Friday, 6 April 2012

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#Fifth Part


Choosy Dog
My brother wants to feed my auntie’s dog but the dog is refused. So, my little sister tried to persuade the dog and she succeeded. Then, my brother just got angry and said-
“Is it a male? Are you a male?”

Two-foot Beastly Animal.
I asked my friend which two-foot beastly animal that scares him most. His answer is- his crazy dad.

Twisted Advice.
“My mom used to tell my brother that-it’s often more important to create your own path than to follow. Then, few years later, my brother worked in road construction because for him, that’s what it sounds like.”

Quick Decision.
Aria has a lot of brothers and sisters. He must have a lot to say. When his friend asked him about his life, his answer is simple-“Just leave the house when 18.”

How to End a War?
My uncle wants his wife to lose her weight, she just too plump. He said that some wars were started because of one beautiful woman-the power of beauty. But my auntie said that her body could end up a war-which it saves the world.

What’s the Best?
My mother lost a lot of weight from her diet, I don’t know about the diet but her emotional suffering is the best.

Internet and its Problem.
My grandma is up-to-date with new trends, she surf the Internet, watching videos and chatting. Yet, there’s a problem with this-she get addicted to online shopping.

Just Nothing.
My brother was joining a volunteering service in military for 2 years. Then, he went back to us with the smell of tough man and he told me-“I’ll show you how much I’ve changed in the last 2 years.” So, he call his friends to come over and play hand wrestling. There were 15 players, and he came last.

Ava is 20 years old, she obviously younger than her sister, Via. But, by judging from her appearance, she looks like she’s been fermented*
*still young but looks old

Lonely Diet.
Ami : You lost your weight in short amount of time. How did you do it?
Cher : Quit eating outside and meeting friends.
Ami : But your sister doesn’t meet any friends. Why doesn’t she lose weight?
Cher : She ate even she’s alone.

Be Proud
“My sister is beautiful than me. Sometimes, it makes me feel inferior. So, my friend had suggested me for a beauty treatment like injection or surgery. But I refused and I told her, the world needs people like me.

30’s Taste.
Auntie : Your brother’s friend is a real man. It feels like watching the wild nature found inside a boy.
Me : What is that?
Auntie : Only those over 30 can understand.
Me : That’s complex.
Mom : It simply means that she likes him.

Skin Regeneration.
My sister, Kisa is worried of her skin regeneration. It takes a week for her skin to heal after squeezing pimples. And her dark circles are getting worse. She feels terrible rather than dying. So I told her-“Does that mean our grandparent will die?”

Easy Question.
One day, my little brother asks a question to my mom about the Children’s Day.
Little brother : Who creates the Children’s Day?
Mom : Women.

Just Eat Apples.
I like to read Death Note comics. It makes my mom got angry and yelled at me-“What lesson did you learn from that book?” So, I told her-“Death God only eat apples.”

Yesterday, my little brother gives me a question which is-“Where can you find a kindness?” I told him that my answer is-“Hospital” but his answer is-“UNICEF.”

Shampoo 3-in-1
My sister gives me a question before she treat me a dinner-“What’s missing in 3-in-1 shampoo?
So, I told her-“Number 2.”

A Limp Biscuit.
My grandma has some problem with hearing. Yesterday, my mom sent me a present-a LIMP BIZKIT album but she throws it in a bin because she said- a limp biscuit taste bad.

Jingle Bells.
Today is Christmas, so I want my grandpa to sing a ‘Jingle Bells’ song just for me. He did it, and I like some part of it:
“Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle older bay…” [Instead of jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way]

Yesterday, I was studied in midnight. Then, my little sister, Koko came into my room.
Koko : Sister, what are you doing?
Me : I’m study.
Koko : And what is this book?
Me : LONGMAN dictionary.
Koko : Oo…the creator of this book must be a long man.

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