Sunday, 9 February 2014

Artwork 2014

Sunday, lovely day to yawn and doze off. Yet I decided to blink my eyes and hangout via Facebook, where I discover Mika's doodle competition Part 3. Of course I enter that, that's a huge opportunity. Win or lose, it doesn't matter. As long it makes me happy, unharmed and joyful, I'll try my best to make arts.

Yep, speak about art. Creatives are infinity.

The first sketch in 2014- the horse, based on Chinese
New Year's calendar. And, this is the first horse I ever
draw in my life. First time, not bad actually.

Japanese warrior, I named him Kudo. Basically I loved the art
technique from the Pacific Rim area. So I try to make one.
Not very smooth but I think it looks okay.

Lara, the amiable. I sketch this out of nowhere.
What do you think?

A western woman with a cigarette- not good for health.
Got this when I read a book. It gives me the idea, and
a nice posture.

I never draw a girl with jewels or shiny stuffs. Then I made
Maya, this lady. There's a bit of India-fusion.

The most calm lady I ever draw. I named her Saca.
I made this less than 5 minutes. It means that she's
'very friendly' and 'helpful'.

The most complicated 'details' I ever made. It took me half
an hour to draw and another 10 minutes to 'decorate'. So,
do you like my pretty Zhang?

mode: ready for new faces~

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