Saturday, 11 October 2014

Eccentric Artology

Artology is somehow a principle, that's my introduction inside my Instagram. For two months, I've been inspired by the dark side and eccentricity in art. Lady Gaga seems good to become my example in 'peculiar taste'. So I made some simple sketch with my usual Pilot Color Eno 0.7 for drawing, Zebra Name Pen Fine Oil Base and Faste CDR Marker M-F 900 for lining, and Stabilo Swan Color Pencil 24 colours for colouring. Also, I'm using Astar Water Colour 12 Colours 6CC for crazy painting. To be honest, I'm not very friendly with water colour painting.

Anyway, to make something queer and not so ordinary is!

Okey, I named this as 'Bewitch'. You know, there's a spirit inside a mirror, resembles like you and keeps whispering. It triggers your mind to see your weaknesses and start to abandon your true self. FYI, do not listen to those dark forces.
Creativation, the combination of Creativity+ Imagination. Imagination  can be pretty wild and peculiar, if you had reach your highest peak of weirdo. Plus, I got a very good inspiration from my dad. My dad got his new set of teeth this month and he'll be happy for sure.
Don't let the wraith open her eyes...what would you expect if she open her eyes?
Think darker, it might scare you like hell. Thanks to Mr. J, my lil bro...not so lil because
he's 5 feet 8 tall. Mine is shorter. Lack of nutrition, maybe.
Eccentrica, equals to eccentricity. I have to tell you the truth, my own artwork creeps me. It takes me few hours to adjust my brain and say that, "Oh, this is not so creepy as I thought." But still, whenever I saw her, I think she's staring at me. Forgot to tell you, this is my first painting after 10 years.
Fatman Scream means irritating voice that came from your throat. Anyway, there is nothing related to any fat man in this world. Fatman was a nuclear weapon name from WWII. I think, my art vision about this is more about annoyance. My neighbour's kids are so annoying recently.
G-hosts, inspired by Japanese ghosts. My first artwork by using pencil colours after 8 years, probably. My favourite ghost host is the one-leg-long-tongue umbrella spirit because it looks adorable. So, what's your favourite ghost host?
Meghan Trainor inspired me with her new  single- All About the Bass (not treble~).
So I create another artwork based on her cover album and then, I ask myself-
what's behind the poster. There's the Headplant, for some reason
I told you, Lady Gaga really inspired me in eccentric art. I've created the lady that looks a bit similar like  her during her earliest album- Just Dance. As you know, white long hair with a bang and always did something odd in her music video. Quite a contrary, I suddenly decided to name this art as "My Name is Brainy Spears". Not Lady Gaga. What is wrong with me?
I have a vast imagination about kids that being kidnapped and killed by evil insane murderer. They can't rest well, they can never go home. Sometimes, I wish, those kids come back, strangled the murderer and drag them along into a graveyard empty plot.
Oh, that's a good idea for a horror movie.
My recent painting artwork, for October festival for those who celebrated it.
Happy Halloween to all pumpkin lovers. I do love pumpkin, pumpkin is tasty.
And this is Queen of Pumpkin. She got no dress for ceremony so she wore a
pumpkin as a ball gown.
The Ripper, the horrendous soul crawler. Somehow, he looks good to become a movie character. Just imagine this, one dark night, a family went for a vacation. Suddenly, they lose their way and enter the old empty land. Then, there's The Ripper, the old man with his big stitching mouth, who refused to get old. After so many years, stuck in the curse land and hunger for bloods, he finally smells the presence of human flesh. To complete his reincarnation cycle, he needs to kill three more people. chills me if any Hollywood director suddenly read my blog and make this movie.
Inspired by Wednesday Adams, my favourite movie character of all time, I decided to make one of my own. With his pretty round-pale-and-serious face, I think Weddy Adams is a good name for her. It suits her nicely.
It would be really odd if a born-baby is an adult, and an adult is a girl in puberty.
What? Say it again? Well, that's my vision in this artwork. I tried not to be
too obscene or too repulsive, I made my lady covered her main part and let
the other part beneath....Hmm, I don't even understand what am I trying to say.

This is the little step of making the Lantern Lady. I used Campap
Sketchbook A4, 110 gsm with Stabilo Swan Colour Pencil. It's not
so hard to create this. Just the simple artwork.

This one is pretty hard, I have to focus more in lining and drawing the small
details. Got this idea from my lil brother. His imagination is somehow, peculiar.
Well, we're sibling. What can I say? The peculiarity runs in our blood.

More ideas in eccentric artology. Please wait for me after few months :)
All artworks belongs to Shield Sr. @TheMaidensGiedd
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  1. maybe you should use camera wif high resolution...your art could appear more interesting. Could't see the true color with these pictures

    1. probably aku crop and edit tlebih sangat, gambar tak jelas...huhu