Thursday, 7 August 2014

Flower Stamps On Board

Good eve, peeps! English corner has returned in my entry and it is not a good day for me, wondering and confusing about something I don't have to tell you about. So? What's on the menu? Owh, flower stamps. It's been quite a time for me, updating something that sarcastic people called as 'lame' or 'nerds'. I loved stamps and it's not my problem if you hate it. For this entry, let's talk about flower. You know, blossoming flowers are the best view. It means hope, and hope is a good thing.

Let's check my little collections~

1. MALAYSIA| 60 cent| Bunga Kertas, Bougainvillea
2. MALAYSIA| 70 cent| Bunga Lili Merah, Hippeastrum reticulatum
3. MALAYSIA| 80 cent| Bunga Raya, Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis
4. MALAYSIA| RM1| Bunga Tasbih, Canna Orientalis

1. MALAYSIA| Sarawak| 5 cent| Anggerik Kasut, Paphiopedilum Niveum
2. MALAYSIA| Sarawak| 6 cent| Anggerik Buluh Hutan, Spathoglottis Plicata
3. MALAYSIA| Sarawak| 10 cent| Anggerik Kesturi, Archnis Flos-Aeris
4. MALAYSIA| Sarawak| 15 cent| Anggerik Lilin/Anggerik Ekor Tupai, Rhyncostylis Retura
5. MALAYSIA| Sarawak| 20 cent| Anggerik Anak Bulan, Phalaenopsis Violacea
6. MALAYSIA| Melaka| 10 cent| Bunga Durian, Durio Zibethinus
7. MALAYSIA| Sarawak| 15 cent| Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis
8. MALAYSIA| Sarawak| 20 cent| Rhododendron Scortechinii

1. MALAYSIA| 30 cent| Rhododendron Fallacinum
2. MALAYSIA| 30 cent| Rhododendron Maxwellii
3. MALAYSIA| 30 cent| Rhododendron Praetervisum
4. MALAYSIA| 30 cent| Rhododendron Scortechinii

1. MALAYSIA| 2003| 30 cent| Mawar, Rosa Hybrida
2. MALAYSIA| 2003| 30 cent| Mawar, Rosa Hybrida
3. MALAYSIA| 2003| 50 cent| Mawar, Floribunda

1. MALAYSIA| 2001| 30 cent| Kenanga, Cananga Odorata
2. MALAYSIA| Sarawak| 10 cent| Bunga Tiga Bulan, Hydrangea Macrophylia
3. SINGAPORE| 30 cent| Orchid Vanda Miss Joaquim
4. NEW ZEALAND| 7 cent| Rata


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