Sunday, 24 July 2016

Artwork Arthralgia

Good evening, peeps~ It's been awhile for me to compose entry in English. In order to fulfill the vision of English nourishment in my state, I have to gear up a bit and refreshed my previous year in blogging field. I missed that moment. And today, when I realized my age is added and my joints are getting tired because I did a lot of work (blogging, writing and official duty), I began to remember my sweet day of sketching and get lazy. 

So, I started to get back my sketch book and stretching my imagination. My brain connection is not so well right now, I guess. But I did few artworks as the beginning of my long-life passion of art. Yeah, my all-over joints need a wake up call.

Wake up, dear me.

The Rainflower
It's time to light up everything heavy

It would be good to get free from desire

Adventure is a good companion

Think is the only way to see things without seeing

Hopefully, I don't feel down and be more optimist

Isn't that nice to motivate myself and others at the same time?

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