Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Climbing Borneo Highland

After Penang's vacation, for sure each of us is tired. My mom said, "enough walking, let's lock the door and sleep." Yeah...right. We don't think so.

credits: travelougueasia.com
On 3 December, obviously Wednesday, my second sister decided to climb Borneo Highland at Padawan (close to Kalimantan Border), with her red hubby Saga car. There's long, challenging and snake-shape road up to that place. Good advice before 'climbing', do not use manual car. Auto car is recommended. 

So, the trip begin around 8, stop awhile at Bt. 7 restaurant (breakfast first) and then continue the journey to the road not taken...sounds like Robert Frost poem, isn't it? Well, it was a very curvy journey. Step inside the green beauty that skeptical people always envy about and nature welcomed us with sizzling mists. What a beauty.

Basically, Borneo Highland is a resort. A very beautiful resort, I was being informed that 1 day 1 night sleep costs you around RM160. One room with 2 beds...extra comfort plus extra nature. Since we're not ready yet to check in so we thought, maybe we should come in as the daily visitor. The ticket price as the daily visitor is RM8. However, there's serious case of stealing nice flowers around the chalet so now, daily visitors are not allowed to go there. So, we're just playing at the lower side of the resort and park the car close to the second entrance. Next time, I'll go up there and jump into the one night sleeping inside the chalet!

For this entry, I'll just show you a bit of Borneo Highland's lower side. Great place for photographers, self therapy :)

My dad on top of the rock, claiming to say 'peace' to the whole world. 
Yes dad, your message is delivered successfully.

At first I saw this, I thought...this is lavender (?). My sister said,
"I don't think so." Maybe this is one of lavender's relative.
Beautiful view up to the hill. It would be much like overseas 
if we came here earlier, 7 or 8 in the morning.We came here 
around 10 so it's hot a bit.

The pressure, the environment and the temperature has changed
at here. Even the tree looks peculiarly pretty. The essence of New
Zealand is there...hahaha!

The green view we've enjoyed while walking here and there. We're out
of breath for sure. The pathway is a challenging for those who lack
of energy and stamina.

Horses around Borneo Highlands, sitting under the big gazebo, the upper
cool breeze blowing over our faces, enjoy the mountainous scenery and
eating mango pickles. This happiness is hard to describe by words.

As I watching the river's water flowing, urged over the edge,
I remember Robert Burns's poem. I loved to write it a bit:

"My heart's in the Highland, my heart is not here,
My heart's in the Highland, a-chasing the deer,
A-chasing the wild deer, and following the roe,
My heart's in the highland wherever I go."

Selfie with the one who wants to go to BH so eagerly.
Her knitting-style sweater is as blue as the sky.

Taking pictures with mom and dad. I look exactly handsome like
my dad. Right....right?

Another shot with flower abundance as a background. There's a lot of
flowers here. For those who loved flowers, this place is good for you

Our 4th Prime Minister, dear Dr. M owned a private house at BH.
His name also carved on that rock as a memorial  (see the pic,
not my teeth). He came to BH in 2000.

Borneo Highland Resort welcomed us, and to everyone.
Once in a life time, every Kuchingite or other visitors
should come here (because it would be ridicilous if you think
you can come here everyday...it's tired trip, you know!)

And before we come down and say goodbye to BH, one shot
of memory. We're standing at the highest peak among other
peaks. Hello, world. Let's hope for a brighter future~

image credits: travelogueasia.com| dnarhas (my sister)| shield (myself)