Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Art-titude Artwork

Hello, holla, hula2~

It seems quite a long time I haven't update my artwork...pardon me for my lazy art-titude. After having a nice day at Penang, great day strolling around my hometown, sweet day spending money here and there, and finally chill day inside my blanket (because Kuching is under the raindrop), I'm able to steal times to expand my unlimited imagination. Well, I wish to become a painter (a writer, an author and a poet as well...too much ambition~) but since my position is a blogger for now, I think it would be good if I just combined all ambitions into one place. My financial might be not so sturdy but, doing my hobby as my job is the happiness in working. Thanks Confucius for your wise word. It makes me wise to think about my future (busted....)

Okey, it's time to open back my virtual art gallery.

Buncho poster colour-A3 size. It shows
the hidden illness inside humans and it can't be
avoided easily.
Buncho poster colour and Zebra Pen Oil Base-
A3 size. The medieval Latin word means 'female',
the objective is more to feminist idea or emancipation.
Astar Water Colour- A5 size. Glady is practically
an open space surrounded by wood. The intention of
this art more to a nymph.  
Zebra Pen Oil Base and Stabilo Swan smooth lead-A4 size.
Miss Tery is similar with 'mystery' word. And
the 'mystery' word came from the old Greek 'mystes', which
means to initiate. The deep looking eyes is the symbol of
initiating, giving instruction within herself.
Zebra Pen oil base and Stabilo Swan smooth lead-A4 size.
The Odd Fellow represents the independent
mind-thinker of each member in a family (which means,
society) and expecting all works are in order. Basically, Odd
Fellow the independent-fraternal order of a major benevolent
in western countries.
Zebra Pen oil base and Stabilo Swan smooth lead-A4 size.
Teakiller represents the calm side and an evil side of
a person. A two-sided personality that switch in second.
Teakiller is also a bit of pun, which sounds like 'tequila'.
When you get drunk, you do crazy things...right?
Zebra Pen oil base and Stabilo Swan smooth lead-A4 size.
Wandering soul is the act of vagabond in-spirit and
disturbance in mind because of unable to make a
decision. In other word, easily get affected and get altered
by force.

Seven artworks are completed in explanation. I believe the explanation is quite enough. It's time for me to think deep, for another inspiration. Or, sleeping is what I need the most, to get ideas in a dream. That seems legit :)


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