Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Car Trip to Princess Santubong

Few months ago, when we were going for a car trip, hunting for some fresh ketam at Kampung Buntal, one of the Malay Village that near to Gunung Santubong, I was captured by a green scenery of a little forest, a small place to hide and pour out my depression. There was a large of natural elemental that intertwine inside my head, looking for something I did not know. As I was sitting inside a car, going here and there, I wide my gaze out from the window. I used to dream, to own a little place of mine. Planting crops like kailan, pegaga, sawi bunga and kobis. Breathing inside the reviving fresh air. There is a something that I called as 'a part of my floating dream.' If only, one day, hopefully, I could lived somewhere like this, the wonderful land of tranquility and calmness, happiness will pour on top of my head like a water. Freedom 'till the end...^^

So, I shared with you few places that I have seen with my family, the continuous car trip to Princess Santubong will never stop.

the slight view of Santubong peak

the other view of Princess

 my view inside the car

one of the village house at Kampung Buntal

magnificent Princess

behind the green thingie

the old house owned by an old lady, she's not here anymore.

a holy maqam of Sultan Tengah, the only Sultan in Sarawak

delicious, big and gravy kerang at Kampung Buntal, funny how, I didn't
catch any picture of ketam....haha~

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