Monday, 17 February 2014

10 Effects When Watching Soccer Match

Soccer games, the best hot 'item' for everyone. FIFA is getting near, as well as Liga in Malaysia. I'm not so 'in' about soccer. Not so deep like my friendly-hood brothers and sisters. But then I realized, whenever I watched the game, something happened to me. So I quickly stopped myself and went to bed.

You know what?

1. Fan-moment

credits: wallpopers
Watching them with one soccer ball on a wide-green field puts me into some fan-moments. I am mesmerized and keep watching the rolling ball. What happened next? Is it goal?

2. Soccer mind

credits: incrediablediary
Well, that's how it goes. There's no irony between sports and soccer. It just happened below your consideration, and awareness.

3. High spirits

credits: theguardian
GOAL! That's the spirit. I always heard that, from neighbours, my brother
and Mr. Commentator.

4. Outrage

credits: busineseinsider
SHIT! That's how you feel when the player almost get the score, referee
take out yellow/red card or the opposite fan curses you.

5. Anti-referee

credits: edition
"Curse to all shit-damn-unfair-bias referee". 65% percent of fan's anger came out because of this person. I always stopped at this level, and went to bed.

6. Chanting group

credits: nytimes
This is usual environment during the match. Fans will never stop chanting the lucky words, suddenly turn themselves into some kind of sport shaman.

7. Nervous symptom

credits: publicoccurrenc
Every minutes are important during the match. Fans are more nervous than the players. For those who watch TV, they might screamed in front of the technology.

8. Fight pulses

credits: totalprosports
Suddenly feel it when the opposite fans keep cursing your favourite team. 
You wanna punch them. But one punch seems not good enough.

9. Getting Fanatic

credits: weirdnews
At this level, fans are getting frantic about the match. They just too fanatic in
everything- the ref, the opposite fans, their costume and the match itself.

10. Losing manners

"Okay, this is too much."
credits: boston
The last and sad level. There are three groups of 'losing manners'- beginner, average and extreme. If you're a beginner, stop on that. For those who reached the extreme group, please seek help at psychology department.

Combining all results into one, if this happened to you, you are in total ADDICTION.

p/s: You should know where to stop yourself.


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