Saturday, 21 September 2013

Tips: How to Solve Your 'Give-up' Attitude

"Go over, go under go around, or go through, but never give up"-Oranewilliams

Pressure and burden is the element to give up in life. Especially for those who unemployed, this world can be cruel without money in your pocket. My friend told me that this century is too evil. Everything seems so hard to deal with. Although she did everything she could, the opportunity is still vague and she told me- maybe the percentage of suicide will be bad in the future.

I was worried about this. 

Give up is the low type attitude when a person feels threatened, and betrayed by their own future. Besides, luck and opportunities are almost impossible to reach. They often feel despair, hurt, losing hopes and gaining fears. Basically, give up-attitude is something that we're born with. We can't discard the feeling forever, but we can hold it down. As for me, I made some steps to solve my mind whenever I give up. But, the first thing to do is- I must strengthen my own mind and soul.

10 Steps to Solve Your Give-up Attitude

  1. Set your mind. Clear your brain from bad thoughts. You must strong enough to deal with your own inner conflicts.
  2. Walk out. Enjoy the view of the nature. Nature is a great medicine to heal the unseen wound. Muster up your spiritual thing. This world is beautiful
  3. Spend a quality time with the one who always care for you. So you know that you're not alone to face the problem. Quality time with them will ensure your next decision of life. You know, when you choose death, you already killed them.
  4. List out few things you liked. If it involves with money, seek the free one. Do it. Enjoy it. Avoid debts or loans as much as you can. Remember, money can help you, and money can kill you too.
  5. Meet friends. Feel the breeze that blows silently on your face, the smile that approaches you, the petals that tease your hair, the voice who calling out for you and the love you receives from others. Force yourself to be positive.
  6. Remind yourself about your pain. Hurt, isn't it? Why should you give up and hurt yourself more? Regret always come later. So, don't stop trying.
  7. Don't stop crying. Crying is good for self-psychology. There's a natural sedative in tears, which put us in calm and rational mind.
  8. Pay attention to your own matters. Paying too much to other's life might hurt you when you know they're doing better than you. So, just set your mind doing your work. Avoid intervention.
  9. Say a good thing to yourself before you sleep. It's good to soothes your soul.  Besides, saying good things to yourself is more than a motivation- you're prayed the whole goodness and blessings into your life.
  10. 'In God We Trust'- have a strong faith. Don't end your life without giving a chance to discover new things.
And remember, there are many people more unfortunate than you. But they never stop trying. Because they know- life is just once, life is priceless while death is definite and death is the end for all chances.


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