Saturday, 23 August 2014


Artology, what does it mean? Google it, all you can see is the brand, art studio, gallery or something about entrepreneurship for artists. To make it short, it's all about art. You know, I did something a bit rush few days ago. I did try my best to deal it but I know that I can't handle it. Big apologize for them, but I have to get out before I regret it.

So, I continued some work inside my new sketchbook. A4 type, 110gsm with all kinds of black pencils- Faber Castell SV, Staedtler Mars Lumograph, Astar Venice and PaperMate 1107. My mind was messed up a week ago because I forced myself doing something totally contrary so, some of my artwork is quite odd.

No matter what, still, I'm living my life inside this beautiful world. Hope is everywhere. Chance is everywhere. And passion is everywhere. All in all...Keep Calm and Do More Artworks~

My dear Contrary girl. This is not my original idea. Actually,
I was inspired by my fellow artist in Instagram, my dear
Zephrotet who follow my Insta artworks. Zephrotet's
artwork is creative and HShield approved it.
Doodle Fantasy. It sounds nice. The truth was, I made mistakes for this
artwork, I don't know what to do. So I made some alteration and
covered it with black marker (Zebra Fine Oil Base from Japan
and Faster CDR Marker from Korea). The result? Not bad.
Hijab Eye was made yesterday, I just criss-cross my mechanical
pencil, Pilot Color Eno 0.7 and touch up with Astar Venice 4B, 6B
and Staedtler Mars Lumograph  8B. I was inspired by a strong
stare of Palestinian woman through war. They are the strongest
women in this world.
In Side, the name of this artwork. Why I named her like
that? First, I darken IN her face only. Second, I just show
her SIDE face. Get it?
My Ladyfriend (usually the term is 'Girlfriend') was made
spontaneously, I just follow my mind. What to do next?
Where should I dark or light the colour? At the end, the
result is quite, uneven (?)
Maia, I named her with my novel character. I was really
fond with spooky-vintage-dark-gloomy lady from 18th
century so I decided to draw her like this. Yet, sometimes,
I think her spookiness is not enough. Well, my thought.
Messed Up, the best way to describe my feeling and my mind
a week ago. The first sketch I did inside my sketchbook and
surprisingly, my messiness caught some attentions inside
my Insta acc.
And here it is, one of the oddest art I ever made so far.
My Twin is Evil. But, I don't have any twin. Just
my imagination, like a bogeyman.
Selfish Flower, which part is selfish? I named her
Selfish according to my weaknesses. Yes, I can be
selfish and I 'sell my fish' whenever I feel
insecure. It's a fair world, right?
"I'm watching you. Through walls, cracks and dividers.
No one can stop me. I crept while laughing.
And no one knows how fluky I am, when I saw you."

 Inspired by a spooky comic. Also, one of
my oddest artwork. 
Scare enough?

So far, which artwork caught you?