Sunday, 15 July 2012

Shah Alam: My Uni Life and Travels!

Back to 2008, I was accepted to further my study at MARA University Technology a.k.a UiTM at Shah Alam, Selangor (for the second intake session). It was overwhelmed on the first day I arrived there (no friends, no pals, nothing at all). And obviously, UiTM is such a big place. Everything is about speed and RapidKL (no offense, but I do hate that bus...). But then, my usual life at Kuching seems to changed a bit as I realised, Malaysia is such a wonderful country (but sad thing is, I was poor at that time, and I can't capture all the things I saw while travelling)

So, these are parts of my 'UniLife and Travels'! (and few are kept for one good reason; I can't upload ALL that, sweetie..)

We're here for freshy seafood but before that,  picture first! (Raise my hand on the air!)

This is Royal Malaysian Police Museum (assignment force, babes..) My mom said that triple in picture is bad but who cares? I'm not the Death God who eat apples ^^

Squat time! (My position seems odd) the blinking place of I-City Shah Alam. Isn't that peachy?

At Kelanang Beach, Hulu Langat (Me said: You jump, I jump..)...what a Titanic! ^^

The Old Johor Lama, Johor. I thought to myself (hey, I should  make some prove when I'm in here), I took it without my own face...=p

Lovely UTHM at Johor, we're on the learning trip  but the best thing is, shop-shop at  Bukit Kayu Hitam. (Ah, sweetness..)

And finally, spent one good day at Gabai River . It was a good place for hangout with friends. But nothing is better than ayam panggang (aw, pleasure...)

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