaitu Baie, Siah dan Amang duduk di luar rumah masing-masing sambil memandang bulan yang indah lalu memulakan bicara malam seperti selalunya.
                “Setiap malam tempat kita tenang macam ni,” kata Baie. Kemudian, Baie memandang ke arah dia sahabat baiknya.
            “Aku dengar Tanah Sewangi selalu bising. Budak-budak berani buat maksiat,” ujar Amang, membuka cerita.
            “Hairan. Orang Sewangi tak buat apa-apa?” soal Siah.
            “Apalah yang boleh mereka buat, Siah,” sahut Baie. “Tuhan yang Maha Kuasa itu pun mereka tak takut, apatah lagi kita.”
            Untuk seketika, Baie, Siah dan Amang bermenung panjang. Melihat kerlipan bintang dan beberapa penghuni lot lain lalu lalang di kawasan masing-masing. Tidak lama selepas itu, mereka terlihat jiran mereka, Alang yang merayau entah ke mana. Setiap kali bulan penuh, Alang galak sungguh keluar merayau. Sebelum subuh, Alang akan kembali dengan keadaan tergesa-gesa.
            “Nah, itu dia si Alang,” ujar Amang.  “Makin kerap naik minyak.”
            “Apa yang dia buat?” Siah terkebil-kebil.
            “Kau tak tahu?” Baie terkejut. “Bulan lepas aku dengar dia ganggu anak dara orang. Aku dah kata, jangan ganggu anak dara orang. Jangan diturutkan sangat perangai buruk itu.”
            “Aku tak terkejut kalau suatu hari nanti Alang masuk perangkap,” Siah tertawa tatkala fikirannya teringat pada Alang. Kemudian, Siah menyambung semula kata-katanya, “Kau tahu tak cerita si Salmah?”
            “Kenapa dengan Salmah?” Amang dan Baie sama-sama mengensot ke arah Siah.
            Siah pun menceritakan duka si Salmah yang berasa rendah diri dengan rupa parasnya yang buruk dan hodoh. Rambutnya juga kasar dan tidak kemas. Setiap kali Salmah berjalan-jalan dan terserempak dengan orang lain, mereka pasti akan menjauhi Salmah. Maka, setiap kali dalam perjalanan pulang, Salmah akan menangis mengenangkan dirinya yang malang. Kata Salmah, dia juga tidak ingin kelihatan hodoh di hadapan orang lain, tapi apakan daya, itulah lumrah kejadian yang ditetapkan kepadanya.
            “Kalaulah Salmah cantik dan menarik, pasti tak timbul cerita begini,” ujar Siah, menamatkan cerita mengenai Salmah. “Aku tak suka Salmah dilayan begini. Salmah tak jahat.”
            “Betul, Salmah tak jahat. Tapi manusia memang begini, Siah. Apa yang mereka lihat, itulah yang mereka percaya. Hanya itu saja,” balas Amang. Siah hanya terdiam membisu.
            “Untuk orang yang lahir serba kekurangan, mereka terpaksa menelan segala kedukaan sehingga merana,” Baie mencelah. “Tapi zaman sekarang, yang cantik pun nak ubah segala. Orang seperti itu tak pernah peduli. Mereka rasa mereka lebih baik dan darjat mereka lebih tinggi dengan kecantikan.”
            “Begitulah, mereka fikir cantik itu mesti dizahirkan pada wajah. Kenapa tidak budi pekerti? Itu lebih mulia,” Amang menyahut.
            Kemudian, mereka bertiga ketawa pada sikap manusia. Manusia memang makhluk yang aneh. Yang cantik mahu terus cantik, yang tua mahu kekal muda, yang serba kekurangan pula terpinggir dengan air mata. Tiada siapa yang mendengar derita mereka.
            Seterusnya, mereka terpandang jiran mereka, Siak yang sibuk melihat-lihat keadaan dirinya dengan pandangan mata yang melingas. Siah segera menyapa. Siak pula kelihatan kelam kabut, seperti takut beramah mesra. Sungguhpun begitu, Baie dan Amang segera menyampuk dan mengusik Siak.
            “Amboi Siak, nak ke mana?”
            “Aku nak sembunyi, aku dengar ada penghuni baru nak masuk lot sebelah aku. Perempuan muda. Semalam Salmah pergi jenguk. Kata Salmah perempuan tu cantik. Ah, malulah aku.”
            “Oh, sebab itu la kau beria-ria nak tutup muka. Kenapa pula?” soal Siah, kehairanan.
            “Yalah, aku tak bersih macam kamu bertiga. Seganlah nak berjumpa jiran cantik dengan rupa macam ini.”
            “Alah, tak kisahlah Siak. Kalau kita yakin, kita pasti gembira dengan diri kita. Lagipun, kau tak perlu rendah diri seperti ini. Bagi aku, kau sempurna,” Baie memberi nasihat. “Apa yang penting sekarang ialah kau jaga hati jiran kita baik-baik. Kita ini hidup berjiran, jangan takut-takutkan jiran kau itu,” sambung Baie.
            “Jiran dia takkan takut punya,” celah Amang dan Siah sambil tertawa, “Sebab perempuan tu dah jadi orang baru perumahan kita. Orang Munggu Tengah mana pernah takut. Segan tu ada la.”
            Baie dan Siak sama-sama mengangguk. Betul juga cakap mereka. Tak kiralah Munggu Tengah, Tanah Sewangi dan Taman Selamat, kawasan yang agak jauh dari kawasan mereka, semua penghuni di situ tidak takut pada sesiapapun, melainkan Tuhan yang Maha Esa. Maka, dengan perasaan tenang selepas mendapat nasihat yang baik, Siak pun berlalu dengan satu keyakinan yang baharu. Mereka bertiga tersenyum lapang.
            “Salmah selalu dipandang buruk, Siak pula masalah rendah diri. Si Alang pula seperti hilang arah tuju. Aku bimbang mereka tersesat,” keluh Baie.
            “Bukan mereka bertiga aje…ada ramai lagi,” gerutu Siah. “Tahu tak Si Jemal? Dia tu satu badan berbulu. Si Lampir tu tinggi sangat. Si Lela pula tak habis-habis buat bising tengah malam. Dan si Wadi tu kurus yang amat. Aku risau betul dengan Wadi.”
            “Aku tak tahu macam mana nak tolong mereka,” ujar Amang. “Tapi aku percaya, mereka takkan sesat. Selagi mereka masih ingat Tuhan, jalan lurus akan sentiasa ada. Sebagai jiran, aku akan cuba bantu mereka sebaik yang mungkin.”

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Amalan Pre-Kristianiti pada Hari Krismas

Krismas, Hari Natal, Yule atau Noel; ia merupakan perayaan memperingati kelahiran Jesus dan cuti umum yang disambut pada 25 Disember setiap tahun di seluruh dunia. Ia merupakan perayaan utama dalam agama Kristian selain dari perayaan Easter, Kesyukuran, Good Friday dan juga Halloween. Nama "Christmas" merujuk kepada "Christ-mass" dan asal tarikh perayaan ini sebenarnya berbeza-beza. Pada era awal Kristian, ia pernah disambut pada 6 Januari, 7 Januari dan 8 Januari sebelum bertukar ke tarikh 25 Disember Kalendar Gregorian. Walaupun tarikh sebenar Jesus dilahirkan kurang jelas dan pernah didebatkan sebagai tarikh malang bagi orang Yahudi, ia tetap disambut pada setiap tahun dengan beberapa amalan awal pre-Kristianiti yang diserap masuk seperti:

Pokok Krismas
Sejarah pokok Krismas boleh dilihat dalam budaya di Jerman dan juga cerita rakyat pokok Yule. Penggunaan pokok evergreen dikatakan berasal dari kisah Donar Oak dan Saint Boniface, juga simbol pokok syurga berdasarkan kisah Adam dan Eve. Menurut Encyclopedia Britannica, penggunaan pokok evergreen dikaitkan dengan simbol kehidupan abadi di Mesir Purba dan juga golongan Yahudi. Pemujaan pokok bersifat umum dan biasa pada orang Eropah yang mengamalkan paganisme. Golongan Kristian Scandinavian menyerapkan amalan ini dengan tujuan untuk menakutkan roh jahat pada hari Krismas.

Pemberian hadiah
Budaya memberi hadiah berasal dari amalan Rom yang memberi hadiah dan juga tawaran kepada maharaja pada hari Saturnalia. Kemudian, budaya memberi hadiah kepada maharaja menjadi amalan antara rakyat. Budaya ini juga dikatakan wujud disebabkan oleh Saint Nicholas, biskop Kristian yang suka memberi hadiah kepada kanak-kanak dan orang yang memerlukan pada sekitar abad ke-4. Ia juga mungkin simbolik kepada kata-kata Jesus pada hari Jamuan Terakhir (the Last Supper) iaitu: "whatever you did unto one of  the least, you did unto me."

Santa Claus
Karakter Santa Claus sebenarnya berasal dari Turki dan beliau merupakan seorang biskop dari Myra; Saint Nicholas. Nicholas memperoleh gelaran "Saint" pada abad ke-19. Beliau merupakan salah seorang biskop senior yang mengadakan Council of Nicaea pada 325 CE dan mewujudkan Perjanjian Baru. Imej pertama Santa Claus hanya seorang lelaki bermuka tegas sebelum ciri-ciri stokin, rusa terbang, orang bunian dan rumah di Kutub Utara dicipta oleh Thomas Nast pada 1862-1886. Pada 1931, syarikat Coca-Cola telah menukar imej Santa Claus dengan pakaian merah, gemuk dan ceria sambil meminum sebotol Coca-Cola. Imej merah Santa Claus kekal sehingga ke hari ini.

Hiasan dedalu/Mistletoe
Hiasan Mistletoe dikatakan wujud 200 tahun sebelum Jesus dilahirkan dan dibawa oleh paderi Druids. Kaum Celtics percaya bahawa mistletoe merupakan simbol keamanan, tuah, kesuburan dan juga dapat menyingkirkan perkara tidak baik dan roh-roh jahat. Ia juga dikaitkan dengan kepercayaan Scandinavian bahawa berkucup di bawah pokok mistletoe akan menjamin kebahagiaan dan kegembiraan. Ia kini menjadi sebahagian budaya pada hari Krismas.

Karol Krismas
Karol, atau nyanyian pada hari Krismas telah mula dinyanyikan di Eropah beribu-ribu tahun yang lalu tetapi ia bukannya lagu hari Krismas. Ia sebenarnya lagu tuhan pagan yang dinyanyikan pada festival soltis musim sejuk dan menari dalam bulatan. Festival Soltis Musim Sejuk merupakan perayaan meraikan hari terpendek sepanjang tahun dan bertarikh 22 Disember. Amalan ini diserap masuk oleh Biskop Rom pada 129 AD dan menyanyikan lagu "Angel's Hymn" sebagai khidmat hari Krismas di Rom. Ia juga dikatakan salah satu acara pada hari Saturnalia yang disambut oleh Rom pagan tetapi dinyanyikan dalam keadaan berbogel.

Untuk maklumat lanjut sila rujuk:


Monday, 10 December 2012

Dewa Dewi Purba Dalam Penjenamaan

Zaman sekarang merupakan zaman penjenamaan. Penjenamaan yang baik akan meningkatkan status dan permintaan. Sebagai contoh, Apple, iaitu nama sebiji buah dari keluarga mawar (Rosaceae) yang tumbuh di kawasan iklim sederhana atau subtropika kini menjadi jenama barangan elektronik terkenal di Amerika Syarikat yang menerajui kemajuan telekomunikasi dan perkongsian data.

Namun, tidak ramai yang menyedari dewa dewi purba dari setiap bangsa dan benua kini hidup bersama dengan kita menerusi penjenamaan. Sebagai contoh:

Ajax Fabuloso
Ia merupakan jenama terkenal permbersih dan pencuci lantai dengan pelbagai wangian seperti Lavender, Rose, Lemongrass dan sebagainya. Jika nama Ajax ditelusuri ke dalam kepercayaan Greek, Ajax merupakan anak lelaki Telamon of Salamis yang bertanggungjawab dalam membekalkan keperluan untuk memusnahkan Troy. Ajax dipercayai menyertai pertandingan memilih pahlawan selepas kematian wira Achilles namun tuah memihak kepada Odysseus. merupakan laman sesawang yang menyediakan pelbagai jenis barangan yang dijual secara atas talian (on-line) dan beroperasi di Seattle, Washington. Namun, dari sudut sejarah Greek, ia merujuk kepada puak pahlawan wanita yang gagah dan berketurunan Ares, Dewa Peperangan. Menurut kepercayaan Greek, golongan pahlawan wanita tersebut memotong payudara sebelah kanan bagi memudahkan mereka memanah dan permaisuri mereka dibunuh oleh Achilles dalam perang Trojan.

Di Malaysia, Apollo merupakan jenama makanan ringan yang digemari oleh kanak-kanak dan terdapat dalam pelbagai perisa serta bentuk. Menerusi kepercayaan Greek, Apollo ialah anak Zeus dan Leto. Apollo mempunyai seorang adik kembar perempuan iaitu Artemis. Apollo merupakan dewa penting dalam kepercayaan Greek dan Roman.

Mars merupakan jenama coklat terkenal dan terletak di tempat ke-10 dalam senarai coklat paling sedap di dunia. Mars mempunyai senarai pecahan jenama coklat yang terkenal di seluruh dunia seperti Snickers, M&M, Toblerone, Kit-Kat, Cadbury Dairy Milk, Nestle Crunch dan juga Smarties. Menerusi kepercayaan Roman, Mars merupakan anak Dewa Juno. Mars pada asalnya dewa kesuburan dan sayur-sayuran sebelum menjadi Dewa Peperangan.

Mazda merupakan jenama kenderaan terkenal dari Jepun dan dikenali sebagai Masuda Kabushiki Gaisha. Nama Mazda merujuk kepada kepercayaan terhadap Ahura Mazda, Tuhan Tunggal dan juga Tuhan Yang Bijaksana yang terkenal di zaman Iran Purba. Ahura Mazda juga menjadi asas kepada kepercayaan Zoroastrian yang diasaskan oleh Zoroaster.

Toyota juga merupakan jenama kenderaan terkenal dari Jepun dan mempunyai rangkaian kenderaan terbesar di Asia. Vios di antara kenderaan yang laris dan diminati ramai selain dari Hilux, Estima, Camry dan sebagainya. Walaupun nama Toyota berasal dari nama anak lelaki pengasas Toyota Group iaitu Kiichiro Toyoda, nama Toyota ini secara tidak langsung berkaitan dengan dewi Shinto, Toyota Mahime. Toyota Mahime merupakan dewi lautan yang berkahwin dengan lelaki biasa tetapi lelaki tersebut tidak dibenarkan untuk melihat wajahnya sehingga anak pertama mereka dilahirkan.

Garuda ialah jenama sistem penerbangan terkenal di Indonesia yang menyediakan kemudahan penerbangan domestik dan juga luar negara. Berdasarkan kepercayaan Hindu, Garuda merupakan putera kepada segala jenis burung dan anak lelaki kepada Kasyapa, lelaki yang bijaksana dan salah seorang dari Manushi, pendahulu kepada Gautama Buddha. Garuda merupakan pengikut Vishnu yang setia dan dianggap suci oleh agama Hindu dan juga Buddha.

Ben-10 merupakan animasi kartun terkenal yang memaparkan watak Ben yang mampu bertukar ke dalam bentuk makhluk asing dan berjuang melindungi Bumi. Tetapi jika nama Ben-10 dieja menjadi Ben-Ten, ia merupakan singkatan nama kepada senarai dewa Sichi Fukujin, Benzaiten. Benten, atau Benzaiten ialah dewi tuah dan dikaitkan dengan lautan.

Canon merupakan syarikat pengeluar barangan optik dan pengimejan dari Jepun yang terkenal dengan siri kamera EOS, pencetak dan juga pengimbas. Asal nama Canon merujuk kepada nama Kwanon, siri produk Canon yang terawal dan berasal dari nama dewa/dewi pengampunan. Kwanon merupakan dewi Buddha versi Jepun yang diambil dari kewujudan dewi Guan Yin di China atau Avalokitesvara di India.

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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Senarai Agama di Dunia

Merupakan agama tertua yang tidak diketahui siapa pengasasnya. Ia mengandungi konsep samsara, kitaran kelahiran semula, termasuk ilmu spritual menerusi meditasi dan membuat kebaikan. Ia mencakupi pelbagai kepercayaan dan ritual, serta bersifat politeisme yang menyembah 33 juta dewa dan dewi. Agama ini terkandung dalam Baghavad Gita, juga disebut sebagai "Song of the Lord" dan di dalam empat Veda. Rig Veda merupakan Veda paling suci. Ia menerapkan konsep Trimurti, tiga kuasa utama iaitu Brahma (Pencipta), Vishnu (Pelindung/Pemelihara) dan Shiva (Pemusnah). "Om" merupakan simbolik kepada kewujudan Brahma dan membunyikan perkataan tersebut seperti merangkumi seluruh alam semesta dalam satu masa. Pooja ialah konsep penyembahan yang dilakukan di setiap hari sama ada di kuil (mandir) atau di rumah bersama ahli keluarga (murtis). Di mandir, upacara arti dilakukan; sami menyalakan lampu di hadapan patung dewa, menyanyikan lagu kesetiaan dari kitab suci, pemberian makanan berupa buah-buahan, kekacang atau makanan manis bagi mendapatkan rahmat dewa.

Sekitar 2500 tahun yang lalu, pengasas Buddha, Siddharta Gautama lahir di antara sempadan Nepal dan utara India. Buddha, yang bermaksud "yang menyedarkan" ialah gelaran yang diberi selepas mendapat kesedaran secara spiritual. Agama ini tidak hanya berdasarkan kepercayaan kepada Tuhan semata-mata tetapi juga menerapkan konsep kesedaran dan pemikiran. Konsep nirvana ialah situasi di mana pengikut agama ini akan beroleh kebahagiaan abadi, ilmu pengetahuan dan kebenaran. Ia mengandungi pelbagai jenis didikan seperti Empat Kebenaran Mulia, Jalan Lapan Lapis Mulia dan juga Lima Moral. Bodhisatva merupakan pengikut Buddhisme (sama ada lelaki atau perempuan) yang mampu untuk mencapai nirvana dan bebas dari samsara dengan kelahiran semula. Agama ini tidak ada dewa dan ia juga tidak menidakkan kewujudan Tuhan.

Seperti Islam, ia merupakan agama yang tersebar luas ke seluruh dunia. Muncul dari aliran Judaisme, ia mempunyai pelbagai tradisi tetapi perkara utama agama ini berpegang kepada konsep anak Tuhan yang bersifat kudus dan penyelamat. Menerusi kitab Injil Perjanjian Lama, Jesus merupakan anak Mary yang lahir di Nazareth. Pada era Roman, ikan merupakan simbol Kristianiti yang membawa maksud "faithful pisculi" atau "fishers of men". Antara simbol  lain yang pernah digunakan sebelum ditukar menjadi simbol salib ialah labarurm, monogram yang dihasilkan dari huruf Greek, juga dikenali sebagai Silang Chi-Rho. Selain dari itu, Jesus juga turut dikaitkan dengan kayu salib, paku dan mahkota berduri yang menonjolkan kesengsaraan dan menimbulkan rasa emosi yang kuat dalam hati pengikut. Agama ini menerapkan konsep Triniti iaitu Bapa, Anak dan Roh Kudus, manakala Mary diangkat menjadi "Madonna" yang bermaksud "my lady", simbol kesucian, ibu suci, dan kasih sayang. Jesus digambarkan sebagai pengembala kambing yang memimpin pengikutnya ke jalan yang benar, pengorbanan untuk menebus dosa dan kemampuan untuk menjadi pelindung.

Islam bermaksud "penyerahan", menyembah Tuhan yang satu iaitu Allah SWT. Menerusi Islam, agama ini tidak ada yang lain bersifat lebih suci atau bersifat sekular kerana hanya Allah bersifat satu dan tidak ada yang sama sepertiNya. Agama ini telah disampaikan oleh beberapa nabi dan rasul yang terpilih, dari Adam, Ibrahim, Musa dan Isa, ia dirangkum sepenuhnya dan disempurnakan oleh Muhammad, nabi dan rasul yang terakhir. Islam terdiri dari beberapa asas iaitu Rukun Islam dan Rukun Iman. Al-Quran merupakan kitab suci yang menjadi pegangan hidup untuk umat Islam, simbol kepada keyakinan terhadap Allah SWT kerana setiap ayat yang terkandung bersifat "kalamullah" dan suci. Solat ialah 5 rutin yang wajib dilakukan oleh umat Islam sebagai tanda mengingati Pencipta dan juga simbol pembersihan jiwa. Berpuasa merupakan salah satu rutin utama yang dilakukan pada bulan Ramadan kalendar Hijrah yang mendidik umat ke arah kesedaran, keinsafan dan rasa rendah diri di hadapan Pencipta. Haji ialah perjalanan suci ke kota Mekah bagi yang berkemampuan dan perjalanan ini bertujuan untuk mensucikan diri, fokus pada amal ibadat, serta menguatkan akidah dalam mengingati Allah SWT.


Nama Judaism terhasil dari nama puak Judah dari dua belas puak di Israel. Agama ini wujud menerusi kepercayaan terhadap Abraham, manusia yang dijanjikan oleh Tuhan dengan tanah yang dijanjikan dan menjadi 'orang yang terpilih' oleh Tuhan berdasarkan kepada syarat yang telah digariskan. Syarat perjanjian telah diterima oleh Moses di Gunung Sinai dan kemudian memimpin mereka ke tanah yang dimaksudkan dari kesukaran di Mesir (Exodus) dan perjalanan ke Kanaan. Kisah kewujudan agama ini bermula dari perjanjian tanah, pertarungan David sebagai wakil menentang Goliath yang menindas mereka dan Solomon mendirikan kuil sebagai perantara mereka dengan Tuhan. Torah, atau Pentateuch merupakan kitab yang dihasilkan menerusi bicara Tuhan kepada Moses di Gunung Sinai dan menjadi asas kepercayaan mereka dari segi spiritual. Menerusi Torah, nama Tuhan disebut sebagai Yahweh, bersifat sangat suci sehingga tiada siapa yang dibenarkan untuk menyebutnya secara terbuka. Synagogue ialah tempat di mana pengikut berkumpul sebagai satu komuniti, menjalankan upacara sembahyang atau disebut sebagai Shabbat/Sabbath dan juga tempat belajar. Pecahan agama ini dikenali sebagai Kabbalisme.

Taoism merupakan agama dan juga ajaran bersifat falsafah yang ditemui oleh Lao-tzu di China. Ia mengandungi pelbagai prinsip kesedaran, pemikiran, kemanusiaan dan kewujudan alam semesta. Tao bergantung kepada 'mengosongkan' hati yang telah menghasilkan ilusi kepada fikiran manusia dan ia juga bersifat mistik, mewujudkan hidup yang mudah berasaskan rentak alam. Ia mewujudkan konsep Yin dan Yang, konsep keseimbangan antara kebaikan dan keburukan, kekuatan dan kelemahan, kehidupan dan kematian, lelaki dan perempuan dan juga juga sifat-sifat lain yang saling berlawanan. Tao tidak mempunyai doktrin agama yang statik, ia melibatkan banyak pemujaan dewa dan antaranya ialah Maharaja Jed, Tuhan kepada dewa Taoisme, Tuhan Syurga yang menjadi ketua utama di syurga dan dunia mistik. Dikatakan Marahaja China dapat berkomunikasi dengan Maharaja Jed. P'an-Ku pula ialah ciptaan pertama alam semesta yang telah mengambil pemahat dan tukul lalu mengukir ciptaan yang lain. P'an-Ku hidup selama 18,000 tahun, membesar setiap hari dan apabila segala ciptaan berjaya disiapkan, P'an-Ku berbaring dan mati. Badan P'an-Ku menjadi bumi di mana ciptaanya hidup dan setiap bahagian badannya ditanda pada lima pergunungan di China. Tao menegaskan prinsip "teguh seperti gunung dan bergerak seperti air" dalam prinsip kepercayaan.
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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Kids, being an adult is great but it sucks~

Dear kids, being a kid is innocent. The best part is look young. I loved being kid even my father was so stern and controlled by my queen mother. I know, there's a rule of yes-and-no for kids, and stuck between orders and desire. Kids have no key of freedom. But sadly (for me), kids nowadays are having a terrible moment to appreciate their youth. They seek to be an 'adult-wannabe' faster than they should. For those kids who suddenly stumbling into this post, is that so hard for you to handle your youth? Being an adult like me, I hope that my youth can be repeated. You know why being a kid is great?

First, kids do a lot of mistakes but being forgiven. The worse thing kids might accept when they do wrong is the scream and shout, a bit of slap on the butt and in the end, they received hugs, sweets and toys. Kids, you know what adults will receive when they make mistakes?--a punch, a lot of curses, abandonment issues, put in jail, divorce, being expelled, kick out, get fired or worse of all, sentence to death.

Second, kids have a half of a price when they go at the amusement park, riding a bus, going somewhere that involved tickets, while adults have to pay full score. Isn't that great? I missed that moment. Now I have to pay full score for all my tickets.

Third, kids being protected by laws. If someone treat them badly, they have laws to secure them. So adults, think about abusing? Beware, iron bars might be your shelter for several years.

Fourth, no one care when kids eat a lot, or looks messy, or playing Legos, or run here and there, or gibberish, or look childish or to put it in simple, no one care when kids being like a kid because they're kids anyways. That's normal for them to look it in that way. But when adults did that, I think that they're fully retarded.

Fifth, kids often received praises and good words in order to help them to build the confidence and self esteem, while adults have to spent their day hearing bad words, depression at work, and get stress. Scary, isn't it?

Sixth, kids don't have to worry about debts and loans. They just asked whenever they want from their parent, and adults have to pay everything then losing their hair for each passing days.

Seventh, kids have a great imaginary future with flowers, love and care in their mind, while adults can't sleep or eat or pee-and-poo when they think about their long-curvy-and-doubtful future. 

Eighth, kids almost not afraid with anything. They can pick bugs and make it as a brooch, digging for worms, don't care about germs, hygiene and whatsoever. The biggest reason why kids suddenly afraid is adults revealed the truth. Adults are the real 'chickenest' group--they afraid of supernatural, debts, car petrol, groceries, diamond ring, marriage, commitment, house price, divorce et cetera.

Ninth, kids don't care very much about feelings. They played, they stumbled, they cried, they fight, they screamed, they saw ice-cream man, they ran, they buy ice-cream, they shared, and then they become friends again. You know what adults will do? Break up--cried for 7 days and 7 nights, holding a revenge, commit suicide or spending several months OR years for self-motivation, self-reflection and self-enlightenment. Divorce--legal parenting issues, money issues, or maybe avenged issues. Split up--keep wondering why people hate them, backstabbing, betraying and spreading rumours. That's the world for adults.

Tenth, kids don't realize about death. They just knew life is wonderful and when they suddenly died, they died without sins and purely innocent. You know what's death for adults? Everything's about loan, work position, spouse's dishonesty, money to pay fees, house payment, the terrible past-life--smoking, commit adultery, stealing, betraying, bullying or anything that caused them 'dirty'. Those thoughts give them the idea, "please God, I'm not ready to die yet." So, do kids think about this? No.

Eleventh, kids have their own day; the Children's Day. That's the day where all kids being appreciated officially. And adults? Just one day to say--Labor Day; a day for adults being appreciated as a worker, not for the unemployed one.

Twelfth, maybe this is the best of all, kids have their precious youth. It happens once and never turn back, while being old is must and nothing will stop the age to move and tick with the clock. As usual, adults tried very hard to chase the youth with money and fame, but they couldn't return the real pearl. So what on earth kids trying so hard being an adult? They will be an adult one day. 

So kids, enjoy your youth, appreciate your innocence and lived your life like you should do. Being an adult is great, but it sucks~


Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Several Reasons Why Your Damn Ideal Guys Are Hard To Get.

If you are a girl, you must have a dream to get your ideal guy, be with him and get married (unless, you're lesbo so that's not your business). However, looking for a good looking, attractive or well-manageable guys (based on your own measure cup) are hard to get than you thought. And you almost got ended with a man you didn't dream or wish to be. You often questioning yourself, or blaming the universe, or regretting about your parent's gene, or grumbling over everyone, or something like that. Come on ladies, there are several reasons why these guys are hard to get. Accept this, good looking, attractive and well-manageable guys (or any criteria that included in your ideal list) are hard to get because:

  • They are not single anymore. Don't be such a desperado. So, get a new and single fish out there, there are plenty of them.
  • They are married and happy. Well, save your own face. Don't be such a damn slut.
  • They loved being bachelors. Okay, a lot of bachelors are hotties and most-wanted, like Tony Starks, Mr. Batman, George Clooney...right?
  • They are womanizer. Well, when they're bachelors, they loved the hunting trips. That's the mother nature, the law of the universe.
  • I put it in three alphabet: G-A-Y. They are totally gay, but why good looking guys are gay? It makes me a bit of loss . But for George Michael, Neil Patrick Harris, Mika, Ben Whishaw (?) and obviously not Elton John...I'm your great fan anyways~
  • They afraid of commitment, so back to the third and the fourth point. Get it?
  • Probably, they're under control, which I prefer to say--mommy's son. Mmm, some moms are pretty choosy about in laws.
  • They are racist. That might be one of the reason why you can't have them. They just loved their own races-- more blondies more bimbos, so you can't blame that.
  • Call me crazy, but the other reasons why they're hard to get is because, they're not born yet. So you have to wait longer or died in waiting.
  • Maybe, those guys are sick and stuck in a hospital. Unlucky for you, hot chick nurses are ready on queue.
  • The other dead reason might be, they're dead so okay, let's chase other available guys who still alive.
  • Sometimes, great guys are already there but that's you who refused because they're not ideal enough for you yet. You demand more.
  • They didn't went under the knife, I mean surgery issues. So, the great guys in your list is not ready to get caught yet, if you liked false awesomeness.
  • They're handsome, have money, well-mannered and educated, but they can't serve you as a real man. You know what I mean?
  • Perhaps, your ideal guy is not arrive here yet. They are still living at the other continents, countries or regions. So girls, have faith.
  • They have every great man's package but...they're insane and stuck in asylum. You have to cure them first but the chance might be, just stop gambling your life. Get a sane man.
  • Hate to say this but you might be the reason, you don't have the ability or charm to get them. Feel angry? Sorry~
  • Like I said, have faith. If it's hard to get them, maybe God doesn't allowed you to meet the one yet. You're deserve someone's better.
  • I don't know what to say anymore but the simple reason why they're hard to get is you're not meant for each other. Your real guy is still running out there, looking for you as fast as he could.

So ladies, don't feel bad about yourself. Every God's creation is beautiful as it is. You're so beautiful that those good looking, attractive and well-manageable guys are spilled from your measure cup :-)


How I Met Your Mother: Which Character Are You?

How I Met Your Mother is an American sitcom that released in 2005, the most legendary sitcom I ever watch in my whole life and I still watching the previous episodes over and over again. I loved the way the characters presenting their funny eccentric friendship and doing silly stuff together. Recently, I began to noticed that Ted Mosby's character and part of Robin Scherbatsky's attitude reminds me about myself and it's great to see it from the fictional characters, which gives me the idea to fix my spoiler.

Five characters in this TV sitcom, which one are you?

You are Ted Mosby if:
Enjoy giving fun facts to everyone even they don't really like it.
Love old stuffs and history things.
Always correcting other's fact or pronunciation.
Interested in high class writings and elegant possession.
Works hard to get something but always drop in the middle of the road.
Looks matured and reliable but sometimes acting childish and immature.
Have a massive hatred over something nonsense.
Difficult to resist seduction or persuasion.
Seems calm and decisive but sometimes doing wild and stupid things.
Really love friendship and always be there to help.
A hopeless romantic person.
Hard to admit the mistakes.
Often get hurt for tiny-little things
Ambitious and always in track of career.

You are Lily Aldrin if:
Act as a settler and the group's moderator.
Supportive to anyone and helpful.
Funny and cute, at the same time, forceful, sexy and seductive.
Able to control anyone like a puppet master.
Can be the one to resolve the problem and the shoulder to cry.
Bad in keeping secrets.
Quick to notice the situation and problems.
Great in cooking.
The real shopaholic.
Love arts, painting and travelling.
Feels okay to used slang, bad language and harsh words.
Curious about doing new things.
Sporting and easy going person but can be jealous, fierce, and pure evil.
Like to involved in someone's business (busy-body).

You are Robin Scherbatsky if:
Reliable, confident and independent.
Believe in professionalism and work hard in a career.
Not shame to do a lot of stupid things.
Afraid in commitment but always in love hunting-trip.
Afraid to be around or having babies and kids.
Love adventures and masculine stuffs.
Full of secrets in life.
High self esteem about self beauty.
Strong but vulnerable.
Always take care the matters (paying pizza, confronting thieves etc)
Facing a problem to make a lie.
Seems soft and lady-type but often act manly and scary.
Never say jealous even the jealousy shows through gesture, facial expression and using harsh words.
It's hard to say love and to admit love.
Able to eat a lot and have a huge appetite.
Like to make excuses.

You are Marshall Eriksen if:
Loyal, lovable and funny.
Hates betrayal in relationship.
Terrible in keeping secrets.
Always work hard to achieve dreams and goals in life.
Believe in true love.
Easy to get hurt.
Easy to get influence by nonsense facts or falsehood stories.
Like to eat, throw a party and sing a stupid song.
Very close to family members.
Supporting the environmental laws and protection.
Desperate to give happiness to the most beloved one.
Easy to get fascinated by tales and myths.
A great couple or partner.
Concern about mother earth and green campaign.
Seems mature but more like a child.
Ready for commitment and parenting issues.

You are Barney Stinson if:
Love to do weird things as a hobby.
Never get tired in love hunting.
Has a great ability to lie and make false stories.
Like to throw a lot of money for self satisfaction.
Kind of sociopath.
Lived in a lot of strategies and plans.
Creating too much rules in life.
Love to create crazy stuff and then sit back and watch it all go down.
Opportunistic, proud, sometimes very naive, stubborn and manipulative person.
Very competitive and love to accept the challenge.
Always want to be love, like and important to everyone.
Zoning-out habit when people start talking and discussing.
Have a strong personality but fragile and afraid to be alone.
Reliable, kindness and generous even sometimes out of morality and mannerism.
Know how to tackle someone's attention.
Often hiding the true identity and feelings toward something or someone.

p/s: wish to get friends like them =D