Friday, 3 August 2012

Humans Like Flowers

Humans like flowers;
Fueled by youthful affections,
Bloomed through the emerging glory,
The sweetness spread its scene,
Valued by its fresh,
Make all views in awed.

Flowers like humans;
As happiness flows like water,
And love pours like a fertilizer,
Heads bowed to each great,
Hands brawled to each sake,
Smiles killed to each heart,
And eyes died in each sight.

You are just like flowers,
You are strong yet you are fragile;
The petals will fall down.
You are pretty yet you are ugly;
Youthful will change in natural courses.
You are sweet yet you are bitter;
Past taste can never be similar.
You are nice yet you are evil;
As bloods are split in two times,
You are smooth yet you are rough;
As it well behaved in view, not in touch.

Humans and flowers are together;
Gone in time and left in dusts.

Actually, it's 03/08/2012-, at Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.
(unni's house)

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