Thursday, 21 June 2012

Fruits and Your Characteristic (?)

20 kind of fruits in LINE!

Known as the emblem of Steve Jobbs, for those who like apples are the entrepreneur. Like to be the first one and remained as a history. They can be a good leader and and good in leadership. The best thing is, they  are able to work in pressure, wise in decision but sometimes they could burn their head, a bit. They loved traveling, pleasant life, and charismatic.

Known as the symbol of fertility by Indians. For those who loved bananas, they are caring and lovable. Based on its curve, it can be associate with shy and low self esteem but they are trustworthy. They also careful in choosing a  life partner and tried their best to avoid problems in relationship.

Pineapple people is decisive, act speaks louder than words. Able to manage huge organisation, not afraid to face risk or step backward. They are Honest Abe type, and survivor. Although they hard to get close but once people blend very well with them, the relation stands forever, they are the one who cared the most.

They are thinker, hard to influence or manipulate. They liked extreme things for something they like or hate the most. Sometimes, that kind of attitude rules them. They liked something that could opposed their mind, looks strong, but gentle with their partner.

Cherry (all kinds of berries)
It's small and cute but life is not very pleasant to them. Financial matter is the main problem, and work load is bored. But, they are creative, great in imagination. They are also loyal and caring, but it's difficult to say it. They are home-buddies, for them, nothing is better than families.

Greek and Romans like grapes. It  associate with discipline or courtesy, although there's a bit of temper that quite flammable. They filled with passion in life, sociable, have a spirit to lived their life and for something they liked (fashion, lifestyle etc). Their life partner must able to get along with them, enjoyed all things that they offered and lived in passion.

Like peach, for those who loved this fruit enjoying the essence of life. They are passionately matured, very friendly, outspoken, and forgiving type. They really appreciate friendship, surviving and ambitious. As a life partner, they are loyal and caring, but they hates to show it in public.

Papaya is easy to grow and easy to harvest, which means for those who loved this fruit is not afraid in anything and tried their best to get benefit in life. They think first before act, have a sense of humor and generous which makes people keep thinking about them.They are hunter in their professional life with certain specialty in certain situation, and enjoyed new meetings and atmosphere.

Hard like its shell, coconut people is serious thinker, full of balance. They are choosy in friendship, although they seems friendly and sociable. They are head strong, unwise for something nonsense but at the same time, they also known as a careful person, clever, and loved be on top no matter what kind of condition (in work). Besides, they liked brilliant person as a life partner.

Olive is the essential fruit for Arabs and Western people. For those who loved it, they have an outer beauty, sympathetic, helpful, sincere and ambitious in life. They have a great philosophy in life, always being admired by others and haters keep hating them.

Favourite fruite of Rasullullah s.w.t, for those who loved dates are not so beautiful, or good looking. The appearance is simple, nothing is special about the physical matters. But they have a vast knowledge and vision in life, very calm, and every word that they speak sounds beautiful, relax, and lovable. It is difficult to know this kind of person in the first meet.

Grow on the ground and big in size, pumpkin lovers known as a humble person. They are lovable, caring, down to earth and strong in facing a conflict. Although they might be not so wonderful f or others, but some people can see their potential and honesty in life or in relation. Even life is not very kind to them, the final result will be different, as a reward for their patience.

Limes (Orange, Lemon, Pomelo etc)
Lime lovers are tend to like bright colours, love challenges. They are reliable to solve problems, unique but not everyone can understand them precisely. It takes time to know them very deeply. Lime people like isolation (in other meaning-leave alone for a certain time) and relax is the main favorite. However, they also great in having fun, and know how to spend time.

Melons (Watermelon, honeydew)
Watery and fresh, for those who liked melons are very generous and helpful, full satisfaction for them to help someone in need. They have many close friends, romantic, and hardworking to improve life and decrease failure that once happen. They also known as choosy to plant something around their house, and they are a symbol of cautious.

Nuts (walnut, hazelnut, macadamia etc)
People who loved nuts are moody. Their mood keep changing without any reason, but coherent is the emblem. They believe in truth, headstrong. Not all people can get along with them. But at the same time, they are loyal, strong in life principle. It really takes time to blend with them.

Asian loved durians but not everyone likes it smell. Durian lovers known as the real outspoken, very honest to everyone, sometimes too sharp that can hurt others. They are very friendly with everyone, even with someone that they barely meet or in the first meet. Sometimes they speak too loud, but they are very kind and caring. 

Lychee lover known as sweet and amiable. They are nice and kind  but easy to ruin just by a small mistake. They have problems to blend with others at the new place. They are easily to get bored but easy to get fun, and the result is not very good when they tried so hard to socialize.

Pear lovers act motherly, which means, discipline and rules. Sometimes, they are bossy, sometimes they too quiet. Their mind keep changing but they cared all people around them. Although they kind of headstrong, their sincerity and loyalty is always the best.

For those who loved tomatoes, they are vulnerable. They are easy to get hurt, or injured, not very well in socialize at the new place and sensitive. But everyone likes to be with them, they are generous, funny and it feels safe to be with them. Tomato lovers known as soft spoken, not dangerous but pretty sloppy, sometimes.

Guava (Rose apple,Pink Guava etc)
Guava is chipper and peppy fruit. For those who liked this are known as a friendly partner/neighbour, adorable, everyone likes them. They have a simple normal life, their demands are little but they loved it. Although sometimes people could be mistaken by their action but later people will understand the reason they acting like that. 

and others that I cannot remember...

*please take note: Not all statement at above are truth. No one knows you better than yourself. Have a nice day and enjoy reading ^^

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