Friday, 31 January 2014

Kuching-Bau-Serikin Trip

Last Saturday (05/01/14), I forgot to keep a record about my trip. I was caught up by laziness. Obviously, I'm Kuchingite so the trip begin at Kuching. Then, we (I mean, my family) went to Serikin (at first) and then we stopped at Bau. Being mesmerized by nature. Do you know how much I missed the spot to grab pictures? I regret that.

So...there is~

Somewhere inside Turn Red Zoo at Bau-Serikin junction, there's a wide space for horses. I came here twice on the same month. Really. Horse's poo were everywhere, so for those who came here, I just love to remind you- watch your step. And, 'kelulut' nest of honey are everywhere. I wish I can get some honey at here, FOC.

[Information: RM4 to get inside the zoo for adults and kids. Below 6 is free.]

Siti Cafe and Catering, the 'must' and 'favourite' place for us to eat at Bau. You know, where you can find a good food and nice taste, I gave my star.  A lot of tourist went here, especially domestic tourists. Sarawak's food can be found easily at here. For me, fried salted 'terubok', 'sayur midin tumis' and 'sambal sotong' is unspeakable...delicious.

Remember Siti Cafe, if you merry-go around Bau.

Yes..yes..yes...I heart this so much in my stomach. This is 'udang galah' we bought at Serikin. One (1) kilo costs RM40. Extra 10 for another and quite a nice price for buyers. With a juicy, bouncy and tasty white volume of 'udang galah' and lots of gravy sauce...can you imagine that? 

I took this, randomly around Bau. This is a kind of wild flower that you can spotted easily, everywhere around Kuching or Bau..maybe other places at Sarawak. Vaguely I didn't know the name, the species, the scientific name so just call this as 'purpulus floweris.'

This is the other wild flower I've found around Bau. It reminds me with the other wild flower I saw at the back of Wisma Bapa Malaysia at the other-other day. It has a similar pattern and size but the colour is different. (This one is orange, the other one was pink.) 

I guess, their 'bloodline' is strong.
[link Wild Flowers]

Stop for a while at Bau-Serikin junction. eating local 'limau' and some 'popia' we bought at Serikin. That day was hot, and black is not a colour. It parts of my skin. Thank God, I lived in this era. So that's not a problem to clean it with software.

Basically, my brother took this pic. I rarely selfie/selca my own face. That's the habit.

Oh this...I was spying over this peacock during my first visit at Turn Red but the peacock was too shy, too lazy or not too proud to spread the tail.

This time, I finally made it. The colours of its tail, although the tail seems a bit coarse and untrimmed, the majestic look is still there. Hopefully, the management can pay a bit to beautify her.


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