Monday, 28 November 2011

Coins or Shillings

"Half, Two, Double, Three"

Like coins? One of our kind? Browse here..^^

According to, coins were invented at some point around 700 BC near Aegina Island or according to other scholars; the point of invention was in Ephesus Lydia at about 650 BC. However, the first coins in the world appeared around 650-700 BC and were tied to the ancient Greeks. They were made by an alloy which was called electrum, which mingling of gold and silver and the Byzantine Empire was responsible for the minting of numerous different coins.

By referring to Wikipedia, the history of minting technologies, the history shown by the images on coins, and the history of coin collecting. Coins are still widely used for monetary and other purposes. To tell you the truth, numismatics field earned huge values if you get serious about it.

This is part of my collection. Up from the left is Queen Elizabeth II (Malaya British Borneo 5 cent -1957) and the opposite coin is King George the Sixth (Commissioners of Currency Malaya 5 cent-1950). Down from left is Malaya and British Borneo 1 cent 1962 with keris symbol. Meanwhile, the opposite coin is from Kuwait with big ship symbol.

Up from the left is Regina Elizabeth 2 shilling 1962, a heavy coin from Europe. The next yellow coin is Malaysia RM1 1993. It was no longer used. And the dark coin is from Thailand. I don't know the language so all I can say is this is a Thai coin with a figure of man in front of it. 

Down from the left is India 10 paise 1986, quite unique and light too. The next one is from Brunei Darussalam 20 cent 1971 with the Sultan's figure. And the big-wide coin is from Indonesia, 100 rupiah 1978.

Up from the left is Kota Singa/ Singapore coin 10 cent 1981 with the image of sea horse. The next coin is from China, very light and hazy. The third coin is from Thailand too, and actually I missed my American coin in this list. It supposed to be here but I just found it 5 second ago inside my Nescafe bottle...ha-ha..stupid..

Down from left is my Italiana coin L.50 1967 with an image of the naked man with his hammer. The second coin is from Republika Ng Pilipinas 1 piso 1994 with two images; Jose Rizal and Anoa Mindorensis a.k.a a buffalo. And the final one is the best coin I ever kept, a square shape of Queen Elizabeth II Malaya and British Borneo 1 cent 1957. It is hard to be found nowadays.

You know what, those collections were founded inside the ground while I was searching for tapioca with my dad 10-12 years ago and some of it from my dad and sisters. Actually, they found their coins inside the ground too. Well, I should say thanks for the mother nature that keep all coins in safe and secure before I took them. Isn't that great?

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