Monday, 24 September 2012

The Same Thing about Superheroes

Superheroes, the important roles in Hollywood film industries. I have seen so much of superhero movies starting from last year until now, watching the old one again and again. Starting with Spiderman, X-Men (my favourite), Wolverine X-Men Origin, Captain America, Green Lantern and The Avengers, I can't wait to see the sequal. 

But, there is something about those characters, they shared the same thing such as:

1. Lab victim.

He was involved with a secret experiment with German scientist
and puff!....from puny to buffy handsome soldier ^^

Born with excessive bones that fractured by his brother,
he has agreed to 'reborn' under Stryker experiment and
posses the new weapon...

He was born with eccentric magnetic power but upgraded by a German
peculiar doctor through a rough experiment.

2. Rich and bachelor

Well, I don't have to explain this. A bachelor, rich guy with business
and a bat guy at night with technologies...and a great car too...

Stark Tower, Stark Technologies, Stark weapon, Stark Exhibition...
I think that's enough to show how rich this superhero.

3. Experiment failure

In X-Men First Class, he used to be a handsome young scientist who
wish to look normal but it turns out to be a failure when his serum makes
him into a new bluish monster....what a pity...

Green monster...that's the best way to describe the failure of  a scientist but
the most reliable one in The least he make good deeds from this.
4. Sudden gifts

Four young people were exposed by a cosmic energy and become great superheroes
who saves the world...hmm, they are alive so, it's not a bad thing to worry about :-D

The dying alien Abin Sur proposed him with a ring, and that's how he became
like this. The only superhero that fight out from the Earth barrier...great, isn't it?

I loved to catch the spider who bite him! All of a sudden, he got a rare
superpower that allows him to swing from one building to another, get his girl,
saved people, hold the train (?), become a hero. 


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