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#Second Part


Catch and Feed.
There is situation between three students who received the punishment for coming late at school-they must feed a dog.
Girl A : Just go and find the dog.
Boy B : It runs away whenever you try to feed it. It runs away when it sees me.
Boy C : Do I have to catch the dog?
Girl A : Catch the dog?
Boy B : So we can eat it?

The thrifty student is:
1. Get shower in school’s toilet.
2. Ride your friend’s vehicle to go home.
3. Recharging mobile phone at any available outlet in the class.

Principal’s Word of the Day.
Teacher X : Principal, this student is wearing the duty armband. Just tell him what he
must do for today.
Student Y : This is the first time for me to wear this thing.
Principal Z : Really? You’ll get used to it from now on.

Golden Advice from a Teacher:
1. When you think it’s late, it’s late.
Meaning: So, wake up early and run fast to school.
2. If you don’t study now, you’ll work in the heat of summer and cold in winter.
Meaning: Study well so your life is better than your enemy.
3. A day in school is like collecting thousands of knowledge.
Meaning: Don’t escape so you won’t failed in exam.

Lack of Ability.
Teacher : Whenever I spoke, you cut off and do all talking at the back.
Student : Sorry.
Teacher : I didn’t get to say a word because of you.
Student : That just shows you’re lack of ability.

Speak English.
There is a foreign student from England, Harvey, attending our school. He speaks very well with our English teacher. So, we asked him a question-“Do you speak in English at home?” Then, he replied to us that-“Yes, I speak a little.”

Real Bad Guy.
Joan : I guess I fell in love with a new transferred student at our school.
Tara : Any reason?
Joan : He’s kind a bad guy. And I really like it.
Tara : How about our drunken-and-unmarried school gardener? Police station is his second
home. He’s the real bad guy.

Boarding School.
I was going to a boarding school with my good friend, Sari. And we were put in the same room. I was worried that Sari wouldn’t able to understand the way I behave in our room but it gets better after 2-3 years. I didn’t stress at all. But Sari told my mom that-“The messer don’t get stressed.”

Rare Date.
Kyon and Gaemi lived together in the dorm. It needs a lot of understanding, especially in cleaning up some mess. Gaemi like to clean her area everyday, while Kyon like to pick a day to clean. But the date is very rare.

Helping Face.
“When I was a kid, kids at my school got in a brawl with kids from another school. Someone from the other school saw me and said that I looked like I’d already been beaten up. They didn’t hit me. And that helped me a lot.”

Money Planning.
A rich boy at my school had lost his money at his class. So, 10 kids are suspected and the teacher made them stay and they had to kneel on the desks. The teacher tried to compromise with them-“Just tell me, I won’t be angry” but no one wants to confess. Then, one of them raise his hand and said-“I did it” and slowly, it followed by others. Since the teacher didn’t know which one is the real culprit, he just let them go. And, at the outside, 10 of them split the money happily.

Exam Question (1)
Please choose the RIGHT answer based on the given situation (5 marks).
“Taro can’t read. But he refused to learn. He just stayed at home and slept all day long. So, people called him as…”
a.) Stupid
b.) Idiot
c.) Dumb
d.) Fool

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