Monday, 11 August 2014

Old Kuching, Old Photos

Good rainy day while I'm updating my blog entry. Kuching is under the rain without a 'bow'. You get what I mean? Okay, few months ago, I stumbled some old photos at my granny's house and those photos were so old and yellowish, some of them were too authentic, I feel very bad when I saw the ruins. You know, old photos contain old stories. There were something at the back, the background, the scene of the past. I managed to save and fix some of the collection and the rest is still uncovered. If I able to get all of them, I'll put it in here.

Inside old photos, there's an old story. Inside the old story, there's the old Kuching. 

This photo was taken in late 60s. Probably in 1967 or
1968 because my mother was in primary school.
This place is somewhere around the Kuching Old
Court and I'm sure that this place is no longer same
like before.

This photo was taken in early 80s or late 70s if I'm not mistaken. 
Those were my uncle's friend. Dewan  Undangan Negeri Sarawak, 
the old one was under construction during that time, 
including Dewan Lapau. As you can see, Dewan Lapau is the 
background of this old photo.

This photo was taken in the mid of 70s, Bangunan Tunku
Abdul Rahman at the back. Also known as Kompleks Negeri.
When I was a child, I always thought that that building
was the place to produce Cornflakes, because I confused
with the 'Kompleks' word. Yeah, I am idiot.

One happy day for my mom, always caught up eating
ice cream. This photo was taken in late 60s, at the back
of Sarawak Museum. The mechanical fountain is still
there, but the vibrant is different.

The same day at Sarawak Museum. The continuous 
family-outing moment in late 60s. My mother ate
ice cream for a whole day.

My uncle's old school day. I mean it, that building was the old
secondary school in 70s, SMK Tun Abang Haji Openg at Astana
Road before the Government changed the school location at 
Jalan Malindo, or Jalan Demak nowadays. SMK TAHO 
was my school too. 7 years in a row, I'm a true alumni.


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