Wednesday, 9 April 2014

How To Be Awesome? I mean, Really?

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Being awesome means awesome. Yes, like Barney. However, at the same time, you feel a bit lose and losing the confident awesomeness, also like Barney. If you watch HIMYM continuously, like I did, Barney character is obviously lack of confidence and he covered it with upbringing personalities. No matter how much he said 'awesome', 'legendary' and stuffs, at the end, he needs love to be real awesome. And, life is not a legendary without friends to watch it. So, noted that.

How to be awesome? I mean, really? Basically I'm not awesome either, but I need that to remain happy for myself. Some kind of self-therapy or self-motivation, I guess. Sometimes, when you managed to feel awesome for yourself, it will glow up your character at the outside. And yes, that's the main base to be a great person. Let me show you some small tips:

1. Be unique

Unique means different. So make yourself different from those of others. Of course, you're different through your name, finger prints, DNA, whatsoever. The main thing is, how different are you? Are you so different which is worth to remember? Try make something that can be your personality, your trademark. You can used few catchy catchphrases too. It would be nice if somebody remember you, in a good way.

2. Be crazy

Crazy, it doesn't mean that you have to be real insane. Crazy can be defined how crackpot you are, your taste of life, fashion, hobbies, and even your maximum crave of certain brands. It would help people to remember you well. Life would be dull with colourful attitudes so, be crazy as you can be. As long it won't harm you, in a bad way.

3. Be happy

This is easy. Happy means, appreciate everything around you, even the smallest, the slightest one. Listen Pharrell Williams if you need help. Sometimes, this happy manner would help you to feel awesome for yourself. And the happiness will show out through your gesture and language. People will absolutely love you, as they saw you are able to deal with pressure and problems. It means that, you are awesome. Not everyone can deal their distress, in a good way.

4. Be in love

Love, it doesn't have to involve with a man. Learn that from Frozen movie. Love is universal. Cat is a wide-globe trend right now, so be a catnip-lover. Love your family, that's your backbone of real love. Love your friend, that's your friendly companion in life. Love thy enemies, it shows you the real truth of this world- pretty merciless. Love music, because it describe the understanding of feelings. Love God, because that's faith. And the most of all, love yourself. Because no one would love you more than you do.

5. Be strong

Strong, you don't have to spend the whole year in a gym and get muscle-up. Strengthen your inner part with faith and hopes. Fear can be useful too, in certain times. As you realized the weakness part within you, it is good to pull out some strength from the weakness and make point of it. Return to number 1, find yourself in unique ways.

6. Be funny

Funny, you don't have to make jokes all the times. Get your punch line, don't try too much. No one likes who trying too much. It can be irritating, or annoying. Funny means that you know how to tackle someone's attention, find their traits and deeds and have some appraisal and teasing. It would be fun as long you don't overdoing it. You know, making people happy makes you happy. And awesome at the same time.

7. Be knowledgeable

Knowledge is power. You need that. Nothing comes good without a proper knowledge. Being awesome means that you must have knowledge in order to get all your advantages on a single file. I wouldn't spend any minute to sit and hear a speech from someone who looks awesome but speak rubbish. It's a shame.

8. Be cool

Good advice, be cool. You don't have to have a shower inside a cooler. Just act calm, don't over-reaction, over-excited or over-acting in any important situation. Being cool could help you to 'inner-shine' your personalities. Everyone loves cool guy. You think you can bear one second to sit close with loudspeaker hell person? Think again.

9. Be understandable

I like people who can understand me. They don't have to understand me very well. I just want people to know their limits whenever they close to me. No judgmental thing. Arguing is not a funny thing to do as a daily routine. So, being understandable means a lot of awesome. Not everyone can do that, because patience is a real deal of virtue. You know what I mean.

10. Be yourself

How much do you know about yourself? Your strength, your weakness, your psychology, your feelings? If you think you know everything about yourself, check again. Your eyes can deceive you as you thought you're on the right track. Ask people, people who really care about you. They're your mirror. Look at yourself. Examine yourself. And be yourself. Although there's a lot of weakness while you saw through yourself, no one can assure you that what's coming next in our life. 

So, just carry on and be awesome. And don't forget to suit-up your awesomeness!
p/s: Barney teaches me; have courage to face pain, accept the challenge and be awesome. 


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