Saturday, 12 September 2015

3rd International Orchid Show Kuching 2015

Good Saturday, peeps! Changing languages for today (because it's so 'international'). So I decided to meditate in Kuching Orchid Garden (nearly located at Astana Kuching) and dream on during the 3rd orchid show. I was left out in 2011 and 2013. This year, I'm lucky.

I don't want to talk much. The weather is hazy (please Sumatra, stop smoking T.T), the atmosphere is hot and got, let's proceed.

The Alluring Orchid Fantasy~

This good day started by curiousity...and
candid camera. Aw, sweet~

My parent got excited with flowers.
Well, good for them.

Strolling into another flowery road.

Amazing pet, not for sale.

Orchid mini garden by Brunei Darussalam. Golf course are provided, but not for touch.
Reminisce the old kapok inside the garden.
There was a big old bungalow at here
in 90s before it got demolished.
So far, my favvy orchid mini garden. Nihon daisuki~
(Japanese broken language, please pardon me...)

'Play the traditional chess' by Soga

"Fly" Made in Thailand

Greet by smiling at Vietnam's mini garden.
Uu, creepy~

Based on this year's theme; alluring and fantasy.
Pretty? Absolutely.

Next day is the last day of International Orchid Show. Don't forget to spend times with flowers. It's good for eye-sight, and brain too ^^


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