Monday, 24 September 2012

The Peeling Face

A cup of portion,
The world is the mixture of joy and misery,
The taste of caramel and bliss,
Sugar in wind,
All bitterness turn to creamy,
A little voice in your head,
It makes you twisted,
Like the colour of dark beans,
The best one will win,
The isolation makes the cycle,
Selecting is a gift, a wisdom,
Who does not love in return,
Good and bad is almost equal,
Labeling difficulties,
It keeps changing like a weather report,
A small part that ticklish,
Then, it grows up inside your taste buds,
It shall be the judge,
Was your life sipped the tasteless liquid?
Worse part to remember,
It peels your face.

[24/09 MiaoTown]

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