Sunday, 4 December 2011

Hidden versus Honest Motivation


Today I want to make a short intro about my post (bcuz short is simple to absorb). This is about quotation and how it helps us to motivate ourselves to dive through this life journey. Therefore, I even engraved my patience and confidence by saying those quotations like chanting a spell.  There were two kind of motivation that been used by humans since the day of King Tut's reign until Queen E's kingdom. It was been created according to the situation I had involved in the past; the differences between hidden motivation (using a soft-inspiring word to motivate) and honest motivation (a little bit real and a little bit rough). So, let's have a look.

Hidden Motivation:

  1. Everything will meet the end; this suffer will stop one day.
  2. To swayed your white flag doesn't you had failed; it means that you just surrender and wait for another day to awake and win.
  3. Sometimes passing the obstacles does not required action to deal with; it is about wisdom that strengthens you.
  4. There are not GOOD or BAD friends out there because we just need a loyalty and trust in friendship.
  5. Downcast is the inner voice that come from your worries.
  6. Love yourself like no one can love you better than yourself.
  7. The best pretty things are your own self-confidence because beauty always come in different ways.
  8. You lived to proud with your face.
  9. Self-confidence is the other solution to rebalance or harmonise the opposition inside us.
  10. Let your weakness makes you strong.
  11. Change is about blooming ourselves.
  12. It is not guilty to failed; at least you gained the experience.

Honest Motivation:

  1. My face might look ugly but at least I had my brain and money.
  2. Good education helps to increased your value in relationship's market.
  3. Fake beauties might cut your way but original always win to lived.
  4. That is not about luck that hates you; it means that you just too lazy for everything.
  5. If your friends need you like an umbrella, it means that they are sucks.
  6. Let's keep notes who pissed us off.
  7. I am completely pretty; pretty girls just don't get it since they are brainless.
  8. Just say it for once; I am not good or not bad, I am just average.
  9. It is not guilty to look fool in your pictures because editing software is free.
  10. I was fear with the dark, so I switch on the light and I can see clearly what's in front of me.
  11. Change is necessary; if you're not, you're better dead than alive.
  12. Facebook is not a wishing well; if you want it don't just put it on your status. You have to work it out.

That's all from me. Have a nice-enjoy reading =D

These quotations are for educational purposes and personal used only.
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