Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Stamps: The Little Ambassador

Stamps, that was my earliest entry (in 2011) but the images were bad. Generally I made 2 entries about my collections (Singapore and Sarawak) and I'm not going to tell you about history stuff, again. According to S. Forty, the author of Stamps Of The World book, 'there has been a sharp decline in writing, replaced by the telephone, Internet and email...'

But for me, stamps are the little ambassador to the country. Internet, phone and email is good, but I loved those tiny-and-colourful papers. It fills with nostalgia. ^^

(1) Japan: My beautiful stamp from Japan, with extra 'Osaka' mark and few words I don't understand. I'm looking for more Japanese stamps. Donation, please...

(2) Indonesia: A greeting stamp from Indonesia (2001). Although Indonesia is our closest neighbour, it's still hard for me to get more Indonesia stamps.

(3) Australia: The little 'friend' from Aussie says about 'Papua New Guinea Independece 1975.'

(4) Espana: The-only-one. My little 'friend' from Spain. Something about 'Ano Polar Internacional.'

(5) New Zealand: Actually I have two NZ's stamps- Rata and Karaka. I like this one, it looks old and classy.

(6) Nepal's stamp. The only Nepal stamp, the coronation in 1975. It's hard to get another one.

(7) Philippine: The little ambassador from Philippine, the historical event for Ferdinand E. Marcos in 1965. I also collect the currency, 100 peso with a buffalo image. So beautiful.

(8) India: One among 8 in my collections- a leopard cat. My former employer, the Indian-Muslim textile merchant gave it to me since he didn't know what to do with those Indian stamps. He has relatives over there.

(9) Netherland: I have 5, or 6 stamps from Netherland. Donated, to be truth. But I really like this one. The combination of a portrait and an artwork.

(10) Singapore: One of my collections. I already made the entry about my Singapore stamps. Don't forget to check it out.

(11) Brunei: My first Brunei stamp- the 'Brunei Beauty'. I intend to make the entry about Brunei's stamps next month. Hopefully I don't forget the list.

(12) UK: I don't which part, UK is big. But one thing for sure, the Queen's symbol is obvious. And I'm happy because I have more.

(13) Hong Kong: The Bulbul bird stamp from HK. Given by somebody I didn't remember. 

Next, I'm seeking stamps from other places. I need more. 



  1. waahhh~~ aku pun suka kumpul setem. Tak sangka shield suka gak~~boleh kita tukar2 satu hari nanti :))

  2. boleh, nanti aku wat entry "setem untuk ditukar". hehe :D