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Soalan Gila Masa Exam...

Salam kebebasan untuk pelajar yang baru abis ambik exam SPM...hari ni post Maiden pasal soalan gila yang korang tak penah nengok dalam paper mahupun dalam buku latihan yang korang beli kat bookstore. Memandangkan soalan ni sedikit menarik dari soalan yang korang biasa jawab kat sekolah, ape kate korang try jawab paper ni. Soalan yang dikeluarkan kali ini ialah Bahasa Inggeris kertas 2. Selamat mencuba =D

Kertas 2
Tiga puluh minit empat belas suku saat


  1. This question paper consists ten (10) questions only.
  2. Answer all questions.
  3. You are advised to spend two (2) minutes for each questions and spend the final minutes to sleep.
  4. Two last questions of this paper might have unpredictable answers.

For each of the questions, read the question first and then study the information given to find the best answer. Then shoot the answer A, B, C or D on the answer sheet provided.

1. Please choose the best end word for 'friend'
 A Ship
 B Canoe
 C Boat
 D Sampan

2. Please choose the best meaning for this phrases: "When you think is late, it's late."
A Stop trying and just give up.
B It means that you are lazy.
C Set your alarm clock so you won't be late again.
D Continue sleeping when you know it's late.

Question 3-4
Read the text below and answer the question that follows:

"Mr. X looks younger than his real age although he like to eat a lot of MSG and salty foods."

3. From the text above, we know that
A He wants to preserved himself.
B He wants to mummified himself.
C He wants to dried himself
D He wants to conserved himself.

4. The differences between Malaysian singer and Japanese singer is:
A Malaysian singer speaks Malay
B Japanese singer speaks Japanese
C Malaysian singer is from South East Asia
D All answers at above.

Question 5-6
Read the text below and answer the question that follows:

5. Taro can't read. But he refused to learn. He just stayed at home and sleep all day long. It means that he is
A Stupid.
B Idiot.
C Dumb.
D Fool.

6. Please choose the best advanced proverb that similar with the word of 'proud.'
A Frozen feet required warm socks.
B If you can't punch, at least you can kick.
C Boasting about your wife is a specialty.
D Bragging makes you look plenty.

Question 7-10
Read the following passage and choose the best answer. Then, shoot A, B,C or D on the answer sheet.

“Walnut is a useless guy; he is like____ (7). His strength is really off, which is worse than his girlfriend, Risa. Risa is a beautiful girl. And she can play hand wrestling better than his boy. Everyone told her that she deserves a good man rather than his current boyfriend. One day, they meet at the park and she told him that she wants to end the relationship. Walnut is so shocked like____ (8) and cry ____ (9). But Risa just keep calm and leave him alone at the park. For her, there is no point to be with someone hopeless and it feels like____ (10) after breaking with him.”

7. A A limp cracker.
    B A slackened noodle.
    C A broken stick.
    D A shrivelled ball.

8. A A woman who look at her pregnant tester.
    B A kid who losing his lollipop.
    C An auntie who losing her money inside the drawer.
    D A man who invest in a wrong bank.

9. A Like a natural fountain water.
    B Like a polluted babbling brook.
    C Like a raining season in December.
    D Like a broken barren pipe.

10.A Finding a right cloth to wear.
     B Receiving New Year’s money.
     C Winning a first prize jackpot.
     D Riding a bike on a long road.

©2011 Hak Cipta Bahagian Peperiksaan MGHS

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