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Ships in Brooke's Era

Good evening. A very short, fast and tired reading about water vehicles in Brooke's era. Why so sudden? Actually, I was planning for this entry few months ago, yet I was in procrastinated trilogy which makes me forgot to list the names inside my notebook. Okay, today, this evening, quite late obviously because I used to update my entry in afternoon, I finally able to write this in hurry. Hee-haw, I don't have any idea how to put the title entry so I hope that the entry is catchy for those who need this fact *you're welcome.

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Ships in Brooke's Era

  • Dido: Owned by James Brooke
  • Samarang: Also owned by James Brooke
  • Julia: a schooner that served and sailed from between Singapore-Sarawak.
  • The Royalist: a ship that was sent out to guard the entrance of Batang Lupar River
  • The Nemesis: a steamer vessel that was sent out to deal with piratical Dyaks at Saribas.
  • H.M.S Albatross: a ship that being sent by English admiral in consequence of James Brooke's application in order to deal piracy.
  • Rainbow: a government vessel, a small screw steamer that running between Sarawak and Singapore.
  • H.M.S Amazon: Owned by Captain Troubridge, a Singaporean ship that brought James Brooke with McDougall's family to Penang Hill after Christmas in 1850.
  • H.M.S Fury: Owned by Admiral Austin, sending McDougall back to Sarawak after 6 weeks of vacation at Penang Hill.
  • Jolly Bachelor: a gunboat owned by Captain Brooke (that ought to be the next rajah after James Brooke)
  • Dingy (facts unclear)
  • Good Luck: a schooner, fleeing for fear during Chinese Insurrection. Harriet McDougall was one of the passenger among many of Chinese passengers.
  • H.M.S Spartan: Owned by Captain Hoste, arrived at Sarawak to protect British's interests during Chinese Insurrection.
  • Sir James Brooke: a steamer vessel that Harriet used to go to Singapore.
  • H.M.S Esk: Owned by Captain Sir Robert J. McClure, he came for a visit after Captain Brooke's wife, Annie died caused by puerperal fever after giving birth.
  • Sarawak Cross: The Bishop's yacht. Charles Johnson, later known as the Second Rajah Charles Johnson Brooke went up to Kanowit in his early service at Kanowit also used this yacht.
  • Planet: The timber ship during Malay Plot against Brooke administration. Mr. Johnson (later known as Charles Brooke) had requested women and children should go out with this ship until the problem passed away.
  • Bahiana: a steamer vessel Harriet took that brought telegraph cable between Singapore and Batavia (Jakarta).
  • Magnolia: a ship Harriet took to go home, avoiding probable infections during Malay Plot.
  • The Fanny: a ship's small, a type of jolly boat that also known as yawl, built by the Bishops in 1863.
  • H.M.S Scout: a ship that visit Sarawak during a festival of Malay wedding, owned by Captain Corbett.
  • Maimuna: a yacht owned by James Brooke, leaving Miri after dealing with Shell company and oil business.
  • Lipis: another yacht owned by James Brooke, brought employees of oil company and Punjab soldiers.
  • Rajah Brooke: a government vessel that brought human resource to work as a worker, from Singapore to Sarawak.
War Boats During a Battle (Between Brooke soldiers and Dyak fighters at Saribas)
  1. The Lion King
  2. The Royal Eagle
  3. The Tiger
  4. The Big Snake
  5. The Little Snake
  6. The Frog
  7. The Alligator
*if there is more additional facts about ships and all kinds of water vessel that used in Brooke's era, kindly share it with us at the comment box below. TQVM.

ref:| Sketches of our life at Sarawak by Harriet McDougall| Sarawak Zaman Dahulu by WJ Chater, translated by Abdul Ghaffar Laili| en.wikipedia/jamesbrooke


  1. Hi ... I am looking for images of James Brooke's yacht "Maimuna". She was built by James Pollock shipyeard in 1925 in Fvaersham (Kent,UK) where I live. Pathe news has a clip of the launch Can anyone help please? Derek

    1. To Mr. Derek Cox, you can refer this information at my first entry in January 2017. I manage to get few images from that video. Hopefully it's helpful for you. Have a nice day and happy new year.