Sunday, 29 September 2013

Soft & Lively Song: Yerim, Lee Hi, Eru and LED Apple

Korean songs, this is the latest vibe in the music world. Everything's there:  fashion, trend, arts and ideas. I'm not the typical fans who loved ALL the cutey voices or the fast-electronic-dance beats (the usual type of Kpop music), so to speak. But lately, Korean singers are more matured and well experienced to identify the best voice to deliver a great song. Actually, it's okay if I'm not understand the lyric (I can 'Google Translate' it later) but the most important for me is, the arrangement of music. I want something different from them.

Later, I discovered few Korean songs-which sounds very nice, fresh and 'alive'- I called it as 'soft & lively' element. I loved jazz and soul. Whenever singers blend this element with a new catchy beat, it is impossible for me to resist the music.

Yerim, Lee Hi, Eru and LED Apple: Who are they?

Kim Yerim

Yerim, or Kim Yerim is a new singer from Two Month group. She made a single debut by using a new name- Lim Kim and with her new song, Allright. For the first release, Allright has a calm music beat (together with her calm voice, so fluffy like a vanilla ice cream). Later, the new Soulful remix for Allright sought my attention- it sounds catchy, combining her soft voice and the soul beat. Her experiment in music and style in Allright is probably the best one, the one I always considered to enjoy. At the same time, her voice reminds me with Lana Del Ray, American singer.

Lee Hi

Lee Ha Yi or Lee Hi is a new singer from YG Entertainment, also known as a Rookie Monster because of her great ability in singing and music composition. At the age of 17, she released an album called 'First Love' with her new single 'Rose', which I loved the most. 'Rose' is a combination of K-Pop, a little bit of soul and rapping- also a combination of 'soft & lively'. Obviously, she's young and talented. And most important is, I loved the way she said 'Every rose has its thorn'. She knows how to represents the soul music in KPop style.


Jo Sung Hyun or his stage name, Eru is a well-experienced singer, born in New York and the youngest son of Tae Jin Ah, the Korean Trot singer. He made his first debut in 2005, making all kinds of songs and albums, and involved in Korean music industry more than 6 years. But, the only song that catch my ears- 'I hate you' featuring JunHyung BEAST is one of the best with his rich appealing voice and it has its 'soft & lively' element. 'I hate you' song was released in 2012 for his album Feel Brand New Part2.

LED Apple

LED Apple is a five-male rock group and the group name is referred as a tribute to their role model, Led Zeppelin. Most of the members are in 20s and widely known because of the technological instrument in music arrangement (and also their 'one-place dance' while singing with a microphone's stand). The song 'Let the wind blow' was released in 2012, combining the soft -yet-powerful voice of the vocalist Hanbyul and the sweet flows of rhythm. That song is one of my favvy, it feels like the wind  blows on my face [not literally]. And tell me if I'm wrong- this video clip reminds me with Houdini by Foster The People.


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