Sunday, 16 February 2014

Top Spot: The Best Food Spot at Kuching

credits: paronamio
I don't have to mention a lot about this place, I guess. Top Spot Food Court Restaurant, located at Taman Kereta, Jalan Bukit Mata Kuching, is very well known among Kuchingites, domestic tourists and even foreigners. The lodging houses, motels and hotels also scattered around this place, which makes Topspot as a brilliant place to stop and having dinner.

Why am I telling you this?

I went there yesterday, I just want to promote it. Is that wrong?

Topspot, with 4/5 star according to Tripadvisor, this food court becomes the heaven center of seafood- with prawns, fishes, crabs, squids, seashells, bamboo clams, oysters and all kinds of aquatic things. Known as a 'Topspot' because dozens of restaurants gathered on top of parking place, it is reachable for those tourists around Kuching Waterfront. 

credits: vkeong
So, yes. When we (me and family) went there, I saw the ocean of people. Not fish. Inside those people, food-porn people emerged with personal gear and snapshot gadgets. I don't have many times for aggressive food porn. I wanna eat.

Basically, this place is airy, busy and crowded, mostly during evening. The enter door is quite unknown for the first-time visitor. But nothing to worry about. You know where to go, just follow the family group who stand in front of the elevator. Easy, right?

Sorry I didn't catch much of photos, I believed the other 'food-porners' did that already. So I just say, this place is nice to go when you have a very thick wallet and wanna have fun with buddies or families. Besides, this place is suitable for kids. No fire is included on the table, just complete dishes ready to munch.

Few photos that I able to snap yesterday>

Big shiny crab. Yet I didn't enjoy any crab
yesterday. I have allergies.
Nice ABC. Not too sweet.
Very nice for hot Kuching
Fried 'midin', famous among locals. Also
famous among tourists.
Fried mixed-veggies. I love veggies.
I found tiny 'telur puyuh'.
Fried sweet and sour 'bawal' fish.
Gravy and tasty
Actually there were few dishes I didn't captured- butter prawn, fried seashell and fried 'kerapu' fish. Sorry, we're having a dinner race.

All in all, Topspot is a nice place to eat.

p/s: Remember, it can be a bit pricey if you're too naive.


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