Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Leisure Kampung Budaya

01 February 2014, right after CNY. Surprisingly I went to Kampung Budaya at Kuching after so many years lived as Kuchingite. I don't know how to describe Kampung Budaya in details since other bloggers already did that-much earlier than me, better than me and more images than me. So, I just spend my Saturday leisurely.

Enjoy the scenery is more important, that's my thought at the moment.

The first thing I saw when I stepped inside the place. The souvenir shop is 'must' for visitor to look around, and buy something for memories. I didn't pay much attention to this until the last minute of my walk at evening. The items are interesting, with interesting price. For those who came far, it's not a big deal to buy something precious for themselves. As for me, I'm always caught up with books.

This is where the journey start, as the signage told us what to do next. At the back is the theater area, where the live performance happened during around 11 am and 4 pm, everyday.

This is a piece of paradise, Mount Santubong at the back. The mist is still gathering at 1 pm. The weather is hot, my throat is drying and my lip is cracking. Good advice; buy drinks or bring your own drinks at home. It's good to be thrifty. 

The old item without labels inside Melanau tall house- at the second level. That's the principal of Sarawak Cultural Village. No labels so you're always curious about everything. I loved the tall straight stair over there. I wonder if I can make one for my own house one day.

Me and my nephew, around the center lake at Sarawak Cultural Village. The resting hut is wide and calm, seems good to lay my head and sleep. Besides, the soft breeze is quite seductive. 

My family at bamboo bridge, the main attraction for visitors at Sarawak Cultural Village. If you don't walk here, the journey seems incomplete and lack of experience. By the way, I loved walking on this kind of bridge.It thrills me.

In front of Ibanese longhouse. Actually, the longhouse is not as bad as sarcastic people always thought. I find myself, attracted to this kind of architecture because it looks genuine and friendly. Don't you think?

Sorry for my odd pose. I'm not photogenic.

The memorable items from Sarawak Cultural Village. The book; I bought at the souvenir shop, only RM18 and contain good facts. I'll share to you for my next-next entry. The blue ticket; that's the ticket and passport to enter the village. Since today is a special day after CNY, only RM20 per head. The blue sticker is kind of prove tag for visitors so you're not a pendatang asing in this village. And the bamboo stick; it's actually a stick for sumpit weapon during live performance inside the theater. I've got one of it, it flew right over me. 

I guess I'm lucky to have this.

The last souvenir from the village. Some sneak-a-peek during live performance inside the theater. Enjoy~