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#First Part


A Friend’s Betrayal.
Two good friends, Joon and Hay were joining singing competition, and they were put in different group. When it come to the last question of the song’s name, Joon is whispered to his friend and hoping that he could win the prize.
Joon : I don’t know this song’s name. Can you tell me?
Hay : A friend’s betrayal.

Large Scales.
Three good friends are having a trip at a mountain and rent a house. Then, they come out with some ideas to share.
Iba : Let’s play hide-and-seek.
Luci : There’s no fun in this house.
Feli : You want more fun? The area at here is around 8.4 million hectares, it includes
the mountain. Let’s play in large scales!

Notice Board.
There is a friend reunion between Tso, Ran and Omo.
Tso : It’s been so long to meet you. You hardly ever call me. You just call to tell me that your
number has changed.
Ran : Really? But you didn’t reply to my text messages as well.
Omo : I’ve sent him a few messages too, but he never sent me a reply.
Ran : He’s just a notice board, really.

Why Romeo Kill Himself?
My friend, Thomas was involved in screen play for our School Open-Day. I didn’t know what kind of role he will play. Few days later, I met him at the hall. He told me his role for screen play was Juliet and saying that-“For sure, Romeo really killed himself because of me.”

Obvious Truth about a Man.
Recently, my girlfriend just got angry with me. She wants me to choose between her and my favourite football club. So I tell my friend and hoping that he can give me a solution.
Me : She wants me to choose between her and soccer.
Friend : Before that, I would like to ask you a question.
Me : Okay.
Friend : Between a cute puppy and a cute woman, which one will you choose?
Me : That’s obvious.
Friend : So I guess you know the answer.

Friendship Forever
“I need a friend that can stab me for real so I can be hospitalized for 4 weeks, in coma, died and be with him as a ghost.”

Best Friend.
There is a fried chicken on the table. It smells good. The teacher wants the students to say something about it which is-
Student A : Forget your diet, just eat it.
Student B : When it’s younger, it’s better.
Student C : You are my best friend.
Student A : Oo…your life must be hard if your best friend is a fried chicken.

Rules in Network Society.
My friend kept saying that she had a lot of friends. When I asked her how she made new friends, she told me- “If you say hello 3 times and met them 3 times, doesn’t that make you close?”

Between the moon.
My friend, Pilili asked me a question, “What is between the moon?” I told her it’s easy, the answer is-Double O.

It is all about trust in friendship. So I told my good friend, Tenma that I did something wrong to her. She wants me to say it because she said that the truth can make our friendship become closer. And I say that I will be her stepmother soon. On the next day, she took the first flight to South Korea and never came back.

Why must –ship?
People always say the word-‘friendship’. I get confused with ‘-ship’. Then, my friend told me that “It might sound weird if we said friendBOAT, friendYATCH or friendCANOE.”

What is FRIEND?
Our homework for this week is about friendship definition. I knew that my colleague, Carrot was brawling with her friend, so her interpretation about ‘Friend’ is:

Good News.
Ira : I heard you’re pretty close with Panda recently.
Saya : We are not just close, we’re good friends now.
Ira : Really? I thought you hate her with no reason. It must be good news for both of you.
Saya : There was a saying by Eusatche Deschamps- “Friends are relatives you make for
yourself.” So, she’s my relatives from now on.
Ira : Yes, of course, since it’s all about paying debts.

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