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The Dance Inspiration in Gentleman MV (by Psy)

Psy did this in Gentleman
BEG was the first in Abracadabra

Probably, it was inspired from this.
Can you imagine that?

~Shaolin Kung Fu hao yeah...~

K-Pop Fantastic Hair

[Hey, I made it for you since you liked K-Pop very much. It feels like the Hallyu vibe is in your bone, buddy!]

Okay, I used to write serious thing, mostly about history and it makes me look like an old man, or an open dusty book. Aw, come on! I'm not that old! Since everyone talks about K-Pop here and there (I don't care that much but I do love pop-corn), so how about hair? The things I liked the most about K-Pop is they're creative about hair. There are so many things they can do with hair. Isn't that awesome? So, let's check out the best fantastic hair in my list (my list, dear..not yours). If you disagree, made your own list--okay?

Number 11
Simple and funny, this hairstyle makes Chansung looks like a happy child. At the same time, he reminds me with the historical Korean drama, he suits the admiral character very well. Oh, before I forgot, there was a show (Idol Army if I'm not mistaken), using his face on fake money paper . That's fantastic idea~

Number 10
He looks creepy when he bite his finger like that. Okay now, I called this hairstyle as 'the split coconut'. It reminds me when I was young, few kids used to put the half of coconut shell on top of their head. But funny thing is, GD seems bubbly when he choose this hairstyle.

Number 9
Dear Lee Taemin, I guess this mushroom hair makes you cute and fresh. You should try this hair when you're 25. I believe it will bring your memories as maknae. 

Number 8
Remember You're Beautiful drama on SBS? I did spot Hong Ki hairstyle when he talked with his dog, Jolie. This hairstyle seems..unfinished. But the unfinished things are quite nice and unique. He looks bright with this hair.

Number 7
Rihanna used to get fame with her asymmetrical hairstyle. I guess, Key did a very good job with another asymmetrical hair too. Although in Star Golden Bell, the host told him that his hair looks like a helmet, to be honest I think that he looks charming and elegant with this haircut. 

Number 6
Emmm, I don't know how to call this hairstyle. Maybe I should named it as "I just cut it so what?". Mickey Yoochun, the ex-member of DBSK did this haircut during the Mirotic promotion. Although it seems peculiar and rare, just like Jaejoong did say in Happy Together- only he can do this to his hair.

Number 5
Now, introducing the shave haircut by Jaejin from Ft Island. Hong Ki called it as Jae-Dragon sensation in FT show (I saw it in Youtube when he ate chillies). More I see this, I think the Jae-Dragon name suits the hairstyle.

Number 4
Fly mohawk, fly~ This hairstyle gives Taeyang the manly side. I believed it must be difficult to make the hair height sustainable. But I think that, the natural mohawk can be seen after he awake in the morning. Aw, man. The other mohawk should cry now...wuhuhu T.T

Number 3
Oh my GOD, this is one of the funniest, bravest and unique hairstyle I ever seen in K-Pop hair taste. Inspired by Mickey Mouse (I think), Taeyang turns the adorable character in Walt Disney into a man! Taeyang, it must be complicated for you to did this. Although some netizen viewed this 'like a roll of kimbab, or chocolate roll, or seaweed sushi'...for me this is the hairstyle that no one can do it. You need to be brave (and shameless) enough to do it. Great kudos to you, Tae~

Number 2
It supposed that this hairstyle shows the manly side of him, but I don't think he did it. The white shave hairstyle actually makes him a sweet-adorable-young look. I believed, his feminine side absorbed the end result of haircut. Key, you did a great shave. Not everyone can have a nice shave on their head but you did it.

Number 1
Yeah, fantastic baby~ This is the fantastic hair so far and even Yoo Jae Suk from Running Man approved this hair looks awesome. Light shave on one side and long straighten hair on the other side- it must be difficult to take care of. Besides, I saw only GD did this in Hallyu world. GD, I'm proud that we're both from 88. You win my hair list! [sorry, no prize...]

So, any argument? There's a box down there~

Images: Google harvesting, dear...

The Ultimate Fear

Fear is an emotion of a basic survival mechanism. It is a mysterious force that caused anxiety and agitation due to the presence of imminence of danger. It is a state or condition marked by this feeling, afraid or frightened to something or somebody. Fear is a feeling of distress, apprehension and worried. We have something to be afraid of. But, there are few ultimate fear that we cannot avoid.


As the world keeps changing, one of the ultimate fear is the fear of survival. It relates to the personal emotion to compete with others or everything in order to stay alive. The world economy is always unstable, rough politics caused war and lived among the society of lies and distrust. For these individuals, it is hard to trust and grossly unsatisfied to everything. After the incident of 2012 doomsday, the fear of survival becomes the most important thing to take note. Now, this fear leads to the certain kind of training and skills in order to survive in this world during apocalypse or in extremely desperate situation.

The Unknown

Fear to the unknown forces, ghosts or dark spirits were one of the oldest fear among people. People had celebrated many events to pleased the spiritual creature. Usually, this fear caused some visual effects as they believed that they can see the things in the dark. Back to the old days, it was part of important beliefs, cultures and religions as people must admit the power. During the medieval age, this fear includes the magical thinking and paranormal situation. It also part of mental sickness where the victim's behaviour could be very overwhelming, panicking and possibly can be complicated to diagnose. In modern world, the fear to the unknown called as phasmophobia.


Eating human flesh is still taboo even to these days. Flesh eater can be consider as monster, uncivilized creature and also part of mental issues. It also known as a serious obsession to eat meat and it always be consider as the gross thing to do. Even in the fairy tale story such as Hansel & Gretel, or in modern writings such as The Silence of the Lamb and Sweeney Todd never approve the guilt of eating and licking someone's meat. Most of people couldn't understand the obsession because the eater is almost like being spooked and addicted. Some of them refer this as a survival (back to the first fear). But, the most fearful thing about human is they can't stop consuming. The desire to eat can be the greatest force to stay alive and confront the death itself.


Fear of death is a complicated phobia. It also tied into the religious beliefs and knowing the fact that the death is unpredictable caused a serious anxiety. This fear usually leads the victim into every kind of salvation, looking for the divine afterlife or some guarantee that they will absolutely not enter the hell chamber (refer to the last fear). Most cases are based on religion supplement and the desire to achieve the ultimate way to avoid the eternal condemned. Some people with an apparent fear is actually more afraid to the circumstances that occurs while dying which is afraid of pain and tremendous sufferings. Regardless, the power of control is the most basic thing in human and as they realized that the death is utterly outside anyone's control, it caused some delusive-behaviour and devastated condition, physically or mentally. 


Hell is the oldest, the longest and the most historical fear in human history. According to many religions, hell can be described as the eternal place of complete torture, suffers, fire and the dark place where the victims will stay there for the rest of their life. Since the early age, people always seek the way to overcome this fear by salvation such as a purifying ritual at St. Patrick Purgatory, Ireland. This fear of damnation is depicted as the living place for devil, demons and all kind of dark forces (back to the second fear) and this fear is basically caused by the fear of the condition in hell which is completely not comfy, the self-guilty after committed sins, or somehow become obsessed into their own eventual damnation. Even some people said that hell is the tool of oppression so people will return to the fairness and tranquility or forced to contemplate their mortality, it is still the greatest charm of living as a human. If we believed in comfy life of heaven, we must admit the fiery life of hell.

"Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here"-
Marianne Williamson

For more information, please refer to:
Hell phobia
Irrational death fear
Anatomy of fear
Survival Fear
Free dictionary 
Fear wikipedia


Friday, 14 June 2013

What's Left Behind After 50 Years, at least...

Today, we lived in bright technologies. The power of click and swipe is on your fingertips. Within 30 years, the dull life in the past is now full of colours. Back to many years ago, people were still fighting for life, cold war between neighbourhood, foul negotiation, and food struggling. History is what we have today and we received it in books and teachings. Old people told us that everything is fine now. Everything is about war and peace, love and justice. That's how they say.


During 1990-2002, the statistic shows that the world is still fighting for life. Kuwait was invaded in 1990, 9 countries were involved in Persian Gulf War, patriotic war in Rwandan 1990-93, rebellious act in Mali and Niger in 1990-95, ten days of war between Slovenia-Yugoslavia in 1991, War of Transnistria 1992, twice civil war in Afghanistan, famous Kosovo war that produced thousands of refugees, never-ending fight between India and Pakistan in 1999, the Second Intifada by Israel in 2005, and the on-going war in Afghanistan caused by the incident of 11 September.

2003 was the year of full invasion in Iraq, when one of the old city and the earliest place of human civilization had ruined by human's desire, lust and revenge. It was the opened and declared war that leads to more nuclear, more destructive equipment. Few wars are still ongoing such as Darfur War, Balochistan Conflict, North-West Pakistan War, South Thailand insurgency, Mexican Drug War, Somalia War, Yemeni Al-Qaeda War and more. 

During 2011, another war happened at Libya, in Egypt, part of Syria and the whole Palestine. Even the hot story between Israel-Palestine seems calm a bit now, there's no guarantee for the next fight. As far as I can remember the whole history and religions, this war could take forever. While in 2012, fights were continued at Eastern Europe, Central and Southern Asia, Middle East, Africa, East Asia and Oceania, and Americas.

And early in this year, the latest and undeclared war happened at Sabah, Malaysia as the result of greed-for-power-attention-and-money. Recently, the island fight between China-South Korea-Japan is still ongoing and the result is still unknown.

Global Warming

Global warming is a crucial attention for us. For those who did not concern, we're heading to hot place to live, which is not so hot in term of fashion or lifestyle. It is really hot, it is part of the sign that worldwide climate is changing.

According to statistics, average temperature have climbed, the warming rate is increasing last 2 decades, the Arctic has exposed to the climate hazard, and ice area is rapidly disappearing which caused the rise of sea level and environment changing for sea-marine creatures. Glaciers and mountains began to melt, coral reefs become very sensitive upon sunlight, and few extreme weather events, such as wild fire, heat waves, and strong tropical storms. This situation leads to people's health, economy and communities.

Extreme weather climate give impacts to the world for insufficient food supplies, more disease to resolve. During Kosovo, Somalia and Darfur War, refugees were suffered to death because of food poisoning, starvation, high fever and bad environment. Carbon pollution is the main reason our planet is getting hotter, caused by a high technology of vehicles, transportation and nuclear R&D. The ignorance by the inventors now caused the living things to lived in risk. 

We're living in this old world that sick everyday.


We are living in this world with a different type of foods. We loved foods and we eat everyday. But there's a part of this world involved in food insufficiency. In large countries with large population such as Africa, India and China, people were suffering by food insufficiency which caused them involved in physical and mental health.

Food insufficiency caused war, people were fighting for food and better life. Even in this modern world, few countries are struggled to lived and starving. The modern starvation mostly caused by weather changing, wars and politics leads to the serious health problem such as malnutrition, hunger edema-deadly famine, infections, vitamins  deficiency, and loss of infants. The loss of infants now becomes a huge problem for the growth of world population and the continuous of human race. Foods are really a road to survival.

Another result of food insufficiency is mental health. Craving for foods caused enforcement, unable to control mind, addiction, few signs of low morality and the worse of all, the desire to kill.

What's left behind after 50 years, at least without any control of this...?
Listen to MKTO- Thank You song, you will understand what am I telling you about.


Akhirnya, Blog Terbukak!

Sebelum pape, nak bersyukur sujud dulu sebab blog dah dapat bukak. Eh pahal tak bleh bukak? Gini sebabnya- sape yang pakai domain asia host, diorang nak tuka server lebih besar dan lebih pantas. Katanye, sapa nak view blog diorang kenelah tuka DNS atau, DNS jumper, internet protocol 4, virus conflicker..macam tulah yg aku baca.

So, utk rujukan sila view page ni: sembang cyber

Perhatian: viewer/visitor kenelah fix dns jumper utk view blog page. Or mungkin korang tunggu je sehari-dua. In sha Allah, okaylah blog korang. Nasib baik aku punya dah bleh bukak. Tapi bagi certain blog yang kene block oleh SKMM, itu korang kene deal dengan pihak atasan.

Ramai blogger tak bleh terima tamparan server ni, termasuk aku. Aku try banyak kali utk masuk tapi masih tak bleh. So ramai yang suggest just wat Google DNS (rujuk nombor banyak 8 kat atas tu). Korang jugak bleh rujuk kat Youtube, kat situ ada banyak tutorial.

So guys, marilah kita berusaha~


Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Tips: Reduce Stress in Simple Ways

Stress. Everybody got stress in every Morning, during afternoon, before payday, after discount month or while driving. Even monkeys can get stress when you hide your bananas from them. People often said that, "if you got stress with et cetera, you should do something et cetera" such as travelling, spa treatment, domestic holidays, cinema time, recreation mode, camping, shopping or hang out with friends. But sometimes, great things are expensive and not everyone could bear the huge cost in order to reduce a small stress. So, this is it. How to reduce stress in simple ways?

1. Eat sweet things. It's easy. You can buy lollipop, cotton candy, ice-cream, cakes or chocolates. Sweet things can help you to feel nice and happy. Besides, it doesn't cost you much to buy candies, right? Really, sweet things can make you feel better. But, please remember Mr. Diabetes =)

2. Gamble. Do it with your friends or partners or family members. The simple rule for this reduce-stress-gamble is by using 10 cent only for each bet. If there are 10 bets and you won 6 of them so 60 cent will be yours. You know what's the reason for this cheap bet? It won't lose you much. Besides, it is just a therapy game to make you happy again- happy for each 10 cent you get from others.

3. Run and scream. Run helps you to work out, scream helps you to pour out your emotion. Get a good spot to run and scream. Please do not scream inside your room, or someone's room or inside crowd people. They might think you're dangerous- and crazy.

4. Singing. Actually, music can help people reducing stress. I used to sing very loud inside my room, only when my parent is going somewhere. If not, humming is good enough to help me. Some of my friend often visit the karaoke room and sing whatever they want. Even it sounds like hell to me, I guess that's how they reduce their stress in a good way.

5. Dance. Dance is a movement of expression. If you're not a good dancer, don't worry. Just do whatever you like, or jump here and there. As long your dance can express your emotion, and you really enjoy it, it will help you to feel better.

6. Sleep. Sleep is a great method to off your brain for a while and recharged your energy back. Sometimes, stress really can suck out all your energy and spirit. So, sleeping can help you to relax and have a nice dream.

7. Watch favorite TV show. For me, whenever I got stress, I watch a lot of TV shows. A lot. And I prefer funny shows so I can laugh like hell. So, my suggestion is, please watch funny TV shows whenever you got stress. I watched Running Man, HIMYM and other funny shows that I got from Youtube before I went to bed.

8. Watch funny movies. Just like number 7, please watch funny movies and get the best funny movies no matter what. TV channel, Youtube, Dailymotion, Veoh, and other online streaming channel is always there for you.

9. Eat. Just eat any foods that makes you relieved. Back to my campus life 3 years ago, I ate double-deck beef burger whenever I got stress. Sometimes, I ate apples. So, just eat whatever foods that come across your stressful mind. You can buy it, or cook it or ask someone to cook or buy it for you.

10. Get shower. Water can help you to feel calm and relax. Besides, it can help to cool your mind too. But I was quite different. Whenever I got stress, I often brush my teeth. I don't know why but it kinda refreshing, hihi...

11. Play games. There's a lot of application in smart phones lately. Get free games only. That's the rule. Pay for one simple game is so hateful (that's my thought and I really mean it.)

12. Last one, enjoy the green scenery of nature. That's the cheapest, easiest, and simplest way to reduce stress. God gives you this lovely nature, not for photographic intention, natural decoration or tourism-purposes only. Mother nature is the mother medicine of living things like us- for our mind, heart and soul. Just enjoy it while you can breathe.

It is not so hard to follow, right?


Monday, 10 June 2013

The Old Kuching Town: Memories and Pictures

Never be the same again: Kuching used to have its own train station
from Pekan Batu 10 to Brooke Dockyard. 
The fare was only 10 cent.
The railway is now replaced by the new road-Jalan Keretapi.

The old Ban Hock Wharf in 1950s: Ban Hock was the name of
contractor's firm owned by a Chinese contractor.
The Astana: The site was the original place where 
James Brooke built his first house at Kuching.
The Fort Margherita in 1960s: Its location was inside the
area of PDRM Briged PGA Headquarters.
The General Hospital at Kuching. The picture was taken
in 1910.
India Street in 1960s. It becomes the official pedestrian mall
during 1990s.
Kampung Buntal in 1960: One of the typical Malay and
fishing village.
Kampung Gita in 1956: Houses were entirely made by marsh-palm, 
woods and bamboos during that time.
Kampung Santubong in 1965: One of the famous Malay village with 
Santubong tales, the original admin town before 
Kuching was founded by James Brooke.

Kuching Airport in 1960s. It is the important southern gate
at Sarawak and now it becomes the international airport.

The center of Kuching town in 1839: It was the busiest place 
for business and traders, until now.
Kuching's old Division Mosque: It was originally planned by
Datu Patinggi Ali and his sons.
The original view of Sarawak Museum, built in 1891. The front side
were reconstructed for a better space in 1911.
The Borneo Company Ltd: Today, this building site becomes 
the site for Hilton Hotel building.
Million thanks, appreciation and credits for:

Prosperous Kuching (2009)

Kuching Resident Office
Sarawak Zaman Dahulu (1994)
Sarawak Museum
Pustaka Negeri Sarawak
and anyone who is related to this info or pictures.

Thank you very much.


Friday, 7 June 2013

Jadi Sarawakian

Menjadi orang Sarawak merupakan perkara yang best sebab aku tak perlu buat pasport bagai untuk masuk ke negeri ni. Selain dari dapat duduk dengan aman damai (jarang ada demo or perhimpunan haram and kalu ada pun diorang berpegangan tangan sambil tersenyum), cukup oksigen (sebab banyak pokok kat tepi jalan), dan harga sayur ikan yang murah, ada bermacam jenis pulau kat sini, ada gua, ada hutan hujan, ada sungai panjang-panjang, ada benak, ada bunga rafflesia, ada gunung-ganang dan macam-macam lagi. Semua ni menjadikan Sarawakian bertambah unik.

Jadi secara ringkasnya, who is Sarawakian?

1. Orang Sarawak ialah vocab-generator, suka cipta perkataan baru atau pelik sebagai kosa kata baru. Sebagai contoh:
  • Aek kemeh bugak membawa maksud air kencing haiwan yang bernama bugak (tak tau apakah spesis haiwan tersebut tetapi bunyinya kedengaran sedap untuk disebut)- sumber: nenek aku
  • Telinga litak membawa maksud  telinga pekak- sumber: kakak aku
  • Mampah kelalah membawa maksud tak guna langsung- sumber: kawan aku
  • Bau sungkor membawa maksud bau badan yang sangat busuk- sumber: kawan adik aku
  • Sik tinggal setak membawa maksud tak ada saki baki langsung- sumber: nenek aku

2. Orang Sarawak merupakan orang yang audio visual dalam percakapan. Semasa aku kat kampus dan duduk dengan budak sama negeri, budak negeri lain mengatakan kitorang seperti ada Dolby Surround System semasa bercerita. Setiap bunyi-bunyian yang dihasilkan dalam percakapan tu bergantung pada topik. Kalu pasal perang maka keluarlah bunyi perang. Kalu pasal tumbuk maka keluarlah bunyi tumbuk menumbuk. Kalu pasal hantu maka keluarlah bunyi seram. Kalu pasal masak keluarlah bunyi periuk kuali. Hebat kan?

3. Orang Sarawak juga seorang yang agresif dalam menyampaikan maksud percakapan. Diorang menekan konsep perkataan dengan aksi. Kalu bercakap politik, maka bertukarlah jadi ahli politik. Kalu bercakap pasal polis, maka bertukarlah menjadi anggota polis. Kalu bercakap pasal agama, maka bertukarlah menjadi cikgu agama dan ahli sufi. Bapak aku selalu jadi ahli politik :-D

4. Orang Sarawak sebenarnya simple bab makan. Ada macam-macam resepi kampung korang bleh cuba. Sebagai contoh:
  • Menu pusuk dan bawang: potong bawang besar, kupas ikan bilis, dan potong cili api. Kemudian, campurkan semua tu dalam mangkuk, masukkan sedikit gula, cuka, ajinamoto dan belacan yang dah dibakar. Gaulkan semua bahan. 
  • Menu sambal belacan: gorengkan belacan, ikan bilis, dan cili kering. Lepas tu tumbuk sampai hancur. Kemudian, masukkan sedikit air dan gula. Kacau sampai sebati
  • Menu dabai masin: rebuskan buah dabai. Kemudian, peramkan dalam air kicap, ataupun air garam. Tak digalakkan untuk orang yang ada darah tinggi dan diabetes.
  • Menu nasi berkuah dan ikan masin: yang ni senang, korang goreng ikan masin tu. Lepas tu cedok nasi putih, tuang air kosong dan makan nasi tu dengan ikan masin. Bagus untuk orang yang sibuk nak kurus *hehe
5. Orang Sarawak sukakan seni. Ada seni sulam keringkam, seni bermukun, seni pantun, seni pertahankan diri, seni kulinari (mee kolok, laksa sarawak, mee jawa, pansoh, acar rebung, umai, rebung kering etc), seni kraftangan, seni muzik (Sarawak's Rainforest sebagai contoh) dan yang paling menarik, seni membuat kek lapis. Kek lapis di Sarawak terdiri dari pelbagai jenis warna, corak, dan nama. Bagi orang yang profesional, diorang bleh buat kek lapis dengan perasa yang berbeza- dan memerlukan ketekunan yang sangat tinggi.

6. Orang Sarawak sayangkan kucing. Kucing adalah lambang Kuching dan sebahagian daripada identiti Sarawak, sama seperti orang utan, burung kenyalang, buaya, dan juga bunga rafflesia. Orang tua-tua di sini percaya kucing ialah haiwan membawa tuah. Lagipun, kucing kan comel? Nabi SAW pun sukakan kucing.

7. Orang Sarawak open minded. Walaupun tengok lelaki mat saleh pakai kain batik, selipar tikar sambil bawak beg tambok Iban berjalan kat tengah-tengah Kuching Waterfront, atau tengok pelancong luar bawak motosikal keliling roundabout banyak kali, atau tengok kelompok yang ikut perhimpunan tak berlesen atau tengok tokey buka bisnes kat parking lot atau bebudak berpakaian ala Kpop, atau tengok persembahan magic kat India Street, diorang tak kisah semua tu. Kalu dulu memang la nampak pelik tapi sekarang itu semua cuma satu rutin.

8. Orang Sarawak lebih suka cakap dialek sendiri. Bercakap dalam dialek sendiri membuatkan diorang bertukar menjadi Dolby Surround System. Tapi, diorang boleh adapt dialek negeri orang lain dengan baik. Cuma, aura Dolby system tu kurang la sedikit.

9. Orang Sarawak ada tabiat menyumpah. Okay, aku tak bangga sangat hal ni tapi itu la hakikatnya. Tapi, itu la manusia kan?

10. Orang Sarawak ada tabiat mencampurkan bahasa Inggeris dalam percakapan harian, especially orang tua-tua yang dulunya bersekolah kat sekolah Inggeris atau hidup pada zaman bahasa Inggeris adalah bahasa pengantar. Sekarang ia menjadi satu tabiat biasa. Sebagai contoh:
  • Bukak buk membawa maksud buka buku- sumber: mak aku
  • Dalam kabad (cupboard) membawa maksud dalam almari- sumber: kenalan
  • Iboh nak en-draw ajak membawa maksud jangan asyik nak melukis- sumber: mak aku
  • Ngagak len sabi membawa maksud berjumpa land and survey- sumber: orang tua kat kampung Rampangi
  • Pegi trebel membawa maksud pergi atau dalam perjalanan ke sesuatu tempat- sumber: kawan aku
11. Orang Sarawak ialah friendly. Ini terbukti kitorang bleh hidup dan berkongsi dengan kaum lain tanpa sebarang masalah. Untuk pengetahuan korang ada banyak kaum dan etnik di Sarawak iaitu Iban, Cina, Melayu, Bidayuh, Kayan, Burawan, Jawa, Lun Bawang, Kenyah, Orang Ulu, Lahanan, Murut, Sekapan, Tabun, Sihan, Lisum, Tagal, Beketan, Eurasia, India, Sikh, Kedayan, Kelabit, Punan, Penan, Melanau, Bugis, dan Punan Bah. Banyak kan?

Last sekali, orang Sarawak ialah kaya. Kaya apa? Kaya budaya, kaya alam semula jadi, kaya sejarah, kaya tanah, kaya balak, kaya sungai, kaya air, kaya pokok, kaya adat, kaya flora dan fauna, kaya perayaan, kaya hasil laut, kaya sumber tenaga kitar semula, kaya etnik dan kaya minyak. Inilah kekayaan kitorang...*bangga sambil bertasbih

Jadi, tak kira dari mana pun asal usul, bangsa dan keturunan, anda semua bleh jadi orang Sarawak, yang penting korang buat pasport masuk. Asal korang buat payment on time, sudah pastinya pasport korang cepat siap. Senang je kan?


Thursday, 6 June 2013

A Long Road to Sematan

"Hujan rintis-rintis, air bergelora, mak bangun pagi siram pokok bunga..."

Okay, that's all I can sing. What on earth my mom has to wake up early in the morning, just to splash some water on her flower pots while hujan is already turun?

Now, back to the root of the story. 

Heading to Lundu. I saw a magnificent
banjaran, 7 in the morning
On Tuesday, June 04 2013, the last day of Gawai Dayak's cuti umum, we decided to go to Sematan. Sematan is a cantik place to visit. There are putih beaches you can run-run and never come back, great islands worth to cry for, and wonderful waves to get drown. Please visitors, no suicide here. This is my favourite place.

So we bangun so early in the morning before Subuh. You know Subuh at Kuching? Around 5:30 a.m. The exact time you want your bed and pillow so badly. Before 6, we moved slowly on the road. The weather was a bit grim, the clouds are all pregnant by water. Uh, my words sounds weird.

Getting near to the crossroad of Lundu
and Sematan.That is Gunung Gading
if I'm not mistaken
The journey was quite long, it took us 2 hours without traffic jam. What can you expect when my pop drove his car before 6 during school and public holiday? Less car, exactly. Isn't that great? There's a long road upon us, some good place ahead, and the weather was just like me. Awesome. I went to sleep.

No. I didn't sleep. My pop's car moved so fast I thought I'm on the camel's back. So I stay awake, watching Matang, Serapi, Malay villages I didn't know the name, some roads I didn't know where. All I know was I saw Bau area. Yeah, infant~ We're at the Golden Town now. You know what's the best at Bau? Caves, caves, caves! Plus, the blue lake, I forgot that one.

After Bau, we're heading to Lundu. Lundu is the right place if you want to see bunga rafflesia, the biggest flower on earth. There's a lovely mountain called Gunung Gading. For those who dreamed to go to university, climb that mountain. In Malay language, people often said that a person who managed to further the study is like 'melanjutkan pelajaran ke menara gading.' Although there's no tower at there, yeah, you won't loss a thing to climb there, right? I went there, I climb the mountain and now I'm a graduate person who still wandering like a ghost. Oh my life is full of awesomeness~

After an hour and a half on the road, we're heading to the crossroad- Lundu 3 km to the
Sematan market, a place to buy seafood,
local products or sea-shell decoration
right and Sematan many kilometers to the left. During rambutan season, this is the best road to cuci your eyes and hoping for those fruit will fly and drop on your lap. But during this month, no fruits to crave. It was all empty trees. 

Later on, under the sizzling rain, the most ideal day to go here (because I don't want to smell my own burning skin under the sunlight), we arrived at Sematan at 07:45 a.m. As a local tourist, I did like other people. I walked around, I took pictures, I ate nasi putih with sotong kuning and kerapen masak hitam (ask me later if you didn't know what is that), I enjoyed the view and at the end, I gave comments in my blog (yes~). Three words to describe:


Oh, let me tell you some good story about Sematan.

The beautiful tanjung and beting pasir
we saw at Sematan jetty
Sematan is a small town (150 km per square), lived almost by nelayan and near to open sea which is South China Sea. At left, there's a shallow look of a small island. A quite far from Sematan, there's Pulau Talang-talang and Pulau Satang, a crucial place for penyu, scuba diving, a great-and-wonderful ecosystem you must see before you dead and environment research. Back to old days, Sematan is one of the place during English colony. It is also the eye-witness when Sarawak was been attacked by rebellious guerilla from Indonesia before Malaysia Day in 1963. 

delicious tembikai we
bought at Sematan
Sematan is full of great place to visit. You can scroll along the Pueh beaches, you can visit Rumah Panjang Selako if you're tribal-life great fan, you can buy fresh seafood and make a fire camp at the beach, you can awed the whole day at Tanjung Datu and Samunsam Wildlife Sanctuary, you can listen and collect good stories at here such as the legend of Teluk Serabang and Laksamana Itam (I noted this from Indonesian's website), you can scream while looking at ulat sutera breeding and you can have a good holiday trip at any resort you want- Holiday Chalet, Sematan Beach Resort or Palm Beach Resort.

If you come here one day, I love to say- Selamat berkunjung!


Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Sekilas: Sejarah Tempat di sekitar Kuching

Sarawak, merupakan negeri terbesar di Malaysia. Semua orang tahu pasal sejarah keluarga Brooke, gunung Santubong dan pengaruh kesultanan Brunei. Tapi, terdapat beberapa perkara yang sering tak disebut dalam sejarah Sarawak. Sebagai contoh, kisah di sebalik Kubu Margherita, Istana TYT, kisah kebakaran di Kuching, atau jambatan Satok yang kini sudah roboh. Ada sesetengah penulis Barat juga pernah terfikir bahawa ada sesetengah fakta tidak banyak disebut dalam sejarah Sarawak.

Bandaraya Kuching

Nama bandaraya ini sinonim dengan kucing, haiwan berkaki empat. Menurut laporan dari Kuching Book Asset: Kuching Terus Makmur, James Brooke dikatakan telah memasuki muara Sungai Sarawak lalu singgah di kampung Santubong. Di situ, beliau mendapati orang Melayu Santubong gemar membela kucing. Terdapat kisah lain iaitu James Brooke dikatakan sampai ke jeti tokong Tua Pek Kong lama lalu menemui anak sungai Mata Kucing dan mengetahui pokok mata kucing menerusi penterjemah tempatan. Rajah kedua iaitu Charles Brooke telah merasmikan nama Kuching sebagai nama tempat pada 1872. Tapi, nama Kuching ini sudah wujud sebelum kedatangan Rajah yang pertama.

Jalan Padungan

Jalan Padungan ini pada asalnya sebuah bukit yang dikenali sebagai Bukit Mata Kucing. Menerusi nama inilah pusat membeli belah The Hills di Kuching mendapat nama dan dikatakan pokok mata kucing banyak tumbuh di atas bukit tersebut. Sebelum ia dikenali sebagai Bukit Mata Kucing, ia disebut oleh penduduk tempatan sebagai Bukit Pasu memandangkan bentuk bukit tersebut seperti pasu.

Kampung Gita

Kampung Gita, terletak di bandaraya Kuching mendapat nama dari dua sumber. Ranee Margaret mempunyai tiga orang anak iaitu Dayang Ghita Brooke dan anak kembar lelaki iaitu James dan Charles. Ketiga-tiga anak beliau meninggal dunia pada tahun 1873 semasa dalam perjalanan ke England dan kematian dipercayai berpunca dari taun, ataupun bahang apoleksi. Terdapat kemungkinan bahawa kampung yang berdekatan dengan jambatan Satok itu dinamakan bersempena dengan nama anak kecil tersebut. Ataupun, nama kampung tersebut dinamakan bersempena dengan nama timangan Ranee Margaret itu sendiri iaitu Ghita.

Jalan Rock

Jalan Rock merupakan lokasi sibuk yang menempatkan bangunan kerajaan, syarikat, deretan lot kedai dan juga Wisma Saberkas. Pada masa dahulu, terdapat seketul batu berwarna perang gelap yang terletak di tepi jalan. Batu itu dikenali sebagai batu kinyang yang membawa maksud kudus atau suci di kalangan orang Melayu dan bukan Melayu. Batu ini dikatakan boleh membesar dan dilitupi dengan sejenis kulit yang boleh tanggal. Batu ini dipercayai sudah lama wujud sebelum kedatangan Melayu ke Sarawak. Rajah Kedua iaitu Charles Brooke pernah berniat untuk meletupkan batu tersebut untuk kegunaan membina jalan raya tetapi dipujuk oleh penduduk tempatan supaya batu itu dibiarkan saja di tapak asal. Oleh sebab itu, jalan tersebut mendapat nama- Jalan Rock bersempena dengan batu kinyang tersebut.

Batu Kawa

Batu Kawa merupakan bandar baru yang menjadi pusat berniaga orang Cina. Batu Kawa dibahagikan kepada dua iaitu Batu Kawah Lama dan Bandar Baru Batu Kawa. Nama tempat ini dikatakan diperolehi dari amalan penduduk kampung yang suka menarah batu besar untuk dijadikan kawah memasak pada hari perkahwinan. Menerusi adat ini, kampung tersebut dinamakan sebagai Batu Kawah. Namun, berdasarkan legenda orang Melayu mengenai Batu Kawa, ia dipercayai berpunca dari kelakuan biadab orang kampung yang menyeksa kucing sebagai jenaka pada hari perkahwinan. Jenaka tersebut menyebabkan mereka ditimpa bencana, atau disebut sebagai 'buak' dan mereka semua bertukar menjadi batu. Batu itu dikatakan masih wujud berdekatan dengan sungai dan tersusun dalam bentuk bulatan.

Tokong Kuek Seng Ong

Tokong ini dikatakan milik sebuah keluarga dan dibina dalam saiz yang kecil. Pada 1884, Kuching mendapat musibah kebakaran yang dahsyat dan hampir memusnahkan seluruh deretan kedai. Tetapi, hujan tiba-tiba turun sebanyak dua kali dan memadamkan api sebelum sempat menjilat tokong tersebut. Tokong yang terletak di persimpangan Jalan Ong Ewe Hai dan Jalan Wayang kemudiannya dibina semula dengan saiz yang lebih besar pada 1897 sebagai tanda berterima kasih kepada dewa penjaga tokong tersebut. Tokong itu diberi nama sebagai tokong Kuek Seng Ong bersempena dengan nama dewa tersebut dan dewa itu kelihatan seperti budak lelaki.

Jalan Lumba Kuda

Jalan Lumba Kuda merupakan nama jalan di Kuching yang berdekatan dengan Jalan Padungan, Jalan Ellis dan Jalan Sekama. Dahulunya, ia merupakan kawasan sukan lumba kuda yang dirasmikan pada 1890. Sukan lumba kuda adalah sukan kegemaran Rajah kedua dan juga pegawai Eropah yang lain serta membawa kuda masing-masing dari kampung halaman. Minat mereka terhadap sukan ini telah menarik perhatian Sultan Johor yang berjaya memenangi Piala Towkay di Sarawak dengan kuda kecil milik baginda yang bernama Hercules. Nama sukan tersebut akhirnya menjadi nama jalan dan juga nama-nama sekolah.

Jalan Ellis

Jalan Ellis dahulunya banyak menempatkan keluarga bangsawan Melayu. Nama jalan ini diberi bersempena dengan nama pegawai Eropah iaitu H.D Ellis yang bertugas di Jabatan Kerja Awam dan Survei dan bertanggungjawab memajukan bandar Kuching dan juga membina dinding sungai bagi mengelakkan Jalan Gambier runtuh ke dalam sungai.

Bangunan Mahkamah Lama Kuching

Bangunan mahkamah ini merupakan pusat undang-undang di Sarawak pada era Brooke dan menyaksikan pelbagai jenis kes dan hukuman. Pada asalnya, ia sebuah bangunan papan dua tingkat pada 1847. Tujuan pembinaan bangunan tersebut ialah untuk menyediakan keperluan pendidikan dan tingkat atas pula dijadikan sebagai tempat tinggal. Paderi Jerman Lutheran Mission yang bernama Rupe telah menguruskan pembinaan tersebut sehinggalah beliau tiba-tiba dipanggil kembali semula ke Jerman dan kerja-kerja pembinaan tidak dapat disiapkan. Rajah pertama akhirnya mengambil alih kerja-kerja pembinaan dan mengubahnya menjadi dewan pentadbiran kehakiman.

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