Sunday, 26 July 2015

The history of Open Air Market Kuching

If you come to Kuching, feel free to visit Open Air Kuching, where the local food feels like heaven. Am I exaggerated? Maybe. But, this place is the center of Kuching's dining area, with the history background of the old fire station. Until now, it's still 'firing' people. With the power of tasty gula apong ice cream, refreshing ABC, finger-licking good rojak sotong and mouth-watering rojak buah, you better wake up and get the air!

The history

The tower market derived its name from the remnant tower belonging to the old Kuching fire station which was built in 1946 at Jalan Gartak during Sir Charles Noble Arden Clarke the 1st governor during the British colony administration.

The site of the old fire station was formally a tidal creek known at Sungai Gartak which was reclaimed in 1899. The old fire station was demolished in the 50s except for the tower which was still remained until today. Later, the site was used as an open air hawkers market selling various type of foods mostly owned by the Chinese hawkers.

The construction of the roof over the open air dining area was carried out in 1971. Non-halal food is available at here too with so many varieties.

Open Air Market- Before
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credits: Josephians-of-the-seventies.blogspot

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credits: Tuai David Rangga Jones- picture in 60s (taken from

Open Air Market- Now
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ref: info tablet at Open Air Market

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