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Avatar Aang vs Avatar Korra series: Compare and Contrast

I heart Avatar series. I mean, the Nick's cartoon, not the blue creature in Cameron's movie. Avatar Korra is not so bad either. Korra, she's a fighter, really. A very healthy teenager in a modern world. And Aang? Very wise kid, calm, and adorable but at the same time, he's goofy and funny. However, there's a lot of character in both Avatar series and it seems to resemble to each character. You know what I mean?

Appa and Naga

Appa and Momo
Both monsters are the Avatar's pet. Appa is a giant flying bison and Naga is polar bear dog. Both are white and very close to their owner. But for me, I loved Appa more. I mean, he can fly! He's fat and cute and fury and he can fly to any place. The inner connection between Appa and Aang, also between Appa and Momo is very strong and touchy, I bet it's hard for the creator to put it inside Naga and Pabu. If people wants me to choose, I choose Appa. Decision has been made.

Momo and Pabu

Naga and Pabu
Yes, both are cute. Momo is a lemur, Pabu is a ferret. As I learned from both series, Momo can be very useful to watch any dangers ahead, collecting foods, assistant in battle, and helpful when Appa was stuck at the swamp. However, Pabu, he's just a cute pet, put a little show to help Bolin raised some money to pay a rent, and act a bit with a fake voice under Verrick's movie show. Obviously, if I want a pet, Momo will be the answer.

June and Asami

Remember June lady? A bounty hunter and a fighter with her weird creature who can smell anything named Nyla? She's the one who managed to hunt Aang faster with the power of smell, and defeated by the smell of perfume. Basically, June reminds me with Asami. Asami is a technology lady with good fighting skill and yes of course, they're both using make-up, obviously pretty, can fight very well, and they're both non-benders. I guess they're equal.

Sokka and Bolin

Sokka and Bolin
Sokka, my favourite character in Avatar Aang. He's sarcastic, funny, and stupid sometimes, but he's a fast learner, can be seriously creative and punctual in every movement. Bolin, in Avatar Korra, the creator seems to put sarcastic stuff inside Bolin but to be honest, I don't really like it. Bolin seems trying quite hard to look funny, stupid and sarcastic. I don't even know whether I have to laughed or not when Bolin make jokes. The creator is overdoing Bolin's humour. You know what character makes me laughed in Avatar Korra? Tenzin, Verrick and Ikki- they're funnier than Bolin. 76% people agreed with me in vote pole.

Singing nomad people and Julie

Julie (squat
close to Verrick)
Singing nomad
Singing nomad people and Julie is extra character in Avatar series. Nomad people helped Aang and his friend on the way to Omashu by travelling inside the lover's cave maze. Julie is Verrick's assistant who able to do anything, everything, even the possibilities are very thin. You know why I heart them? Nomad people are very good and cool companion. Julie is unbelievable hardworking worker. Having them around me makes my day more bearable.

Mai and Eska

Mai is Zuko's girlfriend, a daughter of Fire nation's governor who conquered Omashu. Very cold and dark lady. She don't put any make-up on her face so her face is completely fair, and dull. She's not funny at all. On the other hand, Eska, Korra's cousin is not so different. Dull, gloom, dark attitude, with a slight make-up at her eyes (because she has a identical twin brother called Desna so if she didn't put something on her face, she looks exactly like her brother). However, Eska is pretty funny, using odd words in her speech. Surprisingly, I heart Eska more than Mai.

Zuko and Mako

Their name ended with '-ko'. They're both fire benders. I liked the way the creators managed their characters such as; Zuko is a banished prince, with a big scar on his face, has a paranoiac sister, hot tempered and struggling to find a way of his life. Meanwhile, Mako is an orphan, visually handsome without a scar, has a big appetite brother, calm and struggling to get a life. To be honest, I think Zuko is more handsome with his scar, and his husky smexy voice. Besides, he's a prince and Fire Lord. I voted Zuko.

Katara and ?

I can't compared Katara to any character from Avatar Korra. She's still breathing in Avatar Korra' series. Surprisingly, she's able to maintain her hair-loop fashion for a very long time. And that's why she's Katara.

Toph and ?

Toph is one of the powerful character in Avatar Aang. I can't compared her with Lin, because Lin is her own daughter. Right now, no earth bender is stronger like Toph in Avatar Korra. Bolin is just a so-so in his earth bending skills (although Bolin's character based on the earliest creation of Toph). In a very young age (the youngest in team), she is able to create sensing skill to cover up her weakness (she's blind) and invent metal bending by sensing the earth elements that been purified. So beat me, she's the forever more prodigy in earth bending skills. It feels bad, she can't lived long or it would be great to see Toph swagged around Katara in her old age.

Aang and Korra

Aang and Korra
Last but not very least. Aang, the airbender. Korra, the waterbender. It took 100 years for Aang to face his duty and accept the fact that he's Avatar. Meanwhile, Korra is quite eager to become the Avatar, and a bit ego in her duty. It seems that 100 years had shaped Aang's attitude pretty well, inside the iceberg. And Korra, lived at the South Pole for few years, training, playing and not allowed to see the whole world, she went wild and stubborn. Aang is obviously respecting his mentors and Korra is having few bad attitudes, especially to Tenzin. Yes, Korra is strong and always prepared to face her duty as Avatar while Aang is a chicken and need 100 years to accept the story. Yet, I heart Aang by the way he appreciates his friends, goof around, expressing love, patience and most important of all, he's the last Airbender. Without Aang, the generation of Airbender would be disappear, forever. All in all, it's hard to compare the two of them, because their age, gender and problem is so different.

Charms inside Avatar Aang series

1. I heart Iroh's song when he sat and play around with his ship crews. The song sounds like this: "Winter spring, summer and fall. Winter spring, summer and fall. Four seasons, for love. Four seasons, for love." The other two songs, Little Soldier Boy and Leaves from the Vine is pretty touchy.

2. The sound of sunki horn. It feels nostalgia and sad, when Iroh sat, play the sungki horn and reminisce his past.
3. The lovely singing nomad! I heart all songs sang by them.

4. The special episode in Avatar Aang; when Momo missed Appa, Iroh remembered his son, Zuko's first date in Earth kingdom, the girl day of Katara and Toph, the animal lover Aang and poetic Sokka. I really want to see this kind of episode in Korra.

Extra: Arguments in Avatar Korra

1. Koh, the face stealer. Aang visits him once during his search to find the moon spirit at the North Pole. There are some arguments whether Koh is Vaatu according to the same shape tree at the spirit world. Some Avatar-fan believed that Koh and Vaatu is different entity but both very old, equal to the moon spirit. Probably, Koh is the last defense to keep Vaatu out from the tree, so perhaps Koh stole the face of Kuruk's wife (Kuruk is Avatar before Kyoshi) because Kuruk wasn't take his role to keep balance seriously.

2. Is Vaatu really dead? I mean, I really curious. I wonder what was happening after Korra 'purify' Unalaq from Vaatu's power with water bending skill? According to Raava, light can't destroyed dark and so is dark. If light try to destroy dark, dark will grow inside light. It takes 10000 years to emerge. Vaatu used Unalaq's body and born as Dark Avatar while Raava embodied with the selected soul and become the Avatar with four elements. It happens that Korra purified Unalaq (and sadly killed her uncle). What happened to Vaatu? Did Vaatu grow inside the Avatar since Raava is living inside the selected soul? There's a loophole somehow.

3. Aang told Zuko that the monks learned air bending art from the original bending source-the flying bison. Meanwhile, Toph learned earth bending from the badgermole. Iroh learned it from the dragon and water benders learned it from the way they saw how moon pull in and out the ocean. Back to the old-old-old days, people got their bending skills from the giant sea lion turtle. That creature was the master to all four elements. So, which one is the master? The flying bison, the badgermole, the dragon, the moon or the giant sea lion turtle?

4. Korra lose all contacts with the previous Avatars, the cycle has broken by Vaatu who tortured Raava again and again. Is there any Avatar after Korra' death? I mean, she lose all connection to her predecessors. The only thing that keep inside the tree of time (the prison jail for Vaatu) is the memory of Wan, the first Avatar. Is there possible for the next Avatar to gain wisdom without the connection from the past? I guess, I need to wait more for this question.

5. Okay, Korra lose Raava after Vaatu ripped that kite-like spirit out from her body. But she able to summon her four elements strength inside the tree of time. How? With the power of the universe? As we know, Raava is the on-off switch that triggers the Avatar state. The bending skills came from that person itself, by learning and practicing. So, although Raava is out from Korra's body, she's still able to bend, with 4 reasons; 
  • she is still connected with Raava spirit so that's why she dig inside Unalaq's body when she got a chance, 
  • she got the universe strength through harmonic convergence, 
  • the memory of Wan inside the tree helps her to gain strength, 
  • or probably oversight by the animators. 
6. Does anyone notice that Korra is struggling with villains from Water tribe (Amon and Unalaq)? It seems that Water tribe is replacing Fire nation's role in the past. Maybe the creator wants to relate something between Korra and the villains because, Korra is the Water tribe girl? But, why not Earth kingdom? I want to see villains from the Earth kingdom.

7. Can somebody told me the purpose of Jinora appears in between Korra and Unalaq? Is she brought something powerful that ignite strength that helps Korra fighting against Unalaq? Or, she brought the pure light from the spirit world to awake Raava that weaken by Vaatu? Somehow I think that Jinora is very powerful that only she can settle the tight situation between Korra and Unalaq (or actually, between Raava and Vaatu).

It seems like there's a bit struggle to line up the story back-to-back in Avatar Korra. Hope the creator pay more attention. I watched both series more than 100 times. I believed I'm crazy.

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