Saturday, 27 April 2013

Ciri-ciri Orang Yang Sukar Untuk Didekati

  • Lebih suka membeli belah sendirian kerana tidak suka diikut orang atau mengikut orang lain serta tidak suka mendengar komen, memberi komen atau diberi komen oleh orang lain.
  • Gemar menghabiskan masa membaca buku, di kedai buku atau membelek buku daripada terlibat dengan perbualan sesama keluarga atau bersama rakan-rakan.
  • Suka makan sendirian kerana tidak berminat untuk mendengar celoteh pihak kedua atau mungkin juga tidak mahu bayar duit makan si pihak kedua.
  • Lebih suka buat bodoh dan pura-pura sibuk apabila ternampak seseorang yang berlawanan jenis kerana tidak mahu ditanya soalan oleh orang tersebut.
  • Mempunyai tabiat makan yang pelik, kadang-kala gelojoh walaupun di kedai makan terbuka.
  • Menyukai perkara-perkara yang dianggap bosan oleh kelompok major (seperti mengumpul setem, menyimpan duit syiling, beli buku tebal-tebal atau buat buku sekrap)
  • Banyak buat undang-undang dan peraturan untuk diri sendiri sampaikan orang lain tak sanggup nak dengar/tengok.
  • Lebih suka tidur daripada menghabiskan masa menjadi tukang sukat di pusat-pusat membeli belah atau di tempat-tempat hiburan.
  • Lebih suka bercakap benda educated daripada gosip liar atau sembang kosong.
  • Walaupun orang tengah bersembang dengan dia, dia lebih banyak diam dan angguk-angguk kerana malas nak jawab atau bagi komen.
  • Sukar untuk bersetuju dan mengambil sedikit masa untuk berfikir sepanjang-panjangnya.
  • Lebih suka tonton rancangan kelakar dan gelak sakan seorang diri di dalam bilik.
  • Banyak berfikir akan segala macam hal walaupun hal tersebut bukan masalah dia.
  • Gemar memakai pakaian mengikut senarai warna yang disukai. Hanya warna yang disukai sahaja.
  • Lebih suka menyiapkan apa saja kerja tanpa meminta bantuan sesiapa, terutama sekali dalam pekerjaan D.I.Y.
  • Sangat berdikari dari setiap aspek kerana sukar untuk mempercayai orang lain (Lone Ranger)
  • Suka buat muka bosan sebagai cara untuk menyatakan bahawa dia mahu dijauhi oleh orang lain.
  • Tidak pernah menyatakan perasaan sebenar. Lebih banyak memendam daripada bercerita.
  • Tidak fasih akan topik cinta, kerana dia lebih sibuk memikirkan hal-ehwal lain.
  • Tidak suka kongkongan kerana itu menjejaskan kualiti pemikirannya.
  • Sukar untuk difahami kerana gemar melakukan perkara-perkara baru/aneh secara rawak.
Akhir sekali, ciri-ciri orang yang sukar untuk didekati ialah apabila anda (yang membaca) masih berfikir adakah anda berada di dalam kelompok ini atau tidak.

p/s: saya rasa saya berada di dalam kelompok ini setelah berfikir selama tiga tahun.


CELEBRITY: The Cup of Rules

According to Merriam Webster, celebrity is an important, well-known and celebrated person in his or her field (cooking, acting, designing or anything that makes them famous). Being a celebrity is like living with fame and glam. However, there are cup of rules to become the genuine celebrity. So--


Celebrity must look pretty. They are a public image. Either they choose to receive love and praises, or hatred and curses, that's the choice they only have. So, they have to live with it.


Celebrity must be responsible- to any word they speak, to any action they take and to anybody they meet. Whether the things that happen to them is good or bad, acceptance is the first step to become a responsible person.


Celebrity must well-behave. Their behaviour will determine the whole life and carrier. Good things are often being forgotten but bad things will always being remembered, as the worse scene of all time.


Celebrity must be friendly. It shows that they have a great network with society and well-blend to everyone. To whom that are not very friendly, for sure the fame and glam might be difficult to sustain for a long time.


Celebrity must be honest. Honesty makes people trust them. Nothing's come so great when they choose to lie because one day, people will know the truth.


Celebrity must have knowledge. Knowledge will help them to be rational to any decision. Without knowledge, they are just like a pretty box without a gift inside.


Celebrity must smile. Smile makes them reachable. And reachable means, more income. And more income means, the favorite. So, the favorite means, they're lovable.


Celebrity must grateful. Grateful teaches them to accept who they are and what they had received from others. Grateful will help them to stay longer in society.


Celebrity must have disciplines. Disciplines make them well-organized to any action or words. It makes them grateful to accept offers, responsible in their work, knowledgeable to manage anything, honest to everyone, friendly to surrounding, and beautiful in everyone's eyes.


The last one, celebrity must have patience. Patience is the most important thing to determine the result of their  life--for being a celebrity.

So celebrities, do you have this cup in your life?


Monday, 22 April 2013

What Kind of Youtuber Are You?

Youtube, is the medium for us to get creative and noticeable. Out there, there are so many Youtuber who got success with their creativity, seeking chance and creating things. Some of them are now become a celebrity such as Christina Grimmie (Zeldaxlove64), Greyson Chance (Greyson97), Justin Bieber (kidrauhl), Ryan Higa (nigahiga, HigaTV), Sungha Jung (jwcfree) and Maria Aragon (rojuanearagon). Even Psy, the Korean male singer from YG Ent. got extremely famous, thanks to Mr. Youtube that makes it spread across the border. But not all Youtubers are the pioneer, some of them are commentators. Some of them are weird.

So, what kind of Youtuber are you?

1. The Contributors

Commentators are general in Youtube. These people are pointing the things they actually seen through the video. Some comments might be supportive, some comments might be a bit spiteful. But this kind of Youtuber is not so annoying. Sometimes, they're the contributor to others to make a better video.

2. The Intervener

These kind of Youtuber is actually writing nonsense. They just busy talking other things inside the other channel, which is the wrong channel to speak the ideas. I called this kind of person as 'the Intervener'.

3. The Attention-Seeker

These kind of people is quite similar to 'The Interveners'. The only different about them is they keep promoting themselves for what they have and what did they do, hoping that me (the visitor) will visit their channel and watching them making miracles (or silly-billy things). But not all of them is bad. Some of them--yes.

4. The Supporter

These people are positive-minded. They supported other channel willingly and the word-using is well-consume, not more and not less. Basically they're not very aggressive, yet can be the one according to the language they received from others. But still, they still supporting the things they like positively.

5. The Hater

These people are spiteful, really. I found them a lot in celebrity's channel. They scoffed the video, the person inside the video and even the commentators. They just hate everything they watch and as always, they are the one who got the most negative votes. I don't understand why they have to watch the whole video if they dislike it. I guess that's how the statement 'Haters gonna hate' has emerged.

6. The Insult-er

They are the most annoying part in Youtube. They just curse whatever they want in every channel they had visited. The Hater might turn to this kind of person when they hate everything too much. So, Y U become the Youtuber? Showing the curses skill to us? I don't mind that. That's not a talent. That's a curse given to you since birth.

7. The Online-Attacker

This group is often related to 'a fan group'. They have a tendency to get frantic with the things they really admired. Actually it did happened to Bieber fans when they got fanatic to him, they carved his name on their skin, screaming his name many times even they just watching video. These people can be a bit scary, threatening other commentators with rude word and often saying "I will KILL YOU if I saw you on the street" although those people are at the different site of this world. Full of determination, isn't it?

8. The Channel-Walker

'The Typical' means that these people are just a typical visitor. The missions are: stop at anyone's channel for awhile, give words and then left the box. They are not intended to involve deeper into the channel or be part of the channel. For them, they just want to give comments and nothing less to expect. They are not bias to any other group. They  preferred to 'walk around' than 'living-and-grow together' with the channel.

9.  The Torch-er

These people like to type long words- to explain, to advise, to enlighten, to inform, to clarify or to preach in order to make other people understand (or make them feel offended). This serious typer can spent hours commenting others and they will never stop making the commentators (which is YOU) to understand or agreed with them. 

10. The Promoter

These people can be helpful and irritating at the same time. Their job is just promoting or sharing the other channel and hopefully we will watch it and press LIKE. This kind of Youtuber could be from 'The Intervener', The Supporter' or 'The Attention-Seeker'- if only they suddenly got extra excited with the video they have watched.

Well, did you find your own species? (if not, you are a rare Youtuber)


Saturday, 20 April 2013

Annoying Facts of French and English: The Review

Since childhood, we've learned that there's a fact saying that "you can never know everything." Yes it is. No one knows everything, that is why the word "secret" had came out to control the truth. But it's okay to know everything because once you did it, you will realize that- you have to know more :)

Annoying Facts of French and English (From Mr. Stephen Clarke)

According to his best-seller book, 1000 Years of Annoying the French, few things had been discovered in history, and I like old facts. After spending more than 6 months reading and highlighting the facts that mesmerized me, which annoys me in the same time, I noticed that history is the fact that never perfect. Truth is meant for hiding because they believed 'people should not know too much' so that's how WE have to know. But now, let's check my reading-fact:

1. During the cold fight between French and English, they were both agreed with one fact- the future successor must possess a penis to rule the country. In English empire, King Henry I was too old and sick to sit on his throne, worrying about the fact all his boys were illegitimate children. For French empire, they believed that the realm of France was noble that it must not fall into a woman's hand. But actually, Queen Victoria and Elizabeth II had shown to them that female can rule longer.

2. Remember the Hollywood movie, 'The Da Vinci Code'? It did mentioned about rosa mundi, which relates them to the history of Mary Magdelene. Back to English empire, Henry II used to call his hidden lady as rosa mundi or the roses of the world, as his wife's child-bearing had stopped and the relationship had strained. What a man, he knows the great time to pick a fresh rose.

3. The history of struggling between French and English had shown that few new words had been discovered and enriched the English dictionary. According to old situation that happened in London, the word 'hooligan' comes from Houlihan, the name of disreputable family in 1890s. The medieval French word 'men-at-arms' or 'gent d'armes' was the origin to the word 'gendarme'. So, thanks to eerie and gory incidents in the past, we have a great vocabulary today.

4. Again, back to the old days between French and English, there were few items had been discovered for cooking experience. For example, few knights had using the frying pan as a shield in order to defend themselves during the war. Well, war makes people more creative.

5. Hateful to admit as a truth, the previous king of England had trouble to identify their sexual intercourse. According to the statement by the history of she-wolf Queen Isabelle from France, King Edward II was unpopular because of his lack of skill in battlefield and he was openly gay to his own favorite assistant. Maybe that affair makes Isabelle turned into a wolf. Meanwhile, the problem of lesbian affair between the Queen and the first Lady of Bedchamber brought her to death, her head was paraded outside from Queen's window. Today's lesson: nothing's come good from those affairs.

6. King Edward III had saying that English is the better language than French for cussing. For him, French is too Latin-based and grammatically prudish, he was not enjoyed to play words when he speaks French while English can turn pretty well from harsh or aggressive words into an insult. Actually, Mr.Edward III was very good in swearing.

7. The Englishman knows how to tackle the French through vocab and word. For example, the Black Death that happened in Avignon, France was brought by rats and flea. Funny how, 'flea' word is derived from Anglo-Saxon word (which means, an English word). Meanwhile, the French word 'Azincourt' (a village actually) turn into 'Agincourt' after the war between English and French. It doesn't matter anyway because the winner can say whatever they want. The champion rules, right?

8.V-sign is the symbol of peace, that's today perspective. The origin of V-sign was made in1970 through the French war but the symbol become famous in 1990s. But there was a theory by Desmond Morris that V-sign is the symbolic of vagina. Meanwhile, there was another fact that the English armies viewed W-sign to their enemy (France) during the war but their King had warned them that they might lose one finger by showing 3 fingers so they decided to show V-sign. So, if the King didn't warned his men, there must be W-sign instead of V-sign. By hiding one finger, W (means WAR) turn into V (means VICTORY)- brilliant idea~

9. The French male heirs was called as 'dolphins' which was not because they can swim or sound like a dolphin but the word 'dauphins' (which means 'the royal male heirs') sounds like a dolphin. It becomes the symbol of coat-of-arms and a Royal French pun. I wonder where all the 'dolphins' now.

10. Women were unlucky in medieval times. They were not allowed to cut their hair and joined the war. Their role in war was restricted to be murdered, or raped only. I guess I'm lucky to live this time, I cut my hair many times.

11. Joan of Arc,the heroin of France was called as a witch. She was sentenced to death just because of wearing a pant (or relapsed heretic, that was how the judges make decision). She had to wait four centuries to become a heroin again, and put her name on a French navy helicopter carrier- Jeanne d'Arc. She turned into a helicopter now.

12. English King had attacked French King by using his energetic young daughter, send to French King as a queen. Later on, the French King died, not just because of his age but he's exceeded his strength on bed. Poor him, got killed by his own sexual health.

13. Bloody Mary, was not so bloody before. She invented the term 'caddy'- her club for playing golf was carried by a young sons of French noblemen known as cadets but pronounced as 'cadday'. Now, she's part of English vocab even she was cut off by English people.

14. Nicotine, the chemical stuff in cigarette was derived from Frenchman, Jean Nicot de Villemain. Before, nicotine tried to be named as Herba Regina by Catherine de Medici, but she failed. Try to imagine that you read 'Herba Regina' on cigarette's box- it sounds like you eating a herbal supplement.

15. Dom Perignon, who known as the inventor of Champagne was hated the whiz and the sparkliness while Christopher Merret (an English man) really enjoyed the whiz and invented the bottle that capable to hold the bubbles. So, they both got credits to invent another way to get drunk.

16. Louisiana at USA was named to flatter Louis XIV. Its original name was Louisiane and the reason the place had been choose to be name with his name was the land was immense and it shows people the great power of French king's power. Even until now, he still spreading his power into my wardrobe- my denim pants and T-shirt.

17. Lafayette at USA was been named to another French guy- Mister Marie Joseph Yves Roch Gilbert Du Motier, marquis de la Fayette. He was anti British guy and America's favorite Frenchman. Even he was so loved to his country, he left his name to another country, which is very close to English now.

18. Bougainvillea, a paper-colourful flower was named to a French guy- again. His name was Louis Antoine de Bougainvillea. Thank God his name sounds pretty. Try to imagine his name was Louis Antoine de Blablabla- strange?

19. Guillotine, the killer of Bloody Mary (or Mary Queen of Scots) was actually not a truly French cutter. The Halifax Gibbet at Nothern England was been invented earlier than guillotine, more sturdier, more beastly and the head would fly away to halfway across Yorkshire. I believed during that time, people would enjoyed the flying-head festival with awed and eat apples.

20. Guillotine (once again) was been named to a French guy- Mister Joseph Ignace Guillotin. He was a politician as well as a doctor. His theory of punishment item was inventing the decapitated machine to execute the victim quickly and returned the victim's item (the head + the body) for a decent burial. After few discussion and meeting, his proposal had accepted but he was too late to change the fact that his name becomes the sensation of 'cutting heads'. If only he didn't proposed the machine, the name 'halifax' might be a verb right now.

21. We used to check months through Gregorian calendar. According to French calendar, the name of the months were very different, using French plants, animals and tools- 30 September was called Parsnip, 8 October was called Pumpkin, 17 October was called Aubergine, 20 December was called Spade, 8 April was called Beehive, 1 May was called Broccoli and 4 May was called Silkworm. Confusing, as I concern.

22. Napoleon had been described as 'midget'. No, he's not. He's a medium guy, five feet six inches, nice height for a guy but the doubts thrown by the doctor makes the conversion metric-to-inch got wrong. So, he is forever known as 'midget'. 

23. Napoleon believes that men with prostitute is necessary or men would attack respectable women in the street. So he legalized the prostitution as the prostitute must undergo the health inspections. Did Napoleon legalized the regulation that all men who pick the prostitute must undergo the health inspections too?

24. The favorite food 'beef' was derived from the name 'boeuf'- French word. That's why it taste 'frenchy'.

25. The croissant, the crescent moon shape French- pastry was the reminiscent of the crescent symbol on the Ottoman flag. Not an annoying fact, I think. Croissant is delicious.

I guess, my reading through this book gives me a huge lesson- two always fight for one. And one never fights to anyone, because one is lonely. Do you want to become like ONE?

Rating: 5/5

Friday, 12 April 2013

Bullies are Your Red Bull Booster

Childhood is the stage where the crime of life will begin. Nothing comes easy, as the anonymous keep saying, right?  Some called is as "just part of being a kid" but for me, the bullies are "just part of being a little murderer".  So that's how we learned what kind of bullies we have when we were kids. Bullies are the type that will never extincted from this earth. As the world keep growing and and survival is essential, bullies will grow up together with us. No matter where we are. It belongs to us how to resist and accept the mistreated, misunderstood, misplaced and mistakes.

1. What are bullies?
The scene of rough childhood
What a brilliant question (I think you know that already). Bullies are the group (a bunch) of people that scattered your emotion level, your confidence and your routine. There are two kind of bullies; physical abuse or mentally abuse. Sometimes, people got both and that's crazy. Believe me, I've got both of it and I thought that I may lived in the dark- forever. As you can see, two kind of torture are involved between inner and outer. The physical torture is often look painful and wounded, but mental torture is the mainframe to determine how strong the victim is. Cyberbullying, sexting, circulating suggestive, nude photos or message about a person is the example of mental torture.

Stop surpressing me!
2. Characteristic of bullies
Look around you. Bullies are often shiner than others. They got proud face, kinda 'dick'. They looked confidence and less care to others. Bragging is one of their value. They loved to criticize, nothing's good for them. Babbling and cursing (including the laughing package) is the routine. Sometimes, their shadow can be so damnable. The victim might be so stress and scared by hearing their footstep or voices. To conclude the whole thing, bullies are shitty living creature.

3. Characteristic of victims
Once again, look around you. The victims are often darker at the corner. Standing with worries around them. The confidence are really bad. They often screwed up. Crying is worthless to them because they know, no one valued their tears. They are weak and vulnerable. Friends are less. They often keep the feeling inside, trust is the difficult issue. Sometimes, victims choose to become wall, they fight the pain with smile. To conclude everything, the victim is 'Forever Alone' and 'Okay Guy' type.

4. The Result of Bullying and Suicide
To lived as a victim is not easy. Bullies never pity, unless they received bad dreams in midnight (think that in other perspectives). Bullies are the third reason of death among young people according to the CDC. The victims are between 2 or 9 times are more likely consider death than non-victims according to the Yale University. According to the study at Britain, at least half of suicides among young people are related to bullying. With the same study, 10 to 14 year-old girls are maybe exposed to the risk of suicide. ABC News reported that 30 percent of bullying victims choose to stay at home because of fear of bullying.
Victims, drink me and
boost up you bravery~

Well, for bullies' happiness, it costs them one death per day.

But, to all victims, why should you pay the cost with your life? There are so many things to do in this world rather than giving up and ended your life. Just run, build your future, strengthen your emotion and face them later. Prove to them that you can make them bowed on your feet for what they have done to your childhood. Doing that is not a crime, not cruel and not a revenge. It shows that the bullies are your Red Bull Booster and the determination for you to choose happiness. So, give a chance to your throat to speak your success, not your bloody death. Remember Pink's song; you're f*ckin' perfect to me~

Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Similarities Among Celebrities

Most of celebrities (not all of them) shared the same thing in their life. For example, I begin with few such as Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Oprah Winfrey or Christina Aguilera. Everyone knows them (I know~). Yet, they shared few things together, probably that's how they become what and who they are for today.

What are the similarities?

1. They got bullies in early age.
2. They were unpopular kid.
3. They got several conflicts about themselves.
4. They were always got compared to someone's better.
5. They dreamed big.
6. They often feel down.
7. They always hope that good things will happen to them.
8. They often got hurt (physically or mentally)
9. They were used to be a loser.
10. Love was hard when they were young.
11. Road to victory is full of acids to them.
12. Appreciation is the most they loved about.
13. They were very diligent type.
14. They have an awkward taste.
15. They always seek the chance to changed.
16. The 'Forever Alone' type.
17. They were different from those of others.
18. They have a huge passion in work.
19. They want to lead.
20. They want to become a pioneer.

Even Ryan Higa might agreed for what I'm saying. I've got all points at above so, do I become a celebrity in the future?

Who cares~


Pertandingan Cerpen DBP 2013

Pertandingan penulisan kreatif atau cerpen di Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka kembali lagi tahun ini dengan tema bebas (best nye~). Dimaklumkan bahawa tarikh tutup permohonan pada 30 Jun 2013 dengan penyertaan tidak lebih dari dua cerpen. Macam biasa, karya yang dihantar mestilah mengikut syarat; langkau 2 baris, font Times New Roman atau Arial. Ini berita baik untuk Sarawak's writer yang dah lama tunggu pertandingan macam ni, lagi2 dengan tema bebas. Tapi, tema cerpen mestilah tidak meliputi isu politik yang melampau, berbaur racist dan juga hal2 karut yang tidak elok untuk dijadikan karya. Harap anda faham.

          Tel: 082-4447711 sambungan 316
          Faks: 082-440260 

Selain itu juga, DBP turut menganjurkan peraduan menulis semula cerita rakyat Sarawak. Bagi yang berminat, sila rujuk: Peraduan Penulisan Semula Cerita Rakyat Sarawak 2013. Brosur peraduan boleh didapati di bahagian berita semasa DBP atau di kaunter DBP Caw. Sarawak

p/s: tengah berkobar-kobar...harap menyangkut le tahun ni...hahha


Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Bibliomania VS Bibliophilia: Kegilaan Terhadap Buku

Buku merupakan satu item yang paling banyak digunakan di seluruh dunia, dari tahap tadika sampailah ke tahap universiti. Buku mempunyai kategori yang tersendiri (boleh rujuk di mana-mana perpustakaan) dan setiap buku ada keistimewaannya. Oleh sebab itu, maka wujudnya dua istilah penyakit iaitu Bibliomania dan Bibliophilia.

Apa itu Bibliomania?

Bibliomania adalah sejenis penyakit mental, simptom Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Si pesakit mempunyai kecenderungan melampau dalam mengumpul buku-buku yang diminati walaupun ia tidak membawa sebarang manfaat kepadanya. Secara ringkasnya, si pesakit cuma mengumpul buku untuk disimpan, bukannya untuk dibaca. Si pesakit Bibliomania ini juga ketagih untuk membeli naskhah buku yang sama dan juga edisi yang sama semata-mata untuk memuaskan keinginannya yang pelik. Kegilaan terhadap buku (Bibliomania) ini juga boleh menyebabkan beberapa penyakit mental yang lain iaitu:

1. Bibliokleptomania : Penyakit suka mencuri buku yang kompulsif
2. Biliotaphy             : Penyakit suka tanam buku
3. Bibliophagy          : Penyakit makan buku (book-eating)

Istilah Bibliomania ini wujud menerusi John Ferriar (1761-1815), seorang ahli fizik dari Manchester Royal Infirmary di mana beliau mencipta satu puisi pada 1809 untuk kawan beliau yang sangat gilakan buku, Richard Heber (1773-1833). Simptom penyakit Bibliomania ini boleh dilihat menerusi kegilaan dalam mengumpul naskhah unik, naskhah jarang dijumpai, jenis fine paper atau vellum paper, buku edisi pertama, buku berilustrasi, buku jenis blackletter, buku yang diharamkan atau naskhah ditindas.

Antara golongan yang mengidap penyakit Bibliomania ialah:
  • Stephen Blumberg, pencuri buku terkenal dari U.S dan digelar sebagai The Book Bandit disabit kesalahan mencuri buku yang bernilai $5.3 milion dari perpustakaan awam dan juga perpustakaan universiti.
  • Sir Thomas Phillipps, 1st Baronet (1792-1872) menderita beberapa jenis simptom Bibliomania. Beliau  mempunyai koleksi buku dan manuskrip sebanyak 160000 naskhah, dilelong selama 100 tahun selepas kematian beliau.
  • Reverand W.F Whitcher, seorang pastor Methodist pada abad ke-19 mempunyai kegilaan mencuri dan menjilid semula buku-buku yang jarang dijumpai untuk dijadikan koleksi peribadi beliau.

Apa itu Bibliophilia?

Bibliophilia adalah penyakit mencintai dan mengagumi buku. Ia juga merujuk kepada sifat ulat buku yang suka membaca buku dan menyukai isi kandungan buku. Si pencinta buku ini tidak ada kecenderungan yang melampau untuk memiliki buku; mereka mungkin mencari alternatif lain untuk memenuhi kehendak mereka dengan berkunjung ke perpustakaan dan juga berminat dalam mengumpul buku dalam skala yang munasabah.

Bibliophilia tidak boleh disamakan dengan Bibliomania kerana Bibliophilia bukan sejenis penyakit mental (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder). Bibliophilia ini bersifat lebih kepada hobi mengumpul buku atau mempunyai koleksi peribadi terhadap buku-buku yang diminati (personal mini-library). Istilah mempunyai koleksi buku-buku peribadi sebenarnya sudah bermula pada zaman Rom di mana tokoh seperti Cicero dan Atticus mempunyai perpustakaan peribadi. Maka, si pengidap Bibliophilia menganggap buku sebagai teman baik, bukannya sebagai koleksi peribadi semata-mata.

p/s: 80 peratus Bibliophilia+ 20 peratus Bibliomania= itu saya...

Untuk maklumat lanjut sila rujuk:

Wikipedia: Bibliomania and Bibliophilia


Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Fakta Cawan Mug: Hobi dan Keperluan

Cawan mug, antara item dapur yang selalu ada kat dapur. Selain dijadikan objek hadiah untuk family, kawan2 or hiasan, mug juga turut dijadikan sebagai hobi bagi yang gilakan mug. Mug selalunya dijual dengan pelbagai corak, bentuk dan warna, memberi tarikan tersendiri untuk si pengumpul cawan mug.

Fakta Cawan Mug
  • Mug tanah liat era lewat Neolitik yang wujud pada sekitar 2500-2000 BC dijumpai di Zhengzhou, China.
  • Mug Ancestral Pueblo atau Anasazi yang wujud sekitar 1000-1280 BC di SW, Colorado mempunyai corak yang unik dan pelik.
  • Mug pertama dicipta menggunakan tulang.
  • Mug untuk kopi pada awalnya direka menggunakan batang kayu.
  • Cawan mug pernah diharamkan di Britain pada 1748, menyebabkan penghasilan mug merosot dan pasaran gelap mug wujud.
  • Cawan mug mula2 dihasilkan menggunakan tanah liat (mungkin pada sekitar tahun 6000-3500 BC).
  • Mug tanah liat yang bercorak dilihat di Greece yang dihasilkan pada 4000-5000 BC.
  • Penciptaan bahan porcelain di China pada sekitar 600 C memudahkan teh dan kopi dinikmati sama ada panas atau sejuk.
  • Pada abad ke-18, cawan besar disebut sebagai mug kerana pada awalnya mug dicipta mengikut saiz kepala manusia.
  • Selain dari tanah liat dan kayu, mug juga pernah dihasilkan menggunakan pasir dan batu.
  • Cawan dan cawan mug adalah berbeza. Cawan mug merujuk kepada cawan yang lebih berat dan istilah mug berasal dari Scandinavia manakala istilah cup pula berasal dari Latin. Namun, perkataan cawan (cup) dan mug saling menyokong antara satu sama lain.

Jenis-jenis mug

Mug terdiri dari pelbagai jenis mengikuti keadaan dan si pengguna. Antaranya ialah:

1. Mug dekorasi: Mug dekorasi biasanya digunakan sebagai dekorasi sama ada di pejabat atau di rumah. Mug dekorasi mempunyai bentuk yang unik, pelik dan diselitkan dengan kata-kata yang bersesuaian dnegan tema dan bentuk.

2. Mug Tiki: Mug Tiki diilhamkan menerusi tema tropikal yang diambil dari imej asli Polynesia, Micronesia, dan Melanesia. Mug Tiki biasanya dijadikan sebagai cenderahati dan sangat digemari oleh pengumpul mug. Antara mug Tiki yang terkenal ialah Tiki Farm dan Muntiki.

3. Puzzle Mug: Puzzle mug direka untuk mengelirukan pengguna dengan menghalang pengguna dari minum. Hanya pengguna yang panjang akal saja sesuai untuk menikmati teh atau kopi menggunakan Puzzle Mug. Antara Puzzle Mug yang disukai ialah Fuddling Mug yang direka untuk menyukarkan pengguna untuk minum.

4. Pythagorean Mug: Mug ini direka menggunakan prinsip matematik. Ia mengandungi lubang sedut di dalam rod (terletak di tengah bahagian dalam mug). Ia akan menahan cecair jika cecair tidak melepasi ketinggian rod tetapi jika sebaliknya yang berlaku maka cecair akan disedut keluar melalui lubang sedut (siphon).

5. Whistle Mug/Hubblebubble: Whistle mug merupakan mug hiburan. Ia direka untuk mengeluarkan bunyi (whistling) yang pelbagai apabila diisi dengan air. Ia akan mengeluarkan hanya satu not bunyi apabila dikosongkan.

6. Thermochromic mug: Mug ini dikategorikan sebagai gajet, dan juga hiburan. Mug ini akan berubah corak apabila diisi dengan cecair. 

7. Travel mug: Mug ini semestinya untuk perjalanan jauh. Mug ini direka untuk tahan lasak, mengekalkan suhu cecair dan ringan, mudah dibawa ke mana saja.

p/s: Saya pengumpul mug. Sekian~


Saturday, 6 April 2013

Birthday Celebration: The Facts, The Origin and 5th April

#Before I begin this post, I would like to wish happy birthday to those who born on 5th April. May this April shower brings you a happy, longevity and prosperity life =)

Birthday Celebration: The Facts and The Origin
  • 19 million other people share the same birthday on the same day as you.
  • The early Christians rejected the practice of birthday celebration as pagan traditional of astrology.
  • People who born on 29 February celebrate their birthday only once in four years.
  • Modern birthday celebrations and parties by kids (Kinderfeste) mainly came from Germany
  • The origin of birthday song is actually came from the song "Good Morning to You", composed by two sisters- Mildred and Patty Hills in 1893 but nobody paid much attention until the word changed to "Happy Birthday to You".
  • The biggest birthday turned into a religion festival is Christmas.
  • The most expensive birth certificate is by Paul McCartney.
  • The possible origin of candles on the birthday cake is derived from the ancient Greek practices where they brought round candles and the cake (to represent the full moon) to their goddess of moon, Artemis as the cake glowing like the moon.
  • Candles on the birthday cake is mostly for a religion reason. It was claimed that Germans invented birthday cake called as "Geburtstagorten".
  • The origin of birthday parties were held to feared all kind of evils spirits who got attracted to people on their birthday.
  • The original birthday balloons were made from animal bladders or intestines, often filled with water.

The  Short List of People who born on 5th April

April 5, 1288 - Emperor Go-Fushimi of Japan (d. 1336)
April 5, 1649 - Elihu Yale, philantropist who found Yale, England.
April 5, 1900 - Spencer Tracy, American actor (d. 1967)
April 5, 1901 - Melvyn Douglas, American actor (d. 1981)
April 5, 1906 - Lord Buckley, American monologist (d. 1960)
April 5, 1908 - Bette Davis, American actress (d. 1989)
April 5, 1908 - Herbert von Karajan, Austrian conductor (d. 1989)
April 5, 1908 - Jagjivan Ram, Indian politician (d. 1986)
April 5, 1909 - Albert R. Broccoli, American film producer (d. 1996)
April 5, 1912 - John Le Mesurier, British actor (d. 1983)
April 5, 1916 - Gregory Peck, American actor (d. 2003)
April 5, 1917 - Robert Bloch, American author (d. 1994)
April 5, 1920 - Arthur Hailey, American writer (d. 2004)
April 5, 1920 - Rafique Zakaria, Indian author (d. 2005)
April 5, 1922 - Tom Finney, English footballer
April 5, 1922 - Christopher Hewett, British actor (d. 2001)
April 5, 1922 - Gale Storm, American singer
April 5, 1923 - Michael V. Gazzo, American actor (d. 1995)
April 5, 1923 - Nguyen Van Thieu, President of South Vietnam (d. 2001)
April 5, 1926 - Roger Corman, American film director
April 5, 1928 - Tony Williams, American singer (The Platters) (d. 1992)
April 5, 1929 - Ivar Giaever, Norwegian physicist, Nobel laureate
April 5, 1929 - Nigel Hawthorne, British actor (d. 2001)
April 5, 1932 - Billy Bland, American singer and songwriter
April 5, 1933 - Frank Gorshin, American actor (d. 2005)
April 5, 1934 - Stanley Turrentine, American jazz saxophonist (d. 2000)
April 5, 1935 - Peter Grant, British music manager (d. 1995)
April 5, 1936 - John Kelly, Irish republican politician (d. 2007)
April 5, 1937 - Colin Powell, U.S. Secretary of State
April 5, 1937 - Allan R. Thieme, American inventor
April 5, 1939 - Ronald White, American singer and songwriter (d. 1995)
April 5, 1941 - Michael Moriarty, American actor
April 5, 1941 - Dave Swarbrick, British folk musician
April 5, 1942 - Peter Greenaway, Welsh film director
April 5, 1943 - Max Gail, American actor
April 5, 1944 - Pedro Rossello, Puerto Rican politician
April 5, 1945 - Tommy Smith, English footballer
April 5, 1946 - Jane Asher, British actress
April 5, 1947 - Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, 14th President of the Philippines
April 5, 1948 - Les Binks, British musician, former drummer for Judas Priest
April 5, 1948 - Dave Holland, British musician (Judas Priest)
April 5, 1949 - John Berg (actor), American actor (d. 2007)
April 5, 1949 - Judith Resnik, American astronaut (d. 1986)
April 5, 1950 - Agnetha Faltskog, Swedish singer (ABBA)
April 5, 1950 - Miki Manojlovic, Serbian actor
April 5, 1951 - Dean Kamen, American inventor
April 5, 1952 - Mitch Pileggi, American actor
April 5, 1954 - Stan Ridgway, American musician (Wall of Voodoo)
April 5, 1955 - Akira Toriyama, Japanese manga artist
April 5, 1956 - Diamond Dallas Page, American professional wrestler
April 5, 1958 - Johan Kriek, South African born tennis player
April 5, 1961 - Lisa Zane, American actress
April 5, 1962 - Lana Clarkson, American actress (d. 2003)
April 5, 1964 - Steve Beaton, English darts player
April 5, 1964 - Christopher “Kid” Reid, American rapper (Kid ‘n Play)
April 5, 1965 - Cris Carpenter, American baseball player
April 5, 1966 - Mike McCready, American musician (Pearl Jam)
April 5, 1967 - Gary Gait, Canadian lacrosse player
April 5, 1968 - Paula Cole, American musician
April 5, 1970 - Thea Gill, Canadian actress
April 5, 1970 - Miho Hatori, Japanese singer and songwriter (Cibo Matto)
April 5, 1971 - Dong Abay, Filipino musician, singer-songwriter
April 5, 1972 - Krista Allen
, American actress
April 5, 1972 - Pat Green, American singer and songwriter
April 5, 1973 - Elodie Bouchez, French actress
April 5, 1973 - Pharrell Williams, American music producer (The Neptunes)
April 5, 1974 - Sahaj Ticotin, American musician/producer (Ra)
April 5, 1974 - Uhm Tae Woong, South Korean actor
April 5, 1975 - John Hartson, Welsh footballer
April 5, 1976 - Kim Collins, Nevisian sprinter
April 5, 1978 - Franziska van Almsick, German swimmer
April 5, 1980 - Lee Jae Won, South Korean actor, singer, and rapper
April 5, 1982 - Thomas Hitzlsperger, German footballer
April 5, 1984 - Shin Min-a, South Korean model and actress
April 5, 1990 - Haruma Miura, Japanese actor
The last one, it's me

April 5, 1988 - HScield, the unknown free-time writer, the blogger of MaGi, Skool Bumps sketcher and the silence web diver.

For more info about April 5 lists, please visit: Famous Birthday on 5th April



Thursday, 4 April 2013

Welcome Back, Welcome Home Warriors~

Tahun 2013, Malaysia dikejutkan dengan serangan penceroboh dari Sulu yang menyerang daerah Lahad Datu dan Semporna. Mereka mendakwa bahawa Sabah milik mereka dan menuduh Malaysia telah mencuri Sabah serta menuntut wang dari Malaysia sebagai ganti rugi. Mereka juga menggunakan isu sejarah sebagai propaganda bagi menakluki Sabah tanpa memikirkan baik buruk tindakan mereka terhadap semua pihak. Setelah bertempur dan menyebabkan beberapa kematian ngeri dalam pasukan PDRM, pihak Sulu yang enggan berundur akhirnya tumpas di tangan pasukan PDRM. 

Tahniah untuk semua wira di atas kejayaan mempertahankan keamanan negara kita.

P/S: Jangan gunakan sejarah sebagai senjata. Jangan mendakwa jika tidak tahu berkata. Dan jangan menyerang jika anda sebenarnya seorang pengecut.

Sambutan Ketibaan Wira-Wira PDRM Sarawak dari misi Lahad Datu, Sabah [Ops Daulat]

Pak polis tengah menunggu ketibaan wira2 sambil tersengih.

Wira baru sampai, senyum hepi macam iklan ubat gigi =D

Wira tengah bersalam ngan budak2.

Amek gambar ngan orang rumah.

Hepi jumpa family

Budak tadika menyambut ketibaan wira sambil bawak bendera

Geng pancaragam..muka siyes tahan panas matahari

Mereka akhirnya kembali dengan selamat, Welcome Back
and Welcome Home..Warriors~


Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The Reason Why You Have To Feel That

Sometimes, we couldn't ignored the feelings why we have to do something we didn't think of. Why we have to cry? Why we have to laugh? Why must we do
the things we didn't like? There's a reason behind this.

1. Cry

Cry is synonym to sad. We cried when we sad. But, ego is the block wall to cover the sadness. Actually, crying can help people to release all strains and a cooling ointment to calm all tenses. Crying is useful to re-wise the person for once again and make a good decision later on. The bad thing that might happen in crying is when you're doing it too much. Every good things can turned bad when you're overdoing it.

2. Smile

Not all people like smiling. These days, most of people frowned a lot especially in working hours and spend most of the day frowning to everything. Smile, it helps to decreased wrinkles and boosted up the confidence level. Smile gives a good appearance and bright attitude on your face which gives people the essence of youth. Besides, you don't have to pay a lot to look young. Just smile.

3. Laugh

Laugh is the medicine of gloomy. Whenever you're in trouble, try to laugh a bit. Laugh and smile shared a similar roles to reduce the stress which caused by a intense environment especially in financial, relationship and other personal matters. Laugh is the positive content that helps to filled the psychological mind that needs a boost to bring it up. Easy, every living thing needs food for energy, so your soul needs laugh to continue the day.

4. Angry

You can't avoid angry. That's a human nature. Angry can't be keep inside yourself for a long time- it's a time bomb. Whenever this feeling popped out, try to handle it wisely by releasing it into a right way. You can punched many times on the sandbag, screamed out loud up on the hill, write a grudge letter and burn it afterwards, or try to get sleep. May your revenge and madness poured out inside your liquid dream. Try it, it maybe work on you. Sometimes, angry is kind of full speed that brought you to the divided road and it belongs to you to choose well.

5. Jealous

Sometimes, you have to get jealous. Even jealous is not a good attitude and it might urged you to do something bad, try to take the jealousy out for a good reason. Make someone's achievement as your reason to get jealous and make it as your motivation for a better future. Sometimes, you have to get jealous or your life will be no change at all.

6. Sick

Every human prayed for a good health, and lived happily without feel sick. But think about this, whenever you get sick and you can't do anything, don't blame yourself or anyone else. Sometimes, the biggest reason why you get sick is because only when you drop into some low level, the enlightenment comes into you and the appreciation to life is priceless. You can't avoid yourself to feel too proud and too extravagant when you're healthy, so there's nothing wrong to get sick. It reminds you that you're just a human being.

So, be grateful to every feelings you have. There are so many reason why you have to feel that.