Friday, 8 November 2013

You are Too Old for That

Growing up is the continuous phase in every people. Maybe few 'special' people remains young even they're old such as the Brazilian woman Maria Audete do NascimentoGabby Williams or Brooke Greenberg. Well, lucky for them (although I feel terrible for them because they can't lived like a normal people).

But, when we grow old, we grow emotion and characteristics too. Yes, being young is what we always want in life, but not 'every-young-stuff' is applicable when we're old. It feels not right when you are too old for that.

When we're in a certain age, there's a statement- act like your age. It depends on how old we are, or what kind of era we lived in or what kind situation we're in. But one thing for sure, no one could stand if we:

1. Crying like a baby

Being old means wise and well-experience. If old man is crying, nothing's wrong about it. Crying is a therapy. But if they cried like a baby (imagine that), to be honest, it looks creepy, odd and loathsome.

Please don't do that or I will turn you into a meme for everyone's pleasure.

2. Depending too much

Kids: They're not independent like adults. They need a lot of attention, foods, shelter, financial matters and other requirements. You know what? That's normal. But if adults act dependable, 'mom and dad' will be the victim. It means that they're coward.

I repeat, they are coward (and no balls for guys).

3. Whining for something trivial

Kids are often whining up over something unimportant such as asking an ice-cream, toys, sweets or refusing veggies during dinner. But if grown up-people did this, I'll get them a mirror. For me, whining is for kids because that's the way they get the attention. For grown-up people, whining means complaining. 

Just stop whining. Whining won't make you look young, but get wrinkles instead.

4. Too loud

The main characteristic of being a kid is 'too loud'. Kids are always loud in everything, and they loved noises all the time. Think about it; noisy kids are annoying. How about grown-up people a.k.a loud talkers? Laughing and talking so loud about damn things?

For me, I prefer kids. At least, they won't curse or act obscene. If they too loud, cough syrup will help me.

5. Overjoyed about everything

Overjoyed is what kids do when they feel something. They often giggling, hopping or screaming. I loved it when kids did this, they look extremely adorable and cute-overloaded. But when I imagine a guy or a babe suddenly can't handle the excitement and start a vertical jump- I guess ignorance is bliss might be a nice option.

*'Overjoyed' is not applicable for those with cardio-diseases, previous fracture and unhealthy aging symptom. Well, for those who wants to die happily, you can do this right away.

6.Gibberish like 5-year-old

Gibberish is a term of talking  that we don't understand well. The other terms might 'the Rugrats' or rap song that gives me no sense at all. If kids did this, I understand they still in learning process.  As an adult, a clear and concise thought will help to exit an understandable word and not a complete gibberish. But if grown ups did this, I might say that they're 'something-about-something foreigner.'

Blame me or what, for those who gibberish- please be literate so we both can be understandable. 

[Being normal; normally growing up, and normally getting old, that's the gift.]


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