Saturday, 26 April 2014

Problems in Relationship

Relationship, I never be in one. I am not intend to. I loved watching people, get along, walk down and up, then scratching each other. Well, I guess, that's love. 

People in relationship often said that, "love is pain", or "love is misery" but they never stop chasing love. Because that's makes them alive. I do need love. I love my family, my God and myself. I think that's good enough. But not everyone is simpleton as mine. And still, that relationship is much killing than living.

I told you, I loved watching people. Let me tell ya why they got problems in relationship.

1. Jealous. When you got this disease, you act differently than your brain's order. You decided to put handcuffs over your partner and keep them so you can tame them.

2. The invention of nagging. You invent few spiteful words. It can be extremely faster than a bullet. That's because you don't get any response, and your request has been delayed.

3. Perfection. You want a perfection. You can't accept wrong, incompetency, helpless, insecurity, or threats from your partner. It drives you crazy.

4. Mother syndrome. This is for girls. They began to act motherly. Men must know to do work. If they did the job, you can't accept the result. So you say, "Even if he does it, it won't be done right." That's so pain in the ass.

5. Single syndrome. This is for boys. They know they're in relationship. But they made themselves in splendid pleasure of single-dom. I don't know whether they forgot, looking for new candies, dumb or naturally born inside their DNA.

6. Toxic behaviors. You suddenly snipe, expect too much, plenty of doubts, refuse efforts, make busy, bark like a dog, lack of voice tone, uninterested and yes, rebel. That's how it goes. Once you want to bound yourself with someone, and next you want to be free. Later, you want to set back a new string. Then, you cut the rope.

7. Fantasy is no more. At first, everything is sweet. Even when you're painful, and you cry; it seems like you drink a water, but the sweetness of a candy still intact. But sooner or later, the sweetness will gone. When it's gone, that's the end.

8. Too much reasons, too much excuses, too much accusations. You think that you're living a cruel world.

9. You refused to own the problem. Faster you ended it, the better it is. But you wouldn't care how you ended it. 

10. Defense. Everyone thinks that they're right. You say, "I'm just being a good", or  "I did try my best" or et cetera. You know, creating that sentence means that, you want to defense yourself. Just like Mr. Red says in Shawshank Redemption, 'everyone is innocent'. It's difficult to admit guilty.

Human's connection is very complex. You can read thousands of motivation books or guides, but this will happen in every civilization because that's how it goes.


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