Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Dinosaur @Kuching

How many times you enjoy the roaring scene by dinosaur?

Since I was a child, I never had that kind of experience.

But this year, I guess, lucky is mine...(>o<)

DinoTrek 2: Dinosaur Interactive Experience by PetroSains was one of attraction at Dewan TAR at Kuching after Regatta, so to speak. One week of interactive learning was a very good experience to children and adults about the ancient creature- indeed, I was mesmerized. RM10 for adults, RM5 for children, RM4 for students and RM20 for families (2 adults + 2 kids), the price was quite appropriate (travel cost, maybe). For me, the experience and knowledge is the most valuable. 

For Kuchingites (I donno weather this term is appropriate to indicates Kuching people or what), did you go there and enjoy the frozen-feet dinosaur? Thank God, they weren't alive- just their head only.

This is stegosaurus, just want to introduce you this fella...
One of the exclusive fighting,
 perform by the ancestor of chicken.
Meet my new pet- Mr. Mechasaurus. He seems evil~
And meet my dead pet- Mr. Headsaurus. I hope you like him.
I have a thought- to jump into this excavation game (Dino Dig).
Well, I'm too old to join them...

See this? The evidence. I keep this as my bookmark.
Yup, being a cheapskate is good.
I pay this for RM1O meh~

Wanna see the roaring dinosaur? Watch here >>

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