Friday, 20 April 2012

Ghost Story; Do you like it?

(Short intro) I wrote 6 ghost stories during this month. I don't know where to publish my words. Then, I saw my own blog and I think- why not I put that on here? I can write whatever I want, eh? So, here's the first one....(sorry for my bad English :p)

1. The Lighthouse Family

                My good friend, Seth bought a new fishing boat and he called it as the ‘Bloody Mary’. Then, he wants me to join the fishing voyage on weekend. I got pretty excited with her invitation. Besides, I like fishing at the open big pool. So, I called him back and prepared our things- baits for fish, life equipments such as boots, raincoat and safety clothes, food supplies and the safety of his boat.

               Then, the day has come in excitement. We both eager at the jetty, and the weather seems happy like us. It must be a good day for us, and I told to my wife that I will get her a lot of fishes that enough for another six months. However, she just laughed. She says that she wants me more, not a fish.

                So, we ride the ‘Bloody Mary’ and enjoyed the wonderful scene at the ocean. The water is crystal clear. And the skies are blue. Birds flying away and the wind are in good motion. Everything is so nice for few hours, until Seth grabbed my shoulder.

                “Hey, Kay. I received a message from the other boat. It says that we should move and back now.”

                “What happened?” I asked.

                “They said that they saw big dark clouds at the east. The water’s changed. And they called it as ‘one night sweeping’. It’s not a good sign.”

                “If you say so, we should move now.”

                Seth coxed his fishing boat immediately, and we hurriedly back to the jetty. But, the ‘one night sweeping’ is much faster than us. The wind blows harder than usual, and the water refused to cooperate with us. Everything is shaking on the boat, and I throw a lot in a bucket. I feel humiliated with myself and thank God, my wife didn’t see this.

                The situation is getting worse in the afternoon. The rain has come and the waves are pretty high. We lose the connection with the other fishing boat. All I can hear now is the cursing word from Seth. It seems like a good day turns into a worse thing that happened in our life.

                However, the ‘Bloody Mary’ starts to bleed. I saw a big scratch at the side of the boat. Then, we saw a big splash at the back. And suddenly, we heard a big crack at the bottom. We both panic. And I think that we crashed on something.

                To conclude the story, we both jumped into the water, and the ‘one night sweeping’ has begun.

* * *

                It is pretty black for a moment. I remembered the ‘Broken Mary’ that stuck between two rocks. I don’t know what happened to Seth. I don’t know what happened to me either. All I can feel is nauseates, back pain and tired. Then, when I opened my eyes, I saw Seth that standing at the corner of the bed.


                “Kay? Thank God, you’re alive!” Seth shrieked in happiness. “I don’t know what to say to your lioness wife if you’re dead. She’ll kill me.”

                “I know that. But, where are we right now?” I asked.

                “At the lighthouse. We’re been saved by a family. And I think that we should stay for a night. The weather is so crazy today,” said Seth, and I agreed.

                Then, I woke up and met a family who did save us. They are the Edens, an English accent and they lived inside the lighthouse. The head of family, Mr. Eden is the caretaker at the lighthouse and his wife, Mrs. Eden is a wonderful housewife. And his daughter, Lilith, a six year-old kid is very prudent and charming. It is a big pleasure for us to meet a family like them.

                The Edens are the quiet family; they don’t talk much like us. We put three dots in our words but they made a full stop for each answer. But obviously, they are a good listener. And we spent a whole night with Mr. Eden, watch the ocean and watch the clock on the wall.

                “Your wife must be worried at home,” said Mr. Eden. “You should not make her worry like this.”

                “We thought that spending the weekend on the fishing boat will be the best option. But I guess we’re wronged,” Seth replied.

                “You know what, ‘one night sweeping’ is bad. It happens every year but in different time. You don’t have the experience and the knowledge. It takes one to know one.”

                “By considering the situation that happened to us, I think I will take you advice for the rest of my life,” I said to him. And Mr. Eden just smiled. Then, he gives me a key.

                “This is the key that tide my old boat. Take my boat and leave by the dawn. Don’t let my wife know that you’re leaving or she would stop you for another 2 or 3 days.”

                The time passed by, and Mrs. Eden sleep tightly inside her room. Then, we stepped outside and we are ready to take a leave. Mr. Eden watched us at the top of the lighthouse, and he seems happy. When we launched the boat at the shore and leave exactly at the dawn, he swayed his hand as a signal of goodbye. Mr. Eden is such a nice guy; I will remember him for the rest of my life.

                30 minutes later, we saw a rescuing ship that heading towards us. Surprisingly, we saw our wives over there, screaming and swaying their hands. We both amazed, they must be missing us like hell. And finally we ended everything for good. When we both sat at the corner of the ship with a cup of hot coffee and a thick blanket that covered our body, my wife grabbed my shoulder and smiled.

                “You had tortured me for a week. Next time, don’t go for fishing. I don’t like fish anymore…”

                “A week?” we both shrieked. Then, Seth took a calendar at the cabin and we counted the days. Yes, we did left the house for a week. Afterwards, we ran at the back of the ship and surprised.

                We still can see the shore, clearly. But the lighthouse is gone.

(To be continued...)

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