Sunday, 13 September 2015

Artwork Graphite

Happy Sunday, peeps! Yesterday was filled with flowers. Today, I stayed at home and sketch-up. With my beloved pencils and relaxing weekend, it would be good to draw something. I enjoyed doing artwork although no one asking me to do it. And I never get paid. Yet, I still loved it because it's fun!

Well, my writing project is getting tougher and demand more ideas. Artwork is my remedy.

This sudden artwork came from the old pic of mine. 
And it reminds me with my childhood.
So I named it; Miss Inno Cent.

This is Kappa the turtle, the hyper-picky eater.
The real vs. the counterfeit~

 I draw this through my reading. Based on a middle class
kid who lived at London.

Meet Miss Understood. I don't even know how to
name this artwork.

 First I thought I would let this sketch just like this.

But it turns out like this. Running, Breathing, Amazing.
It sounds like sport campaign, or health ads, isn't it?

Saying Hi and smiling eyes. 
Is he friendly enough? He's a boy, okay~

War watchers, based on Palestinian kids during war.
My opinion, difficult times create more pure emotions.
So, humanity is really powerful.

 If you have any ideas or passions about artwork, kindly shared it with me.
I'm looooking forward into it :)


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