Sunday, 1 February 2015

Artwork Gentleman

1 February, the month of they called. I don't care much. But I do care about a challenge I've made for myself. You know, I rarely sketch a man because I think that sketching a man is severe or grueling. I don't know why I have that kind of thinking but I do favour sketching a woman. Lenient and effortless, might be a reason (?). I'm not telling you that I did some reverse in my natural courses (you don't have to understand that but if you do, good for you) but these gentlemen artwork are meant for exercise. Hopefully, I can alter my problem to sketch a man in the future.

So at first, I've watched Sato Takeru in RurouKen movie (oro!...his smile is the best). Then I decided to sketch him. I made a decision to draw a man (which is not my thing, I love drawing weird-and-odd things actually). Soon after I finished with his face (not exactly the same), I tried it again. And again. I can't reach the satisfaction of drawing. And so I began to wandering inside Google and steal some pictures (yes, I 'steal' it). Basically I want to try a various kind of position and expression but in the end, all pictures that I've took from Google are all Japanese actors. Hurrah, that's the theme of my work! Japanese guy, as I can conclude.

To all gentlemen that I'd selected (unintended), I promised to myself, I will make you look better in the next-next-next attempt (if I'm not lazy around and sleep a lot)...hehehe~

1st attempt to draw Takeru. Actually I'm not trying to
draw his face precisely. I just love this position. It makes
him look...attractive?
2nd attempt to draw Takeru. I found his pictures in
different hairstyle. He looks very neat and tidy.
And very different too, because his eyes a bit wide.
So I decided to choose this expression.
3rd attempt to draw Takeru. This time, I choose
Rurouken style. As I told ya, his smile is the best.
Now I'm reading Rurouken comic, I just got an idea
to combine the real look sketch with an anime.
So this is what it looks like. Takeru with Kenshin.
Ow, cutie~
I loved his act in Gokusen and One Pound Gospel
(if I'm not mistaken with the dorama title). Some said
that Kazuya looks similar like Takeru. Yes, some part of
it. But the nose is different, for sure.
I never watch Miura's dorama or movie. I just loved him
because we shared the same birthday. You know,
it's not easy for me to find someone that born
on the same birth date with me. But till now, I found two
from Japan. They're Haruma Miura and Akira Toriyama
(Dragon Ball's creator)
2nd attempt to draw Miura. I loved this expression.
He's laughing so hard, I can't see his eyes.
That's the only reason why I choose this
4rd attempt to draw Takeru, using his old picture
(he look so young, probably 19 or 20). I guess
his face is the hardest ever in my record...hahaha!
The actor of my favourite dorama, Hanakimi,
it's been awhile to draw Shun. I did succeed to
draw him before but because I told ya it's been a
while to draw him, my vision about him is blurr...
I'll try again later. Maybe I choose the wrong
1st time drawing Kamiki. I choose a wrong picture,
again.He look so thin. Why am I choosing that
picture? Why? *facepalm
The last picture I choose, Mr. Odagiri 
(because of Shinobi influence, probably).  It took me few 
minutes to draw him and the result is as lazy as it looks. 
I'm just trying to fulfill the quota so the last one is 
not so neat. Well, this is just an excuse...hihi

Well, better gear up. What's the next challenge?

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