Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Addiction of Money

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"Money can buy everything and anything.."

That's the statement for everyone nowadays, although we knew that money can't buy anything, exactly. But the power of money is more than drug addiction, highly seductive and manipulate us in many shapes and terms. No one can resist the sweet smell of the precious paper.

Yes, I agreed that money helps us to achieve our dreams and how money makes us special. Generally, money helps to boost up confidence, psychology and self-esteem. With money, our desire could fulfilled with satisfaction, happiness and coziness. Money pays the debt, creates new life, the physical born and self belonging. Yes, I agreed we need money to lived up our future. We need money in everything; sheltering, food, education and even death itself.

Yes, I do understand how much money is important to us.

However, the goodness of money is a challenge. With a large sum of money, life is no more delightful. Addiction kills the joy. You know why?

  1. Money controls you with a puppet string on your body
  2. Money produces hatred and jealousy
  3. Money haunts your mind of wisdom
  4. Money destructs your judgement and self conscious
  5. Money destroys your relationship and love
  6. Money abuses your whole life
  7. Money creates insecurities, makes you a coward and selfish
  8. Money makes you dependable, losing freedom and feed more worrisome
  9. Money manipulates you with greed and  superfluous desire
  10. Money holds your manner; too proud, intolerant and unnatural
  11. Money loses your patience, vulnerable in everything
  12. Money leads your life into a wrong path, further and farther
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Basically, money addiction has a similar pattern of other addiction. As I mention earlier, money  addiction is similar with drugs- you're engaged with it, compulsive and anxieties. There's a change in brain activities, creating a chemistry toward others such as gambling, sex and eating disorder, which releases a body chemical called dopamine that similar with the high of drugs. It also similar with sex addiction that manipulate human's brain, abusing the body, weak judgement and lose mutual neediness as a normal human being.

The process of money addiction is somehow creates the whole addiction fields; as we know as in typical formula:



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