Saturday, 7 April 2012

Dreams of Sketcher

Akira Toriyama, born in 1955 was a manga artist for Dragon Ball, the most well-known anime character in the world. Children were grew up together with his imagination, the power of childhood inside Goku. Basically, the artwork had inspired me to know what sketching is all about (I like the concept about flying and punching evilness- is that term existed?). Then, I realized I love sketching (and my mom was so angry whenever I make dirt on the wall). Although I don't even think I might get a chance to be a manga artist (and I just keep my artwork nicely behind the curtain), who knows about fate? Maybe, I could stand a chance to be on the same stage like him, the great sketcher.

Akira, we shared the same date of birth (5th April- I just knew about it). Happy Birthday to You =D

The artwork of mine (not so good but I still can proud about it-my hardwork)
Key Shinee
Shun Oguri
Toma Ikuta
Onew Shinee
Taemin Shinee
Music trust
Kpop group
Two kids
Painted cat
Music Trust (digital art)

Little boy (digital art)

The archer

The other artwork can be found in DeviantArt under the name of HyseScield
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