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Stamps and Filatelic

"Setem, Stamp, Yóupiào? "

Postage Stamp

Stamp is a piece of adhesive paper, stick on the sampul surat with paper glue or, the most practical one-saliva. Stamps were similar like coins; it has a personality, various colour, different art work, and it filled with history.

According to, 'bishop mark' was been used before stamps were created. Bishop mark was been created by Henry Bishop and first used in 1661 at London General Post Office until May 1840 where British Penny Black Stamp were been released. It was been engraved with Queen V for Victoria's head, and the V-head symbol was been applied on all British stamps for the next 60 years.

There are 18 rare stamps in the world which is:

  1. Penny Black Stamp- May 1840  from UK (the first modern postage stamp).
  2. Basel Dove-July 1845 from Switzerland, Canton of Basel.
  3. Post Office Mauritius-Sept 1847 from UK (approx. value: 1 million pound
  4. Perot Provisional-1848 from Bermuda.
  5. Cottonreels-July 1850 from British Guiana.
  6. Hawaiian Missionaries-Oct 1851 from Hawaii.
  7. Scinde Dawk-July 1852 from Scindh, India.
  8. Inverted Head Four Annas-Oct 1854 from India.
  9. Inverted Swan-Jan 1855 from Western Aussie a.k.a Australia.
  10. Treskilling Yellow-1855 from Sweden (approx. value: 2.5 million Swiss francs...that's awesome!)
  11. Red Mercury-1856 from Austria.
  12. British Guiana 1 cent Magenta-1856 from British Guiana.
  13. Woodblock stamp-1861 from Cape of Good Hope.
  14. Benjamin Franklin Z Grill-1868 from USA (approx.value:2.97 million USD...this is crazy money!)
  15. Uganda cowries-1895 from Uganda.
  16. Inverted Jenny-May 1918 from USA.
  17. Bluenose-Jan1929 from Canada
  18. Gronchi Rosa-April 1961 from Italy.
According to Ming website, top 10 famous stamps are Penny Black, Basel Dove, Post Office Mauritius, Treskilling Yellow, Inverted Jenny, Gronchi Rosa, Z Grill, 1 cent Magenta, Four Annas, and Scinde Dawk. All I can say about these stamps are; rare stamps are the famous stamps. 

Okay, this is part from my collection, since I had involved into this from 1997 until now. With 660 plus another 40 stamps in my collection, I just can show some of it. Actually, it's pretty tiring to take it out from the book and put it back after I scan the picture (click new tab for a better view) So, this is how it looks like.

The first stamp up from the left is the wedding stamp of Her Royal Highness (H.R.H) Princess Royal of Princess Anne, the daughter of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, produced from Hong Kong. The second one is the Singapore's stamp with the image of orchid as the national flower of the country. The third stamp is from Netherland with the image of Regina Juliana. The fourth stamp from Brunei, together with the image of the Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah and 'pelaga' fish.

Then, down from the left is New Zealand stamp, quite small and hard to found when I dropped it at somewhere. And the next stamp from Nippon Japan is the only Japan stamp I ever collected; it was been given by my colleagues in 2003. The third green stamp is from China, it also the only China stamp in my collection (and I wish someone is willing to exchange stamps with me). The last flowery stamp is from Indonesia which I got it from my auntie's office. Thanks to her, I have Indonesian stamp in my book.

Now we moved into the second picture... the first stamp up from the left is tiger stamp from India, actually I got two tiger stamp from my former employer. The next stamp is from Australia for Papua New Guinea Independence 1975 (a gift from my friend in 2003) and the third one is from Philippines; Ferdinand Marcos and Imelda Marcos with the words: "ang pangulong samantalang nanunumpa Disyembre 30 1965", and "Pasinaya, Ika-2 panunungkulan pangulong Ferdinand E.Marcos Disyembre 30, 1969."-please tell me the meaning if you know Filipino. 

Let's proceed to the fifth stamp, which is from Nepal. Proudly I'm telling you this stamp is quite hard to collect so I should say BIG thanks to my colleague that gave me this. The last stamp is from Malaysia, big stamp with the word: "Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur 1972" and the image of Abdul Samad Building, together with the mark of white tape that turns into aging-yellow but it's not because of me, really.

The last final picture is the best collection of Sarawak British Borneo stamps and when I touched it, it feels like a money-paper. It gave by my friend in 2003, I guess...and there are 6 of it.

1. 1 cent (logging)
2. 4 cent (Kayan dancing)
3. 2 cent (a young Orang Utan)
4. 6 cent (hornbill)
5. 15 cent (turtles)
6. 12 cent (Barong Panau-quite similar like a jong)

This is all I can tell about stamps because my finger can't type anymore. And I had a thought about online auction too...*, enjoy 'stamping' :-)

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