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Poetry Collection: The Calling of Magus


For those who inspired me, in satiric ways.


What does it mean with magus? Magus is the singular of Magi, the hereditary priestly class and also three wise men from the East. In Latin, it derives from Greek magos- more at magic. To simplified this limited collection, The Calling of Magus produced the two-sided imagination, self-inflicted, deeper opinion, social observation and of course, my self ideas to knock out our typical small head about something.

Let me say, we're living in satiric life. What else?

On the Tree (Apr 2014)

I am still living on the tree,
So they said,
We caught fishes with hand,
No roads to walk,
Only rivers to swim,
We're surrounded by greens,
We don't have stone blocks,
The symbol of modernity.

They say I am living on the tree,
Really I can't get angry,
They think I'm lying,
But the truth is I am not joking,
You want me to show you my tree?
Welcome, please come here,
I will show you what tree is.

I say I am living on the tree,
Yes; that is all you want to hear,
Who am I to blame of?
The media? Or the people?
Or the way of the mind works?
It's alright for whatever they think,
Because at the beginning of human race,
Also lived on the tree.

The Way We Should Eat (Sept 2014)

We don't eat like you,
We don't savage,
We are decent,
Everything is in manner,
We don't speak like you,
Because it sounds like rubbish,
And we will never accept,
The presence of yours,
Because we are divine,
Master of all masters,
Look at us and learn,
Why can you be like us?

And that's the word from ultras,
Who think that they're masters,
They're divine, they're decent,
So let me tell you one thing,
Can you lick your poop,
And expect it to taste like an ice cream?

Small Dish, Big Dish (Sept 2014)

Small dish for the poor,
Small portions of needs,
Small quantity of desire,
Small amount of deliciousness,
Yes, the poor eat small dish,
But the plates were too savoury,
Less money yet happy,
Although it never filled the whole belly.

Big dish for the rich,
Big chunks of needs,
Big quantity of greedy,
Big amount of toothy,
Yes, the rich eat big,
But the plates were too expensive
Big price more desire,
And it never filled the whole belly

Which is Not Me (Sept 2014)

My blood runs with ambition,
But the world won't accept,
My bloody wordy,
Because they say,
I am new, who knows me?
They say, it's true it's true,
They loved the well-paid people,
Which is not me.

Chances are everywhere,
The world is huge,
Don't be afraid to dig,
Act like a dog,
Because you wouldn't know what's coming,
But still I am new, who cares?
I say, it's true it's true,
They still choose the well-paid people,
Which is not me.

Artificial (Aug 2014)

Be artificial,
This is common,
Human creates everything,
They made everything,
Come on come on,
Buy all you wanted,
Get whatever you wish for,
And expect higher,
For what you've conjured.

Fake hair drag queen,
Common trend not to worry,
Fake teeth easy smiling.
Artificial beauty get majestic,
Grow up, human, get pretty,
Injection blooms the hips and things,
Get up, everyone, grow more fixing,
Grab needles and knives,
Artificial is beauty.

Artificial is good,
Go get more,
All skins have tried,
They gained more style,
Listen to the demand of society,
Obey the words of majority,
Come on, go fake,
And just stop worrying,
But if the nature takes order,
Please don't blame me,
For your decision to hate,
The earliest beauty.

The Magus (0ct 2014)

I am conjuring the fact,
I write it all,
And spread it out,
I am more than a necromancer,
I wooed people,
So they come and pick me,
And listen to my spell.

I am conjuring the past,
I write the history,
And show it to you,
I am probably a charmer,
I say the truth,
So they come and watch me,
And expose to my whisper.

I am conjuring you.
I am watching your presence,
I will say it out loud,
Yes, I am the conjurer,
I battled everyday,
So I can drag you out,
And slap you with nonsense fantasy.

Love and War (Sept 2014)

Love is sweet and you know it,
Once you find it, you'll fly,
Enter you wholeness dream,
Your forever happiness,

But once you know what's hate,
You crashed down to the bottom,
From heaven to hell's gate,
The forever happiness now gone.

War is worse and you know it,
Blood and pain that's all I can say,
Build up the society of monsters,
The cry-flooded reach all corners.

But although history keeps repeating,
Rich people don't learn anything,
The truth is the world is not changing,
Love and war is still in fighting.

My Gehenna Fragility (Sept 2014)

Memory is a gift,
The agony of remembering,
Passing through each life,
Seems like the infliction,
The persistence of misery.
The wise man say,
You are fine to me,
Yet the majority scream,
Get the hell out of here!
What kind of land I am living?
What kind of people I have seen?
The speak and word goes far,
When everything must be fair,
The economy the society,
Even the skin of race,
Every good life based on colour,
The creation of God,
Is the measure of respect,
The measure of friendship,
The measure of acceptation,
How much do I have to peel?
When peeling wasn't the answer,

So please tell me what to do?
What should I do,
to shut your mouth,
and stop blaming my fragility!

Morning's Rain (Feb 2014)

I couldn't bear,
More than a shoulder,
Heavier than it looks,
Please put me in ease,
I've reached my limit.

Part of my soul is morning,
With hopes, white and tranquility,
Then it changed,
Part of my soul is night,
With fears, dark and calamity.

What is a poem to make a poem?
There is a spell to make a word,
Where is a piece of life to complete the life?
There is a road still not taken.

I am so done,
Show me the way.

The Will (Nov 2013)

You will,
This word will be hear,
Author will you become,
Writer will you be,
You'll be yourself,
Where no one will.

You'll carve this world,
With the will of your words,
You'll be spin the globe,
This might be your greatest will,
Adventure will you get,
Challenge will you receive,
Victory will come to you,
Build your pride will you do.

Never be against your will,
Never do below the wheel,
Time will heal,
Road will reveal,
Pray hard and it will,
You'll be yourself,
God will understand your will.

In God I Always Trust (July 2013)

I work hard,
I dream high,
I never stop,
It drowns me,
Into my head.

I have problems,
It chokes me,
I want to leave,
I wish to sleep,
In a dream of mine.

I did my best,
It takes everything,
It shakes my life,
I hope for the best,
In God I always trust.

Once Upon a Time (May 2013)

Once upon a time, there was a child, which it's me.
I was a goofy girl.

One day, the new place awaits me.
I met new people.
They just don't like me.

In this new place, I met the bravery.
They do all great things.
All I can do is watching them.
And hoping that I won't become a prey.

When I grow up, life becomes difficult.
It was hard to become pretty.
It was hard to sustain the beauty.
It was hard to maintain the pity/
I can't pay more.
I just move on,
And start living.

Life is funny.
I can't predict.
I lived in prediction.
Everyday is a surprise.
People keep surprising me.
I guess that's a secret.
To lived in human.

Today, I wake up and yawn.
My past was yesterday.
And a day before that.
And a day before that.
And a day before that.
As now I'm thinking.
What would it be,
If I never have a life,
to make a story of my own.

Gaza: The Prize City of Tears (Nov 2012)

The prize city of rise and fall,
Emerged by the Philistines,
Dominated by empires and dynasties,
From Ancient pharaoh to Roman's emperor,
Byzantine come to stay and Ottoman swept it away.

Inside the various mind and hand,
You've been rules and besiege,
You were the gold, you are precious,
Fall by the western forces,
Captures by the Israeli faces,
The six days of previous wishes and hopes,
Days for reclaiming and repossession.
The exact six days of forefather's dream,
That's the six days of losing your freedom.

You've been ruled for so long,
The prize city of pain and cries,
Drowning inside lies and flies,
The raining fire and bullets over the skies,
The shaking flesh and blood becomes your song,
Watched by billions who blind,
Heard by billions who deaf.

They're the lord of weapon and steel,
They lived to seek and steal,
They can shoot you down,
They can flung you up,
But one thing they can't destroy,
You have our pray, and you won't fall.

The Value of Your Face is (Nov 2012)

Young; it begins with heart.
One friendship one tide,
One association of similarities,
Mind the exquisite,
Taste of relation,
Which ended with notion.

Youngsters; fear not for love,
One desire one passion,
One feeling is needed,
Mine are different,
You are different,
Yet it shall not be a wonder in us.

Grown ups; the reality.
Gifts of the past and the present.
Both walls met to shape.
Who am I, who you are for today.
A kid who evaluating friends,
A child who losing trust,
A man who looking for the one,
This will never be end,
It decides from the value,
It decides by your own face

One of These Nights (Oct 2012)

I wrote a story of a long road,
Where there were no parts to begin,
Nor a place to ended with,
It was a long way where I did not walk with my feet,
Or crawled with a pair of bare hand,
It was just a long road where people were watching,
But they can never touched me.

I wrote a story of life,
Where life is a life,
When life started with life and after life,
It was a cloudy sketch of graveness,
When all dreams were broke as a single dream,
And emerged from somewhere's hope,
It was a deep dream of life time,
It was just an old dream of no time.

I wrote a story of a wealth,
A master who walked with a wife and a mistress,
A madam who talked with a husband and a lover,
A man who crossed with the brain and agony,
And a woman who mocked with her face and martini,
It were the common wealth of gold and relationship,
The proudly wealth of nation and race,
With words to brag, a culture to swag,
As if there were no one who born better like them,
And speak like no one is greater than them,
Wealth changed human become a better sapien,
And wealth do turns human to become such a home.

I wrote a story of fate,
With a some thoughts that the world will be understand,
Some words will be accepted,
Or at least its voice will be heard,
As it tried to speak louder than whispering,
Yet it just a nude day with an empty hand,
Thousand tails were came out and shake the earth,
Watch the tears and taste the flesh,
All inks were dried to say more,
All papers were crushes to place for,
There were millions of flowers and the golden pots of rainbows,
But the business of warfare puts the bleeding scar to grow.

I wrote a story of nights,
Where I spent the eyes to watch of these lights,
There was a moment when I saw a tunnel,
A long old tunnel, a long old road,
Which reminds me with all broken tiles and pearls,
As they saw me and stood up coldly like marbles,
I was looking for happiness that costs me a pile of tears.
Full boxes of scar, thousand buckets of pain,
And the priceless pat of bitter salt,
Teased by a sweet fate that come for another teaser,
Then I lighted up the dark with two piece of matches,
"This would never stand last," I whispered,
And I might died in waiting,
It was the word that stabbed my ground,
As I was sitting down inside one of these nights.

The Rumour of Nocte Effugium (Oct 2012)

Rumour has it;
A little piece of heaven is under the bridge,
Nobody's home when I'm back,
The call of beautiful liar,
Days go by with a little less of conversation,
You don't have to remember the name,
Call it what you want,
Then you run for your life.

The sweet escape;
Now hide inside the cookie jar,
We run the night,
We run this town,
We born this way and walking on air,
Welcome to the world, lights,
These words are the sweet dream,
All the right moves are just back in time,
To blow it out and to take it off.

Some nights;
In the morning after dark,
We have the starlight and the sunrise,
We owned the pocket full of sunshine,
The power of flashing lights,
The strength of fireworks,
And when the lights go out,
For tomorrow we received the skyfall,
We raised the white flag and sail away,
This is the final feedback,
This is the time to back in black.

The Peeling Face (Sept 2012)

A cup of portion,
The world is the mixture of joy and misery,
The taste of caramel and bliss,
Sugar in wind,
All bitterness turn to creamy,
A little voice in your head,
It makes you twisted,
Like the colour of dark beans,
The best one will win,
The isolation makes the cycle,
Selecting is a gift, a wisdom,
Who does not love in return,
Good and bad is almost equal,
Labeling difficulties,
It keeps changing like a weather report,
A small part that ticklish,
Then, it grows up inside your taste buds,
It shall be the judge,
Was you life sipped the tasteless liquid?
Worse part to remember,
It peels your face.

Humans Like Flowers (Aug 2012)

Humans like flowers,
Fueled by youthful affections,
Bloomed through the emerging glory,
The sweetness spread its scene,
Valued by its fresh,
Make all views in awed.

Flowers like humans,
As happiness flows like water,
And love pours like a fertilizer,
Head bowed to each great,
Hands brawled to each sake,
Smiles killed to each heart,
And eyes died in each sight.

You are just like flowers,
You are strong, yet you are fragile.
The petals will fall down.
You are pretty yet you are ugly,
Youthful will change in natural courses.
You are sweet yet you are bitter,
Past taste can never be similar.
You are nice yet you are evil,
As bloods are split in two times.
You are smooth yet you are rough,
As it well behaved in view, not in touch.

Humans and flowers are together,
Gone in time and left in dusts.

[Copyright: Shield Sr. 2012-2014]
Image credits: Portraits of Throb Snaky by Otto Magus (deviant art)

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