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#Fourth Part


Don’t Mess Up With a Religious Girl.
Middle-aged man tried to seduce a young girl by sitting beside her, and she didn’t like it. When he asked her name, she just said-“I have a religion.” 

Big Tummy Perceptions.
Nayer : I got a big tummy recently.
Min : Me too. We should start diet.
Nayer : But some women like men with tummies like me.
Min : Really? I wish men liked women who had big bellies too.

The Title.
“There is a new romantic book at the bookshop and I buy it because the title is interesting- The Day a Pig fell into the Well.”

Surprising figure.
Someone had told me that I’d a surprising figure. When I ask about it, he said that-“You look skinny, but everything’s there that supposed to be. Everything’s there…”

Human Nature.
A male senior met his two female junior. The first female junior is ordinary, while the second one is very pretty. When two female junior is invited him to have lunch, his answer is:
1# Scene
Ordinary Female Junior: Good afternoon. Did you eat?
The Senior : I did
Ordinary Female Junior: I thought that we can have our lunch together.
The Senior : I already ate.
(That’s the end of conversation)
2# Scene
Pretty Female Junior : Good afternoon. Have you eaten yet?
The Senior : Not yet.
Pretty Female Junior : Really? I’m hungry.
The Senior : Me too. So, I’ll buy you something to eat.
(That’s the beginning of the meeting)

Clean Fight.
Girl A : Hey, watch where you going! Meet you at here just ruin my day. Get off from me!
Girl B : Okay, but make sure you go and buy some toothpaste. Your mouth smells awful.

How to Make Your Drink Taste Sweet?
“Keep smiling- the sweet of smiling can make the coffee taste better.”

Get-Rich Disease.
Bae : Yon was attending English class last week.
Seth : Really?
Bae : But he speaks English like someone who recently got rich.
Seth : He sounds like he suddenly got rich and decided to learn English? That’s a Get-
Rich Disease.

Tips for Good-Looking Guy.
When a girl (which is not your type) say something starting with the word ‘Give…’, just immediately say ‘No!’

Simple Question (1)
Question : It’s easy to get in, but it’s hard to get out.
Answer : A gang.

Manager : You’re doing a good presentation today.
Employee : Thanks*
Manager : I should treat you.
Employee : Really?*
Manager : I want Chinese cuisine this afternoon. Do you like it?
Employee : Yes*
Manager : Can we go to the restaurant now?
Employee : Sure*

Quick Exchange.
“I usually met new guys during a company’s annual dinner. They told me that they want to exchange numbers with me at the end of an event. But they just leave right afterwards. Next time, I must exchange numbers during the event.”

His Secret.
Haru : I heard you dated a lot recently with beautiful women. Is that true?
Tae : Well… it just an average amount. People ask me ‘how on earth that’s possible?’
Haru : So, it’s true.
Tae : Actually, I just pick an important point. I hugged her from behind. If I’d hugged her
from the front, I might not have been so successful.

What is ‘Don’t’ in Business.
One old man singing happily at the karaoke room while other customers just watching at him and say that-“If he keep singing like this, he could end up losing his customers.”

Family Business.
I heard someone is shouted when I sat at the jetty. For me, it sounds like a family business-“Fish! Dried fish! My father catches it, my mother dries it, and I sell it!”

Video Credits.
My friends and I were watching an action-thriller movie last weekend. It was a good movie, but something had distracted us at the end of the movie-
Lighting : Uncle Yolk
Montage : Polanski the best cooker
Wardrobe : Auntie who selling cabbages around the neighbourhood.
Make-up : Kat-Von-D

She’s Glowing.
Ali : There is a girl that I like recently. I don’t know her names but I wish I can know her.
Jung : That’s good news.
Ali : Yesterday, she was about 100 meter in front of me and she was glowing.
Jung : Are you sure it wasn’t a lighting effect at the street?

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